TitanSwap Price Prediction

TitanSwap price today broke the $4.08 price mark to the current price of $3.64. Still, from its 24-hour lows, the Titan price is up 8.05%, with the last 24-hour trading volume at $3 million. The TitanSwap currently ranks above 300 in the world of cryptocurrencies, which is expected to increase over the years. Since the beginning of the year, TITAN price observed a spectacular uptrend creating an all-time high of $9.95. Compared to the all-time low of $0.25 in October 2020, this is a 1345.9% price rise in the TITAN coin. 

TitanSwap Overview

Cryptocurrency TitanSwap
Ticker Symbol TITAN
Price $3.93
Price Change 24h 3.92%
Price Change 7d -0.16%
Market cap 0.02425
Circulating Supply 53,404,160.00 TITAN
Trading Volume $5,074,343.67
All time high $9.95
All time low $0.2509
TitanSwap ROI 1289.67%

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However, what is TitanSwap, and what are its features? How is it making a mark in the world of oversaturated cryptos? Is it a safe & profitable investment, and is there any significant scope of growth in the upcoming years? Let’s find out as we dive deep into the world of TitanSwap and learn about its features and price forecast.

What is TitanSwap (TITAN)?

The project TITAN is built by the TITAN foundation. According to the website, it is managed by a group of experts in cryptocurrencies and decentralized finance. At the beginning of 2020, the concept of decentralized finance took off, with several DeFi projects being released into the cryptocurrency market. The innovation in decentralized finance brought several features to the markets by combining multiple modules like decentralized exchanges, decentralized lending and borrowing, derivatives, and stablecoins, to name a few. While these innovations were amazing, to say the least, there were a few shortcomings and bugs which revealed opportunities for creative solutions to these issues, such as risk exposure, user experience, etc. Solving these problems will breed further innovations in the market, creating a better ecosystem.

In general, the experience of Decentralized exchanges (DEX) users is quite different from a centralized exchange (CEX). Those who are familiar with the traditional financial market may need some training to get a proper understanding of the nature in which DEX operates. Take this as an example; in Uniswap, users are unable to access the historical price of the asset through the user interface and thus lack a clear understanding of what range the current bid is in relation to the recent price changes. Moreover, Uniswap does not allow orders to be placed at a specified price restricting the flexible control over trade execution. Uniswap doesn’t have intuitive features to help traders understand the profit and loss after purchasing digital assets. 

Also, because many digital assets cannot be mapped on Ethereum, leading to a need for forming a unified and broader supported DeFi market. This is where TitanSwap comes in. TITAN is a blockchain-based decentralized financial center that provides the best liquidity solutions for different digital assets categories by adaptive bonding curve. Being able to provide a user-centered decentralized exchange, it also has aggregated liquidity pool supporting smart order routing. On the official website, TitanSwap describes itself as a seamless cross-chain token swap, Automated Liquidity mining, DAO.

Features of TITAN Ecosystem

TitanSwap is a decentralized financialization center standing on the core of DeFi predecessors, offering new generations complete control over their financial services without any central authority. TitanSwap provides a solution for using a small number of digital assets without understanding complex on-chain transactions or without having advanced knowledge of finance. TITAN project consists of several features, some of which are listed here.

Titan Swap: It is a DEX based on Automated Market making mechanism.

TITAN token: The token used for governance of the Titan DAO, with proposals and voting rights that determine the future of Titan. It also provides incentives for liquidity providers and traders.

Titan Automated Order: It is an AMM-based automated order mechanism that can be set to automatically execute orders in queue order when they reach a predetermined execution price. Provides arbitrageurs the automated tools to improve the AMM price formation mechanism. The Titan Automated order capability will be provided by a different brokerage, which will be able to track the latest prices and slippage in the Titan Pool through contracts, operate with the user’s authorization, and when the intended price is met as set by the trader, CEX and DEX spread arbitrage and more. 

Different brokerages compete with each other by securing TITAN, and when specified conditions for trade are met, the brokerage that fails to complete the order according to the specified logic will be penalized by TITAN, while the efficient completion will be rewarded by TITAN. The trader will prefer the brokerage with lower service rates and faster execution speed to complete the automated order.

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Titan Smart Route: The smart routing of orders across chains enables the automatic selection of multiple mainnet liquidity pools. It also ends up supporting more pairs while offering small slippage. Titan swap first sets up the liquidity pool on the Ethereum network, but TITAN pool is not the only option for TITAN swap. Titan Swap will determine the best liquidity pool to use based on the pairs that the trader is trading and their order sizes. The primary purpose of the selection criteria is to enable the exchange of more tokens under a smart route calculation, and the chosen paths include Titan Pool, Uniswap Pool, Balancer Pool, and Curve Pool. 

