Floki Partnering With KuCoin Community Chain for FlokiFi Locker

Floki recently announced a strategic partnership with KuCoin Community Chain. The collaboration will allow Floki to release FlokiFi Locker on the KCC mainnet.

KuCoin Community Chain has already assisted Floki in integrating and deploying its digital asset locker protocol on its platform. Now, the venture is extending its support to elevate the growth of both the Floki and the KCC ecosystem.

The partnership paves the path for KuCoin Community Chain to build on Floki. Additionally, it speaks volumes about Floki’s trust in KCC’s potential and functionalities.

Given the growing popularity of Floki, the announcement generated a huge buzz in the market. Many interested users even searched for a KuCoin review to assess its capabilities. 

As an EVM-compatible chain and decentralized high-performance chain, KCC lets users deploy and operate dApps and smart contracts. It also addresses common issues like poor performance and high costs that hurt most blockchain networks.

KuCoin Community Chain acts as a public chain that benefits the developers of KuCoin and KCS. It is designed to solve the high gas fees and network latency experienced on Ethereum. The platform has always strived to help developers and users access a convenient, economical, and prompt blockchain experience.

On the other hand, FlokiFi Locker is an innovative and secure cryptocurrency locker solution. It lets crypto enthusiasts and developers securely and quickly lock LP tokens, fungible tokens, and NFTs.

It is currently the sole locker protocol that has integrated the ERC-1155 standard. Despite Floki possessing a wide array of products, FlokiFi Locker stands out from the rest with its advanced features. It leverages the FLOKI token and has helped the platform establish partnerships with brands like Formula 1 and several football teams.


Seeing how capable and reliable both platforms are, their collaboration will yield lasting benefits for the community.

Roxanne Williams

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