Five Bowl Games Have Now Been Canceled Due to Covid-19

The ongoing covid-19 pandemic has taken a toll on many things, including bowl games which have been canceled at the University of Virginia and Boston College. According to the official announcement, East Carolina University and Boston College won’t be playing against each other. The game between Southern Methodist University and the University of Virginia has also been canceled. The officials have confirmed that they are exploring a way to find the replacement for the Sun Bowl game, which is scheduled to take place on Friday. 

The rising number of Covid-19 Infections across the US has put a strain on many teams. Along with this pandemic, the injuries to the various players of different teams have also made sure that teams struggle to field in enough players for the game. The feeling of disappointment is writ large on the faces of managers as well as players, but given the safety concern for the health, it’s only in the best interest to go ahead with the cancellation rather than exposing players to the risk of infections. 

The president and executive director of Bowl, Steve Beck, said that it’s really an unfortunate situation that the association has to cancel the games though it has to be done in line with the changing situations of Covid-19. 


After the announcement made by the association on Sunday, a total of five bowl games have now been impacted which is quite a large number and sure to have a negative impact on the enthusiasm of spectators and viewers who have had high hopes of coming to the venue and watching the games.

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