First Omnichain NFT Launchpad Live for Art & Music NFT

Omnisea recently announced its first-ever NFT Launchpad going live on the mainnet. The Omnichain NFT launchpad allows projects to access 500 million users across nine networks.

Several cross-chain messaging protocols support the launchpad that will support art and music NFTs. According to Omnisea, the launchpad proposes thorough usability to veterans and beginners alike.

Its UI has been designed to facilitate ease of use regardless of users’ knowledge. The launchpad also offers a complementary Gateway to bridge NFTs from one network to another.

Several features make the Gateway stand out from its competitors. It allows users to recover the original NFT while also offering on-chain history. With time, Omnichain will add even more features to the platform.

The Mainnet promises several new features, including:-

  • Creator royalties
  • OSEA as minting currency on nine networks
  • Unlimited collection size supply via Lazy Minting
  • Compatibility of collections and minted NFTs
  • Integration of ULNv2
  • WalletConnect integration
  • Minting pop-up with cross-chain transaction status

Before the Mainnet launch, Omnisea added a new network, Harmony Protocol. The development extended Omnisea’s supported network list to nine. The platform started five months ago, and its growth has been astounding.

The idea behind Omnisea was simple – establishing a launchpad for NFT creators. The platform has been designed to satisfy users with complex factors, such as licenses.

The launchpad will keep the commercial rights reserved for creators. It will also facilitate the Creative Common Zero No Commercial rights. Omnisea will introduce two OSEA token use cases in the fourth quarter.

It will add two tiers to the token, making levels work as a lottery-based mint reservation that enables drops access without gas wars. It will also allow OSEA token holders to vote for community-driven creator promotion.

The platform informed users about turning to Axelar and LayerZero for creating cross-chain messaging protocols. Omnisea also invited more users to participate, making Mainnet a huge success. 

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