FLETA Teams Up with NULS to Promote Blockchain Usage

Serving as a highly accomplished public blockchain platform offering the best-in-class services to blockchain projects, FLETA has announced the news about its strategic partnership with NULS, an open-source blockchain firm. The integrating firms will put in their joint resources to lay the foundation of a strongly decentralized system that will encourage the mass adoption of blockchain in multiple spheres. FLETACHAIN released an official Twitter post to broadcast the news stating:

According to the post, the agreement will build a connecting bridge between FLETA and NULS networks through FLETA’s Gateway System. The crypto users will have seamless access to NULS-based FLETA NRC-20 tokens while working on either of the participating firms. The token will be listed on NULS powered decentralized exchange portal, NerveDEX, that is scheduled for a launch soon. By facilitating hassle-free exchange between FLETA NRC-20 tokens and NULS DApp tokens, both the tokens’ user coverage will increase exponentially. With FLETA users joining the NULS framework, both the firms will promote cooperation and open doors for promotion and expansion strategies.

NULS will aid the FLETA ecosystem in enhancing the popularity and commercialization objectives of blockchain technology in Asia. The China-based channel of NULS will help FLETA in exploring the challenges of the country’s market areas.

NULS works as an open-source, microservices-supporting blockchain solution that enriches developers with the best enterprise-grade solutions. It aspires to encourage blockchain adoption by facilitating access to smart contracts, public and private chains, DApps, cross-chain interoperation, and quick chain-setup. By offering unmatched operational competence and user-friendliness, NULS helps developers to create customized blockchain projects for themselves. It is listed on several global exchanges like Binance, OKEx, Huobi Global, and many more.

FLETA is a potential public blockchain network that offers a plethora of services to blockchain products and firms. It leverages its expert suite of resources to curate an interface that is scalable, immersive, economical, developer-focused, and efficient. The firm aspires to avail mass adoption of blockchain technology by offering high-end services and functionalities.

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