Flipkart joins eDAO and launches shopping in metaverse

Flipkart takes up the initiative and forms a formidable partnership with eDAO. It has been done with the sole intention and aims to provide a suitable platform for all the prime brands they chose. The platform will enable them to launch and showcase their array of resplendent products in the metaverse. Flipkart has also ensured that these product launches will be the most engaging and delightful event for everyone visiting the site.

In the last month, Flipkart and eDAO have conducted a digital treasure hunt jointly during Flipkart’s Big Billion Days, which run on Firedrops, Flipkart’s KYC-compliant NFT platform.

Flipkart, by itself, happens to be India’s very own completely indigenous e-commerce platform. Let us delve deeper into this partnership between Flipkart and eDao to understand the same thoroughly. The partnership aims to ‘flip’ or transform the shopping narrative. Additionally, the partnership aims to bridge the gap between customers and their favorite brands.

Since its inception, Flipkart has been actively engaged in providing its customers with the opportunity to conduct online shopping. Multiple brands like Himalaya,  Nivea, Butterfly India, Puma, and others, with their endless list of products, have been showcased and put up for sale.

Easy availability of the products chosen by the many consumers visiting their online shopping site daily and the seamless way of reaching their doorstep have been their forte. On the other hand, eDAO is a Polygon incubated enterprise that has been actively involved in delivering world art and entertainment-based Ips in the Web3 arena.

Flipverse has been launched with the tying up of the two entities. However, Flipverse is a designated space in the virtual world wherein consumers can now experience the different pleasures of virtual shopping tours. The entire program has been created using the eDAO’s Web3 tech stack.

With the help of this, consumers will now get the chance to participate in a unique interactive experience where all of their browsing and shopping activities are concerned. Additionally, this will be coupled with gaining better and close connectivity with whatever they require to purchase. Flipverse will turn out to be an absolute new-age shopping experience for all prospective consumers.

Trevor Holman

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