Flare integrates its APIs on Google Cloud Marketplace

The Flare API Portal offers developers an intuitive interface to interact with the Flare Network and its accompanying suite of tools. It provides access to off-chain data sources such as Google Cloud Storage, along with access to on-chain services like Atomic Swaps, Event Notifications, DeFi Bridges, and more.

Developers can also monitor their applications’ performance in real-time using the integrated analytics dashboard. Flare seeks to give developers greater control over their workflows around creating web3 apps by offering them a set of streamlined APIs that make it simpler for them to integrate key aspects such as authentication and payment methods into their applications.

The addition of Flare’s API Portal on Google Cloud Marketplace is another important layer in giving users secure decentralized access while continuing core innovation activities. With this launch, developers now have unprecedented levels of automation and convenience available from one platform, enabling deeper integrations between public networks, private consortiums, and popular cloud services like IaaS/PaaS offerings—all under one roof!

The integration will facilitate increased access to the Flare Network and its features like smart contracts, asset-backed tokens, stablecoins, and more. For example, developers could use Google Cloud Marketplace APIs to create a secure new DeFi platform on Flare that connects with other cloud services easily. Developers can also leverage IBM Atlas’s network infrastructure for large-scale projects such as enterprise payment solutions. By bringing the APIs to Google Cloud Marketplace, the process is made simpler for developers creating blockchain applications requiring live data from these networks.

Organizations that integrate blockchain and traditional database systems need a trustless system to ensure secure, efficient data access. To meet this requirement, developers are increasingly turning to blockchain APIs for integration between platforms. The various network nodes work together to provide an encrypted connection, allowing users of the platform to securely exchange data without needing third-party authentication or authorization. This architecture also ensures that all nodes maintain identical records — eliminating the risk of invalidation due to conflicting information among nodes.

Having Flare on Google Cloud Marketplace streamlines the process for customers who want to access our services, bringing powerful APIs and data from across the web directly into their cloud applications. Customers can also view billing information associated with specific API calls in one place without needing to log in separately. This simplified workflow enables developers to get started faster and focuses more time on innovating with their technology rather than dealing with technicalities.

Edwards continued, “The collaboration between Flare and Google Cloud also enables developers to build applications outside of the public blockchain space as well. This can easily provide a platform for sophisticated applications without risking information or transactional security.”

In addition, Edwards noted that this partnership helps reduce the complexity associated with key management systems while still maintaining high levels of data privacy and control over access points. With these tools in place, organizations can achieve powerful outcomes without sacrificing security or usability — reducing friction yet delivering value quickly.

With the new integration, Google Cloud users can now access Flare’s APIs in order to interact with decentralized applications through their cloud platforms. This integration of Web3 technologies into traditional enterprise solutions is a true game-changer, allowing businesses to access and develop more advanced dApps and smart contract-enabled blockchain solutions than ever before.


Google Cloud was one of several strategic partners that announced 2018 partnerships with Flare Networks last year. These partnerships were intended to help establish a larger presence for their next-generation products in mainstream enterprises and business operations while still giving developers access to state-of-the-art solutions.

By bringing its high-performance APIs directly into the Marketplace, Google Cloud is making it easier than ever for developers to integrate scalable infrastructure tools that have previously been challenging or prohibitively expensive within existing frameworks. Through this collaboration, businesses will be able to explore all the possibilities offered by decentralized systems at no upfront cost.

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