First Grin Block is Mined and the Mimblewimble Goes Live

Grin, a cryptocurrency that influences the mimblewimble privacy technology, has quite recently gone live on mainnet.  Grin enables anyone to trade or save modern money without having a fear of any outsider’s control or obligations. Mainnet is a blockchain that allows the actual transfer of digital currency from one user to other.

The name Mimblewimble is derived from one curse in one of the Harry Potter books.  Mimblewimble is a protocol that integrates transactions in such a way that they get locked and become decodable, even on an open digital record. The crypto is more secure and protected.

Though the mimblewimble crypto has been in development for over a couple of years, Grin was finally able to undertake the first block of transactions recently, and after it followed the second one, just a moment later.

Cryptocurrency market has begun to get a specific form. The first block rewards 60 grin, however, one investor has raised a bid for 0.1 BTC for 1,000 grins on Bisq, which is a decentralized exchange listing the token.

Another bid raised on Bitmesh values the token substantially more, offering 10 BTC for one grin (however the purchase order is for 0.001 grin).

It is the cryptocurrency which is using the technology to go live on mainnet.  Grin’s mimblewimble is the second cryptocurrency in the market to do this, following the first one, which was launched by Beam.

As featured by a Grin developer in late October, though the two privacy centered chains are isolated, the undertakings not at all in rivalry with each other.

In reality, as expressed on the official site, Grin is an entirely donation-based activity that is launched fairly and is free of initial coin offering, pre-mine or organizer’s reward. In contrast to Beam, Grin has an unfixed financial arrangement, which means it issues tokens consistently.

This difference in the Grin is kept intentionally, simply to boost trust in the coin as a currency, the developer told, last year. He went on saying that he would not like to distribute rewards to the early adopters with an arbitrary deflationary timetable unreasonably.

What’s more, with more than 7,000 adherents on Grin’s authentic Twitter account, there is a sizable network supporting and viewing the proceeded with development of this security coin since it has formally introduced.

Roxanne Williams

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