This feature is the focus of Smart Route in the first phase. The second phase of Titan Smart Route enables orders via cross-chain smart routing with the automatic selection of multiple mainnet liquidity pools. A cross-chain asset exchange will be achieved through anchoring the underlying assets of the mainnet on Ethereum. This will support more trading pairs and facilitate a one-stop decentralized center for financial services.

Titan Address Audit: This feature allows CoinGecko to identify the address of the token contract in a trading pair so as to avoid a scam coin. Scam coins have become a nuisance in both Uniswap and JustSwap. On the launch of JustSwap, users used the product only to find a large number of tokens with the same name, thus making it difficult to identify the correct token to purchase. Although the market is decentralized, that doesn’t mean the DEX should neglect its responsibility to the consumer. 

The TITAN Address Audit feature identifies token contract addresses in a transaction pair. It indicates to the user when a token corresponding to a suspicious contract address is found, thus effectively avoiding a scam coin. Additionally, the foundation has opened a channel to remove tokens from Titan Swap if they are reported and verified as scam coins and rewards those who report them.

Titan Adaptive Bonding Curve: Titan’s adaptive bonding curve enables it to combine greater liquidity and enable better price discovery for different asset classes. To understand this, one must know that under the AMM, price discovery and liquidity provider risk are largely dependent on the Bonding curve. In a simple scenario, Stableswap is more suitable to allow liquidity providers to achieve minimal impermanent loss while traders can trade with smaller slippage. This doesn’t mean Stableswap is better, but Titan’s adaptive bonding curve brings the best of all scenarios, allowing for better price discovery by automatically adapting the bonding curve to different asset classes.

Titan Layer 2 Support: By leveraging the Layer 2 protocol, Titan significantly achieves greater efficiency of on-chain clearing and settlement, effectively reducing the GAS consumption ahead of ETH 2.0. The DeFi boom has driven the activity of on-chain trading in Ethereum, leading to massive congestion in the Ethereum network. Layer 2 is intended to provide a mechanism to extend off-chain or side chain without compromising security and therefore improving performance. 

When considering the use of Layer 2 technology, Titan chases exponential performance such as the use of stateful channels or sidechains. In contrast to state channels, side chains can effectively challenge sidechain validators by providing information directly to the underlying blockchain without needing a trusted state channel maintainer. The two most promising sidechain solutions are zk-rollups and optimistic rollups. Optimistic Rollups allow for the implementation of smart contracts and are compatible with Ethereum VMs.

Titan’s uses have the purpose of serving as a governance token of the Titan DAO, which provides proposals and voting rights. Titan’s time-weighted voting coefficient is a part of that. The increase and decrease of the TITAN Pool fee are dependent on the volatility of the trade. It also adjusts the speed of liquidity mining to release TITAN. There is also a minimal collateral requirement to become a brokerage. Holding and pledging TITAN to become a decentralized brokerage offers a rich implementation of the TITAN Automated Order to its traders. 

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The brokerage will receive a percentage of commission and will reward or penalize TITAN determined according to whether the service provided meets its goals. The TITAN Token allocates its 10 percent to the investors and shareholders and the remaining 90 percent to liquidity mining. Users can earn rewards by building the Titan ecosystem by participating in it and injecting liquidity into the Titan Pool liquidity pool, and becoming a liquidity provider. Using the Titan Swap to complete transactions activates the Titan ecosystem and makes the TITAN a decentralized financial center.

TitanSwap (TITAN) Current Market Status

The current market conditions for TitanSwap price have been quite mixed. While there is no significant latest news coverage for this crypto, there is no community either. However, it has great potential for the future. Though the concept is sound, the lack of media coverage has made TitanSwap TITAN quite a hidden gem in some aspects. That said, the security protocols used to build this have not been certified by any auditing firms. Regardless of all of that, the market participation witnessed at the beginning of 2021 shows that TitanSwap does have a niche market interested in the idea of TITAN.

TitanSwap Technical Analysis

TitanSwap Price Forecast Chart

The price of TitanSwap TITAN started to take flight at the beginning of the year. As the Accumulation/ Distribution indicator shows, there was a huge accumulation phase occurring in the asset between the period of January and April. During this high accumulation phase, the TITAN price started to double, staying above the 50-day exponential moving average. It should be noted that the flat line in the accumulation/distribution indicator is due to the lack of proper volume data from the exchange. Because of this, there may be incorrect comprehension of proper volume action movement.

