FM Gallery Joins Hands With Polygon

FM Gallery, the Blockchain-driven platform for fashion toys and NFT arts, has entered into a partnership with Polygon Network to employ the core tools and functions of Polygon for the execution of Blockchain-based projects at FM Gallery. The team at FM Gallery strives to strengthen the universe of fashion and arts by creating autonomous communities of artists and innovative fragments of art.

FM Gallery deploys the advanced Blockchain technology to divide the selected artworks into fragments. An NFT is used to represent every fragment of the artwork that houses an innovative artistic story. The users of FM Gallery collect the fragments to complete the work of art and redeem the NFT upon completion. The Blockchain-based platform is open to top artists, auction houses, and art galleries around the globe. FM Gallery shall continue to launch virtual and physical crypto artworks on the Blockchain through the partnership with Polygon Network.

Polygon consists of a framework and protocol that develops and connects Blockchain networks that are compatible with Ethereum. FM Gallery seeks to use this protocol to encourage NFT adoption by mainstream artists and art collectors through the minting, trading, and selling of NFTs. The strategic partnership between FM Gallery and Polygon shall increase the platform’s client base and enhance the client experience.  The partnership between FM Gallery and Polygon shall provide FM Gallery with access to Polygon SDK. This modular framework supports the development and connection of Secured Chains such as Plasma, Validium, zkRollups, Optimistic Rollups, and more.


Polygon SDK also helps in building and connecting Standalone Chains such as Polygon POS. The network of Polygon seeks to build general scaling solutions for overcoming the limitations of Blockchain-based projects that seek development in the Ethereum ecosystem without any compromise on transaction speed, transaction fee, and security.

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