Floki forges an exclusive collaboration with DWF Labs

Floki goes ahead and forms an exclusive collaboration with DWF Labs, which is an absolute top digital asset market maker, along with being a multi-phase Web3 investment company. This decision was taken by DWF Labs and stemmed from the knowledge of the fact that Floki comes with a great number of capabilities. The second reason was related to the growth pattern of the Floki ecosystem.

According to the understanding outlining the collaboration, DWF Labs went into buying Floki tokens which were valued at $5 million that was contained in its treasury. In return, they will gain the opportunity of being able to utilize the entity’s network, as well as its potential for quickening the entire process of acceptance of the Floki token. In the case of Floki, this very collaboration will enable them to push their company’s agenda with greater force. 

As an entity, DWF Labs is a high-level market maker, along with being a multi-phased Web3-related investment company. They were instrumental in forging an alliance with Binance. This was in relation to its program on the Industry Recovery Initiative (IRI), which came at a total cost to the tune of $1.1 billion. The company is also associated with a whole lot of exchanges, as well as prime trading enterprises and several institutional investors. All of this will turn out totally in favor of the overall growth of Floki through the joining of hands.  


Floki, on its part, is a general cryptocurrency, as well as a utility token that belongs to the Floki ecosystem. Its ultimate goal is to be able to attain increased acceptance and turn out to be one of the most sought-after cryptocurrencies globally. The ways and means of achieving this distinction, in their opinion, is through the pursuit of charity works, as well as community development and strong marketing, along with promotional strategy. At the present moment in time, the entity takes an immense amount of pride in the fact that it has more than 440,000 holders and has become a brand the world is beginning to understand and accept.  

Trevor Holman

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