First Glance at the User Interface of TomoDEX

According to the official announcement on Medium, TomoChain has come up with all the details about the UI (User Interface) of TomoDEX, the first decentralized digital currency exchange that relies on the protocol of TomoX.

As per the blog, the vision of TomoChain is to steer the brighter future for cryptocurrency exchanges, wherein TomoX intends solving the issues about safety and security faced by centralized exchanges. The post details the UI of TomoDEX to make trading easier for the larger crypto community.


The home page of the exchange lets users log in with their Private key along with Mnemonic phrase and Trezor or Ledger Nano S. The new users can easily create their wallet following the links and instructions provided.

Once a user is logged in, there are four tabs placed on the left-hand side of the screen: Markets, Exchange, Docs/FAQs, and Portfolio. The screen’s top right corner lets the user explore their Profile section, Notification section, as well as Language selection option. There are two languages for the users to choose from: Vietnamese and English.


  1. Markets

The Market tab allows all the users to have an outline of the crypto market trends as well as the market capitalization of digital currencies in the exchange. The page also offers glimpses of leading cryptos’ index, including its equivalent pricing in USD, rate compared to the previous period, total volume, and line chart of the crypto price.

The center of the page displays the list of all the crypto trading pairs and their primary metrics such as last price, 24-hours change, 24h volume, and high and low in the last 24-hour duration.

  1. Exchange

The Exchange section lets users place their buy and sell orders in addition to allowing them an overview of how the orders match to form transactions. Once on this page, users can select the pair they wish to trade. Once a pair is selected, its detailed metrics appear, providing users with necessary insights. All the sell and buy orders of the selected trading pair appear on the right side of the screen, along with the direct matching orders’ list for forming transactions in real-time.

Apart from that, there are Open Orders, Order History, Trade History, and Funds section on bottom-left to enable users to keep track of their trade and order activity.

  1. Portfolio

The Portfolio tab lists all the tokens that a user has in their wallet accompanied by the token status. The Portfolio section allows users to gauge a crypto’s total supply, available amount post placing the sell/buy orders, currency’s amount that is currently in trade, the status of the currency whether it is in withdrawal, deposit, or trade.

  1. Docs/FAQs

It contains the white paper of TomoX, along with the frequently asked questions and their answers.

About TomoChain

The blockchain TomoChain is developed on the performance layer, which attains high transaction speed without compromising on decentralization. It utilizes the consensus of Proof of Stake Voting (PoSV), which can support transaction confirmation time of just 2 seconds and a near zero fee.

TomoX is the blockchain’s efficient and secure protocol that allows institutions and entities to build their own exchange (relayers) in the simplest and fastest manner even if they don’t know much about the technology. TomoX offers an instruction kit that has an already created interface.

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