Flipside Crypto Awarded Grant by Algorand Foundation

The Community-Enabled Analytics (CEA) Solution is officially a go-project. It has received the green signal through the grant that has been awarded to Flipside Crypto by Algorand Foundation.

The grant will be utilized to ensure that CEA is offered to the community members for free. There would be no charge for it. The solution is also expected to ensure that the data remains not just free and accessible for every member of the ecosystem of Algorand Foundation.

Flipside Crypto To Drive CEA

Industry expertise and a vast pool of knowledge would now be available to all the members of the ecosystem of Algorand Foundation.

Algorand Foundation has awarded the funds to Flipside Crypto through its multi-year grant program known as the Algorand Ecosystem grant program. This was informed to everyone through an announcement that was made by Algorand Foundation through its press release.

The award of grant refers to Flipside Crypto receiving funds to develop CEA, short for Community-Enabled Analytics. The funds will develop the solution to complement the growing requirements of sourcing data while offering extensive opportunities to its analysts of earning Algo. The earning would be for all the efforts that analysts invest to deliver the required output.

CEA is a bounty-based education model. It sets the sights on getting high-value users by boosting the community to become more engaged and robust in nature.

The solution is expected to provide access to important analytics insights as well.

The members benefit from CEA and its model which is being developed by Flipside Crypto. This further extends the benefits to the macro level for the ecosystem. It keeps the members engaged, making them active participants in the partner protocols.

The Dialogue

Dave Balter, the Chief Executive Officer of Flipside Crypto, expressed his excitement over receiving the grant from Algorand Foundation. He said that he was proud to have received the opportunity of providing new users and analytical insights into the ecosystem.

The Chief Operating Officer of Algorand Foundation, Jason Lee, responded by saying that he was delighted to partner with Flipside Crypto. He added by saying that he was looking forward to witnessing the power of the utilization of Community-Enabled Analytics within the ecosystem.

Final Thoughts

Every element in the ecosystem is linked. It ultimately affects the macro environment. CEA focuses a lot on users; it will equally have a positive impact on Algorand Foundation’s ecosystem.

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