Floki bags a partnership with World Table Tennis

Floki has announced its partnership with World Table Tennis (WTT) for the upcoming WTT Championship. The event will run through October 29, 2023, and November 5, 2023, during which Floki will gain visibility for millions of TV viewers. The objective is to spread the word about the brand and create hype around its sister token, which is tentatively scheduled to be launched on October 27, 2023. The media value is approximately $10 million.

In particular, visibility will extend to 189 countries and more than 120 million viewers. The target demographic will consist of those between the ages of 16 and 49. This, according to Floki, is advantageous because these viewers are educated and knowledgeable. Thus, aiding Floki’s cause when it comes to discussing its companion token.

That age group comprises 75% of the total viewers. Nevertheless, it is a benefit that Floki is not going to miss.

This strategic marketing partnership has made Floki’s sister token one of the first cryptocurrencies ever to bag a partnership with WTT. It is based on the grounds that were set the last time both joined hands. Floki reported that the visibility was for millions of audiences in China alone.

The feature advertisement helped the brand create hype and interest in it. Floki is now expecting that the partnership will help them leave a larger impact this time.

Advertisement will be done by WTT on its LED display, website with brand mark placement, table side A-boards, social media posts, and global press release. Social media channels pertain to WTT alone. Shares and retweets are separate, likely to give more visibility to the brand than what it is expecting.

What makes the partnership between Floki and WTT more significant is the fact that it has a considerable reach in China. WTT games are broadcast on the largest sports channel. Channels that are covering the marketing campaign are Migu, CCTV5, Sport Klub, ESPN, and Eurosport, among others.

Floki has also announced that it will alternatively reveal the details of the sister token in the Valhalla Metaverse. This will happen a day before the launch, that is, on October 26, 2023, at 12 p.m. UTC. The community has responded positively to this development, with most of them expressing that they are now bullish about the project. Others have claimed that Floki is a team that is pioneering the way for the industry.

The development comes days after Floki announced joining hands with Karma, allowing the latter to leverage the potential of the Floki Locker Protocol. The partnership is based on the mutual understanding of adopting Floki Locker as the primary locker protocol for tokens and LP.

Floki and WTT entering into a partnership gives WTT a new member on the list and Floki a chance to explain its services to a younger audience of TV viewers.

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