First-ever Rootstock Summit signifies the new brand identity for Bitcoin’s second-layer virtual machine

The Rootstock Summit is just around the corner and signifies the relaunch of the Rootstock brand. The event will bring together key influencers and ecosystem participants to make important announcements regarding Rootstock and its growing ecosystem.

The Rootstock Summit takes place in Sans Souci, Buenos Aires, Argentina, on November 10, 2022. It is a significant event that helps shape the future of Rootstock and Rootstock Infrastructure Framework (RIF).

Rootstock Summit has confirmed CoinTelegraph, BeinCrypto, Crypto Mode, and Cripto247as official media partners for the event. Both outlets have a combined audience of millions of enthusiasts who will learn about the event and everything that takes place there.

Through this event, Rootstock will undergo a relaunch and take on a new brand identity. The next phase in Rootstock’s history gives further ownership of the brand to the community with fully open-source marketing materials and brand assets open for anyone in the community to use and create their own content. The new brand direction, ‘Built on Bitcoin,’ connects Bitcoin layer two with its roots in the Bitcoin ecosystem.

Since its inception, Rootstock has served as a second-layer virtual machine addressing the limitations of the Bitcoin blockchain. The project has been accessible since 2014, improves Bitcoin transaction times, and offers smart contract functionality.

Rootstock is home to a growing number of DeFi, including Sovryn, Money on Chain, and Tropykus. Expanding the ecosystem and enabling DeFi for Bitcoin will always remain a core objective, and the Rootstock Summit will bring renewed attention to the ecosystem and its capabilities.

”Rootstock Co-Founder Diego Gutiérrez Zaldívar said at the Summit:  “Rootstock is one of the most secure smart contract platforms in the world, bringing long-term value and sustainability to Bitcoin. I’m thrilled for Rootstock’s ecosystem members to come together at the Summit and celebrate the many milestones achieved in the past five years, including surpassing 50% of Bitcoin hashing power through merged mining and seeing the launch of the first DeFi on Bitcoin protocols. The event is an incredible opportunity to build the vision of Rootstock’s future together with the community.”

The Rootstock Summit will feature various KOLs and noteworthy speakers, including:-

  • Diego Gutierrez Zaldivar (Rootstock Co-Founder)
  • Sergio Lerner (Rootstock Co-Founder)
  • Eden Yago (Sovryn Core Contributor)
  • Dan Held (Bitcoin Educator)
  • Francisco Calderón (Lightning Network)
  • Diego Fernández (Secretary of Innovation and Digital Transformation, City of Buenos Aires)
  • And more to come!

Tickets can be applied for.

About IOVlabs

IOVlabs develops the blockchain technologies needed for a new global financial ecosystem that fosters opportunity, transparency, and trust. The organization currently develops the Rootstock Smart Contract Network, Rootstock Infrastructure Framework (RIF), and Taringa! ‘s platforms.

The Rootstock Network is one of the more secure smart contract platforms in the world, designed to leverage Bitcoin’s unparalleled hash power while extending its capabilities. Rootstock Infrastructure Framework (RIF) is a suite of open and decentralized infrastructure protocols that enable faster, easier and scalable development of distributed applications (dApps) within a unified environment. Taringa! is Latin America’s largest Spanish-speaking social network, with 30 million users and 1,000 active online communities.

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