Floki partners with Binance Charity & donates 39.8 ETH

Turkey’s present has been disrupted by a natural disaster, an earthquake. It needs all the possible help from across the globe. Countries have made their respective contributions, and so have international organizations. Turkey is getting back on its feet, and that would not have been possible without all the help and support that it received.

One of the notable organizations to support the victims of the earthquake in Turkey is Binance through its charitable arm. Binance Charity has made sure that all the funds that are meant to help the victims are directly handed over to them. Floki, the people’s cryptocurrency, announced its partnership with Binance Charity in light of this incident.

Floki earlier raised a total of 49.75 ETH from the sale of Turkish Earthquake Relief NFT. The proceeds were then divided into two categories: one meant for their Turkish team members and the other meant for the victims.

As per the announcement by Floki, 20% of the proceeds have been handed over to the members of their Turkish team who were affected by the earthquake. The remaining portion has been distributed to the victims via Binance Charity. The portion dedicated to the victims comes to 39.8 ETH. This roughly translates to $71,380 at the time of making the donation.

Binance Charity has taken up the task of distributing the funds to the victims.

Floki stepping up to donate 49.75 ETH to the victims of the Turkish earthquake demonstrates its commitment to helping victims of a catastrophic event in Turkey. It also goes on to demonstrate the level of trust that Floki has in Binance Charity when it comes to facilitating funds to the victims.

The development comes days after Floki got listed on BinanceUS. The listing dates back to April 24, 2023, and it legitimizes the status of $FLOKI in the market. The news was shared by BinanceUS, informing the community that it could start depositing the token on the platform on the same date.

Twenty-Hours into the deposits, the community of traders was able to trade $FLOKI at Binance, one of the largest crypto exchanges in the world. Meaning the trading facility for $FLOKI was enabled on April 25, 2023.

Circling back to the partnership between Floki and Binance Charity, the community has responded to it with a lot of positivity. For instance, a Twitter user who goes by the name Helin Ulker has called it great teamwork. Similarly, another Twitter user has said that the support will make a significant impact on the lives of the Turkey Earthquake victims.


Floki getting listed on Binance was received with the same level of enthusiasm, with many users saying that it will help create wealth for generations.

Any further update on the partnership between Binance Charity and Floki is awaited. It remains to be seen how the victims have received the funds and how they have used those funds to turn their lives around.

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