Flux delivers Proof of Useful Work (PoUW) and FluxCore

Flux has developed Proof of Useful Work and FluxCore, its client application, as a result of taking into account the many aspects of Proof of Work technology.

According to NiceHash, a platform focused on Bitcoin, Daniel Keller, co-founder of Flux, has been conducting extensive research on decentralization and Proof of Work initiatives. His top priority is the development of Web3.

Recent years have witnessed an increase in the number of duplicate chains generated using Proof-of-Work. This gives rise to the challenge of distinguishing the utility of various initiatives.

Flux came up with Proof-of-Useful-Work and its client application, FluxCore, subsequent to a comprehensive examination of various aspects pertaining to Proof-of-Work technology, including hardware deprecation, unused computing capabilities, and the efficacy of their assistance.

International computing avenues are necessary for boosting research, enterprises, and institutional requirements. Other factors, like cryptocurrency mining, deep learning algorithms, and others, depend on prime computing avenues.

Despite the fact that players, data centers, graphic designers, and others used upgraded graphics cards, the technology remained stationary for long periods of time. 30% of the hardware in data centers is underutilized.

The gaming sector is projected to be valued at more than $2.73 billion, although the average gamer spends only 8.45 hours each week playing. NiceHash and Flux are important in this circumstance because they allow for the monetization of unused hardware while still supporting a useless decentralized environment.

According to Keller, FluxCore is the prime force powering the PoUW network. It provides users with the ability to link their machines and has been created to link the framework space with the usage of less-used hardware in data bodies, homes, and businesses. It offers computing avenues to users who require them.

Proof-of-Useful-Work is a NiceHash add-on. QuickMiner software allows users to connect to and sell their computing power while also supporting the network. QuickMiner handles all issues linked to cryptocurrency mining and the challenges that come with it. Flux is able to bring out the Flux ecosystem’s application cases via PoUW.


The Flux Web3 cloud is a solution for decentralized computing and blockchain-as-a-service. It offers an interoperable and decentralized development environment. The Flux running mechanism used Linux to provide the network with authenticated and high-quality computation capabilities that employ blockchain. This relates to the clarity of governance activities.

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