First LINE Blockchain-Powered Third Party Services Launched

Japanese blockchain solutions platform, LINE Blockchain, introduced its first LINE powered third party services. These services are built on the LINE network by the LVC Corporation owned LINE TECH PLUS PTE LTD (LTP). LVC also manages LINE’s crypto-blockchain businesses.

LINE is one of the fastest-growing crypto-blockchain projects in South Korea, focused on building a “token economy.” As per the official announcement on its website, the initial list of services was revealed, which includes a mobile RPG game (Knight Story), digital contract service (linksign), social media (aFan), an MMO strategy game (League of Kingdoms), videos streaming platform (, and much more. All of these platforms will leverage LINE’s technology to optimize the user experience and enhance efficiency.

The crypto-blockchain industry has witnessed a steep rise in demand for service-based products rather than conventional trading of crypto assets for the past few months. Companies like LINE that are working on pushing blockchain utility, keeping innovation in mind, have made blockchain accessible and usable for traditional industries. 

Moreover, with major global corporations pushing their blockchain efforts further will only further the demand. LINE’s most popular application has been the LINE messaging application, one of the earliest instant messengers that revolutionized communication in the Android and iOS era. With its blockchain expansion, LINE now aims to revolutionize the blockchain space, especially in the social entertainment industry.

Scott Cook

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