First USDC airdrop sent out; Octoblock has many more coming

Octoblock’s ICO is young at phase 4, yet it has seen its first USDC airdrop, and many more are lined along its 14 phases. Octoblock is running an exciting ICO, hoping to distribute 240M tokens, with 16M tokens available in phase 4. 

The early phases feature discounted OCTO token prices and higher bonuses. As the project progresses toward launch, the price rises while bonuses are reduced. The essence is to reward early adoption, trust, and confidence.

Octoblock’s ICO strategies

Octoblock, a project with investors’ interests at heart, is making history. First, it is airdropping USDC rewards even in its early presale ICO. Second, the platform is shining amidst the general crypto downturn occasioned by geopolitical events. The secret is that the project’s initiatives form the pillars of the OCTO framework. 

cFyF (Crowd-Funded Yield Farming) is a strategy for investors to achieve maximum returns via a collective approach, including pooled resources and shared ideas. The idea is to benefit OCTO investors with accessible products and inclusive governance.

The Saltwater Sweepstake is a rewards-based draw to loyal holders and the winners will be as per the snapshot of holders, and the rewards reflect the current OCTO pricing. The Tentacle Trust is an enabler of charity funding to conserve oceanic and marine resources for a healthy ecosystem. The ICO holders indirectly fund these noble causes across the world, as part of the profits are apportioned through the Nautilus Trove.

Octoblock is focused on the interoperability of all cryptocurrencies and Blockchains by enabling cross-chains through its Coral Cove DEX. The aim is to be a secure and fast enabler of crypto conversions, transactions, and multi-chain tasks.

Nautilus Trove profit generation

The Nautilus Trove is the investment wing operating within the OCTO platform. It is the pillar responsible for high APY, leading to the distribution of USDC airdrops and OCTO tokens. The Trove invests ICO funds to generate substantial profits through ICO staking and arbitrage. 

From the revenue generated, 45% goes to investor wallets through USDC airdrops, where every ICO participant benefits according to their holdings. The USDC is airdropped weekly on Monday. The current APY rate is 165%, and the TVL is $27,394, a figure with great potential, even in its early ICO stages. The platform urges ICO investors to obtain non-custodial wallets with valid addresses during account opening to comply with USDC airdrop issuance. 

The ICO participants also qualify to enter the Tesla EV 2024 Model, with entries matching the number of tokens held. The Tesla prize is in tandem with the project’s focus on carbon reduction. The draw will be done before the project’s launch, and the winner must respond within 48 hours or forfeit the win to another draw.

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