TitanSwap Price Forecast Chart

The Bollinger Bands show that the volatility exploded in TitanSwap TITAN price in early February 2021, sending the TITAN price higher and higher, triggering an overbought signal on the RSI indicator. The TitanSwap price drop started to reflect over its momentum, but the volatility spiked again in April, creating another overbought signal. During all this time, it looked like the uptrend in the TitanSwap price was always triggering stop loss of the trader, creating unnecessary losses. After hitting the maximum price of TitanSwap, making an ATH in August, the price started to downtrend. The current TitanSwap price trajectory also follows this downtrend, continuously losing price, trying to form a new support level.

TitanSwap Price Predictions: 2021-2026

We have used technical analysis and predictive data modeling algorithms to predict crypto price trends and the TitanSwap price forecast over the next five years. Although using historical values to predict the future results is not the right indication of where the highest price will be, it should be noted that this is not a horoscope. Investors must understand their risk tolerance and invest after taking some experts’ investment advice or after doing their own research. Along with that, they need to be cautious while deciding to buy or sell TitanSwap. As cryptocurrencies are highly volatile and subject to risks, there always lies a possibility, and the whole thing might come crumbling down. So we are providing the best TitanSwap price predictions that we have currently come up with.

TitanSwap Price Prediction 2021

Currently, Bitcoin is trading in the range-bound zone, but once it trades with the bullish momentum, altcoins will start to pump. Our short-term TitanSwap forecast is bullish for this year. The data predictions models based on the historical data show that the future price of TitanSwap will reach an average trading price of $3.65. The TITAN maximum and minimum price levels will be $3.76 and $3.31, respectively, as per the TITAN price prediction 2021.

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TitanSwap Price Prediction 2022

According to the TitanSwap price forecast, strong fundamentals have an enormous influence on the TitanSwap price. Our TitanSwap forecast predicts that the coin might continue to trade with a bullish momentum for 2022. Based on the TitanSwap TITAN price prediction, the predicted price of TitanSwap may reach a minimum price level of $5.03. The TitanSwap TITAN price can reach a maximum level of $6.12. The average TitanSwap price throughout the year will be around $5.21.

TitanSwap Price Prediction 2023

Based on TITAN price prediction, the TitanSwap ecosystem marked tremendous growth in terms of use cases, team, community, marketing efforts, etc. The price of TitanSwap crypto is predicted to reach a minimum price of $7.43, with a maximum price of $8.85 in the year 2023. The average trading price throughout the year is expected to be near $7.64 as per the TitanSwap price prediction.

TitanSwap Price Prediction 2024

As per the TITAN forecast system data, the minimum price level of TITAN crypto will be $10.51. At such a price level, many traders might be interested in the TitanSwap TITAN crypto. This will influence a high adoption rate which may help the coin to trade around the maximum value of $12.74, with an average trading price of around $10.89 throughout 2024. 

Titan Coin Price Prediction 2025

With the continual technological advancements in the TitanSwap TITAN, the crypto may reach new heights in the future. It will be seen as a profitable investment option and other major cryptocurrencies as per TitanSwap TITAN price prediction. According to the technical analysis and bullish TitanSwap price forecast for the year 2025, the minimum price of TitanSwap TITAN will be $14.82, and the maximum price level will be $18.34. The average price of TITAN digital coins will be around $15.37 in 2025.

TitanSwap Price Prediction 2026

In the opinion of the TitanSwap price forecast, the TITAN price will grow significantly in the future because of network upgradation and community enhancements. The price prediction models show that the minimum price of TitanSwap TITAN is expected to be $21.78. The maximum price will be $25.91 while maintaining the average price of $22.55 as per the TitanSwap price forecast. Investors and traders should invest in TitanSwap cryptocurrency at the current price levels to earn hefty money in terms of a good return. 

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Where can I buy TitanSwap (TITAN)?

The recommended exchanges for purchasing TitanSwap are Huobi Global and BKEX. It might be required for the users to first purchase other digital currencies and then swap them out for the TITAN crypto.

Is TitanSwap a good investment?

Yes, TitanSwap (TITAN) is a good investment as per our deep analysis and forecast data. Based on the current market status and TitanSwap forecast, the TitanSwap cryptocurrency might face severe competition from other similar projects. However, we predict that the value of TitanSwap may reach new heights with gradual developments, user adoption, community support, strong technicals, etc.

How much is the TitanSwap worth in 2030?

TitanSwap price holds long-term earning potential as per our price prediction 2021. The TITAN tokens have a market cap of more than $194 million. The fully diluted market cap for TitanSwap stands at $36 billion. As per our analysis and long-term TitanSwap price forecast, the coin may hit the maximum price level of $30 in 2030. Holding TITAN in a portfolio or investing at the current price levels might be profitable in the long term for traders. 

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