FLETA Blockchain Platform Officially Launches Its Mainnet

FLETA blockchain platform has officially announced the launch of its blockchain mainnet on November 11, 2019. The company was testing the mainnet since July this year, and after getting credible testing results, it has finally launched the mainnet in the market. The mining system used by the company is indigenously developed and based on a new consensus algorithm PoF.

To convenience for users, “FLETA Wallet” services are seamlessly integrated into its mainnet. The wallet services will allow unhindered transactions related to depositing and withdrawal of the coins in addition to facilitate the checking of the status related to the mining rewards accumulated by miners.

In terms of the test results, FLETA has been able to successfully achieve a high rate of 14,000 transactions per second with a block time of 0.5 seconds. These tests were conducted in October 2019, and results make the FLETA blockchain one of the fastest in the world. During the test, FLETA establishes six servers in global cities, including the likes of London and Paris. Experts evaluated results, and the processing speed calculates under the real environmental conditions, unlike the other tests where testing is done in a strongly controlled lab environment.

Some of the other key differentiators of FLETA include its scalability and low processing charges. Both of these characteristics make it ideal for users, and now with the company all set to invite developers for putting some DApss on the blockchain platform, it is going to gain strong traction among developers and users alike. However, one thing that sets FLETA apart from others is its Gateway system. This gateway system allows seamless conversion of coins to tokens and tokens to coins, which is an incredible feature from a convenience viewpoint. It also offers great interoperability as the project developers using ERC-20 can continue to use their original tokens while on FLETA blockchain. The use cases FLETA has onboard for the representation purposes include blockchain-powered games, data management system for clinical trials, and eCRF system.

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