Flippening On the Cards? Google Users in the US Show Greater Interest in XRP than BTC

As per the previous year’s trends recorded by the search engine giant Google, its user base in the United States has shown more interest in Ripple than Bitcoin. There were more searches on Google for “how to buy Ripple” than the term “how to buy Bitcoin”. But if we consider the statistics for Google users other than the United States, then Bitcoin, the #1 digital currency at present in terms of market capitalization, has beat Ripple to emerge as a clear winner.

Similarly, the single term “Bitcoin” has outperformed both “Ripple” and “XRP” not just in the US but across the globe. Hence, the much-awaited “flippening” for which Ripple fans have been waiting for might just take a little while to actually materialize.

XRP Topping US Google Trends

Those who support Ripple and have invested in XRP firmly believe that XRP will become the topmost digital currency by market cap in a brief while, replacing the current biggest crypto Bitcoin. In fact, die-hard XRP fans on Twitter and Reddit never miss a chance to spread this belief terming BTC as now outdated technology.

These fans perceive Bitcoin as a dinosaur of the crypto world while comparing it to the other digital assets. That’s because other cryptos, especially XRP offers an increased number of transactions per second and greater utility. Moreover, the fact that XRP is bank-friendly, also adds to its appeal making more and more people predicting that it has everything in place to outperform BTC.

While the XRP fans’ dream is not yet turned into a reality, Ripple did conquer one feat for now by outperforming BTC on the US Google trends. Its market cap size, however, remains far behind Bitcoin’s.

It was Preethi Kasireddy who brought this interesting fact through her tweet in front of crypto enthusiasts across the US and the rest of the world. Preethi worked as an engineer with Coinbase previously.

But it must be noted that her tweet seemed a bit misleading as it didn’t highlight the primary fact that the search term trend was limited to Google users of the United States. Because, if we take into account global search trends of “how to buy bitcoin” and “how to buy Ripple”, then the former clearly outperforms the latter. Likewise, multiple searches have also been made about taking up positions in BTC than it was registered for XRP all through 2018.

The basic understanding of this trend result may point that Ripple along with its currency XRP now enjoys more popularity among the US-based crypto community, although that’s not true. When we compare single search terms “Ripple” and “Bitcoin” on analytics software, it is Bitcoin that undoubtedly holds the number one position during the past year around the globe, including the US.


Looking at the current scenario, it seems the awaited flippening between these two cryptos is not happening any time soon. There is no question that Ripple is going strong with its continually increasing bank partnerships, search engine trends as well as positive updates on the exchange listing front. But the ongoing year has been witnessing a drop in the value of XRP versus BTC consistently. On 1st January, an XRP token was worth BTC 0.00009439 which has gone down further to BTC 0.00007096 at the time of writing.

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