Flipkart to deliver an exclusive chain using Polygon CDK

Flipkart, an e-commerce venture based in India, will be releasing an exclusive chain that has been developed with the utilization of the Polygon Chain Development Kit (CDK) to upgrade its FireDrops Web3 loyalty scheme.

Hang’s loyalty platform powers FireDrops 2.0, enabling Flipkart users to obtain rewards and transforming user engagement with companies. Furthermore, FireDrops will implement gamification to foster customer loyalty towards the organization. FireDrops anticipates the addition of a loyalty layer in the near future, allowing customers with proper relationships with a brand to gain greater incentives. There will also be the element of consumers coming in for lower prices on popular products, resulting in a creative way of obtaining incentives from their preferred companies.

Since the time of its inception in September, FireDrops has managed to connect with 3.3 million wallets containing at least a single NFT. One-third of this belongs to women. Flipkart is connecting with Polygon CDK to develop an Ethereum-oriented zero-knowledge (ZK) layer 2 network entirely related to service as well as overall growth.

Polygon CDK streamlines the process of designing and delivering ZK L2s on Ethereum for developers. Projects including OKX, Astar, Gnosis Pay, Palm, and IDEX employ this technology. In times to come, CDK-based chains may come with interoperability and be united in a wider web of ZK-boosted L2s within the Polygon CDK ecosystem.

An indicative blockchain offers Flipkart various custom-built opportunities, such as pleasurable onboarding exposure, an exclusive blockspace, and cost-effective transaction fees. Futuristic scaling to Polygon will bring about further privacy with regard to transaction data and the potential to operate the chain without a token. Added to that may be utilizing a central bank digital currency and connectivity with liquidity within the better Polygon and Ethereum ecosystems.


Flipkart’s initiative may push key fintech firms in India to develop Web3 and more consumer-oriented firms to develop their own app chains.

Trevor Holman

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