Flexa as a part of Expansion, Partners with Coinsquare Canada to Launch Crypto Payment Services

Flexa which has launched the U.S. version of its SPEDN cryptocurrency wallet in the middle of May recently announced its Canadian development in an official blog entry. Supported by Gemini, a cryptocurrency Exchange, Flexa’s international expansion is backed by its support for cryptocurrencies like Litecoin and Zcash and the release of an Android beta mobile application.

A glimpse of the news can be read from the twitter link –

Moreover, In Canada, Flexa has partnered with Coinsquare, Canada’s biggest and most secure cryptocurrency Exchange. Situated in Toronto, Coinsquare has spent more time in building one of the most consistent and inventive trade organizations in the business.

Flexa’s Canadian clients can spend openly on the system when they visit the United States, likewise their Canadian partners, U.S. occupants can spend their cryptocurrency in Canada without stressing over foreign trade rates or conversion charges. Regardless, with all finances insured and in custody of Gemini, Flexa says Canadian, and U.S. clients can utilize SPEDN in either nation free of conversion charges or exchange rates issues.

As per their latest announcement, through their partnership with Gemini, Flexa wallet deposits will be protected more securely and insured.

We think that seamless, fee-free, cross-border commerce is one of the most impactful use cases that cryptocurrency can provide. And because Flexa doesn’t require the use of credit cards, debit cards, or bank accounts, we’re not tethered to the traditional financial system or its inherent fiat inflexibility.

For spending cryptocurrency on Flexa, customers need to send bitcoin or other supported digital assets to the SPEDN secure wallet and scan the application’s barcode tag at the register, like another type of digital payment. Furthermore, Flexa then converts the purchaser’s digital money to U.S. dollars in real-time for payment to the vendor, empowering a necessary trade procedure and reasonable utilization of cryptocurrency for actual payments.

The app SPEDN was built on the open Flexa framework, which plays as an intermediary among traders and the blockchain, and does not require point-of-sale updates for traders. By incorporating existing vendor point-of-sale with blockchain technologies, Flexa’s system streamlines the payment settlement procedure and diminishes cases of fraud, by decreasing two of the most significant operating expenses for retailers.

Flexa was established in 2018 to make payments among purchasers and sellers more accessible, efficient, and affordable for the individuals doing the purchasing and selling. Situated in New York, the Flexa team   with originators Tyler Spalding, Zachary Kilgore, Trevor Filter, and Daniel McCabe brings many years of experience in consumer payment items to flourishing Ecosystem of digital assets and cryptocurrencies.

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