ZRX Price Prediction 2024 – 2030

  • Based on our ZRX price prediction, the price of 0x will cross the $0.75 mark by the end of 2024.
  • According to our 0x price prediction for 2025, the future of ZRX is bright, and it could hit $0.89 by the end of 2025.
  • Our 0x (ZRX) price prediction for 2030 indicates that the coin might hit the maximum price level of $2.55.

Currently, the price of the 0x token is trading around $1.3, which is almost 143% up from the last week. Amidst the bullish trends, 0x (ZRX) has shown tremendous potential. If you are looking for 0x (ZRX) price prediction, our in-depth analysis aims to answer your questions like, Is ZRX coin a good investment? What will the 0x coin price be in 2030? Before we start with a detailed ZRX coin price prediction, let’s dive into the coin’s overview.

0x Overview

ticker symbol
Ticker Symbol
crypto price
$ 0.492034
change 24h
Price Change 24h
change 7d
Price Change 7d
market cap
Market cap
$ 417,434,395
circulating supply
Circulating Supply
$ 22,733,604 ZRX
trading volume
Trading Volume
$ 22,733,604
all time high
All time high
$ 2.53
all time low
All time low
$ 0.104
0x ROI

coin0x (ZRX) Introduction

0x is an essential infrastructure for the emerging crypto economy. The motto of the 0x protocol is to ensure the investors feel safe and transact securely with ZRX at lightning-fast speed. Times have changed today. Gone are the days when you needed to carry a wallet stuffed with those fiat currency notes. Carrying digital token money is way better than cash as it addresses the issue of storage, portability, comfort, super-fast, and hassle-free transactions.

The mission of 0x is based on the fundamentals of private and censorship-resistant transactions. Unlike other cryptocurrencies, viz. Bitcoin and Ethereum, wherein all processes and transactions can be tracked with challenges on confidentiality elements involved. The cryptography that powers 0x protocol is the protective cover, a shield that facilitates all transactions, keeping complete data private and safe. Before we start with a detailed ZRX price prediction, check our Ox overview.

ZRX comes from the blockchain protocol 0x, which allows for the decentralized exchange of tokens and assets issued on the Ethereum blockchain. It offers an eclectic mix of functions, such as conducting over-the-counter trading of tokens issued on the blockchain. The co-founders are Will Warren as 0x’s CEO and Amir Bandeali as CTO.

0x is a protocol that facilitates low-friction peer-to-peer exchange of ERC20 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain. Think of an open, transparent, and common building block; 0x is there. The main functionality is to attain accessibility, scalability, and interoperability among decentralized applications (dApps). During the pandemic advantages of cryptocurrencies were brought to the forefront. While some did not sustain this crypto world either, currencies like 0x (ZRX) are benign blessings for investment investors.

There are also specialists involved in the cryptocurrency market analysis of prices and the execution of transactions online. This cryptocurrency is quite capable of generating tangible income, which attracts more users from the market. The ZRX tokens community has set higher benchmarks for itself. It shall surpass the expectations of investors who have found this platform extremely interactive and uncomplicated for trading.


0x Protocol (ZRX)

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historyTracing the Old Path: ZRX Price History

ZRX, too, enjoys a rich price history that dates back to 2017. At that point in time, it was created as an altcoin by promoting ICO as an independently capable and sustainable currency. Towards the end of 2020, the 0x protocol gained more attention, becoming sought-after in the crypto market.

Working hard to change the world map of technology, the entire ecosystem of 0x ensures that participants benefit from blockchain-enabled functional advantages like those of smart contracts. Eliminating the middlemen and all for free provides solutions directly striking an association with the customer; 0x is set to hold a benchmark for content creators and will be a tough competition for giants like Facebook, and Google who sell your data, making it prone to manipulation.

The talent pool of ZRX meritorious researchers and engineers, including 30 core developers, are highly credited for being innovative and experts in their respective fields. ZRX can be best defined as “Digital Cash” as it uniquely combines the benefit of ready availability and privacy.

ZRX ensures redundant costs are eliminated along with the advantage of higher speed of transactions. This prized digital currency offers users the advantage of fixed money at no inflationary cost. The decentralized consensus of 0x makes users their masters of validation. Like blockchain, this digital asset ZRX does not call for the role-playing of any intermediaries.


0x Protocol (ZRX)

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technical analysisTechnical Analysis of 0x (ZRX)

As with any other cryptocurrency, the 0x protocol is the subject of absolutely different points of view. Some people like the ZRX token, while others do not favor it much. Following the ICO, the price of 0x was $0.42; by the end of January 2018, the price had risen to $1.8.

Since its inception, the token has been competing hard and strongly against its rival cryptocurrencies. Once or twice in the year 2018, the token witnessed the highest escalation in price, but this trend did not last long, and ZRX traded at $0.48.

By November 2018, 0x reached a lower space and fell below $0.40 as the lowest price. Then, it continued the bearish trend till July 2019. Later, it initiated recovery and crossed the $0.7 mark in mid-August 2020. Then, it faced rejection and marked a correction below $0.35.

However, from the beginning of 2021, the ZRX price registered a tremendous rally and marked a new high of around $0.79. However, due to the crypto crash, it kept on correcting for a long time. 2022 saw one of the biggest plunges as the price traded in a very small range with the least volatility.

Finally, the 0x prices have started to recover since the beginning of 2023. During the last year, the ZRX token was trading within the range of $0.15 to $0.52. From the beginning of 2024, the 0x coin has marked upside momentum and crossed the $1 mark.


0x Protocol (ZRX)

$ 0.492034 Trade Now

expert reviewZRX Price Prediction: Market Sentiment

The current price of the ZRX coin is trading around $0.3185 with a market capitalization of $269,961,485 with a circulating supply of 847,496,055 ZRX coins. The 24-hour volume is $57,106,869. Let’s explore experts’ ZRX price prediction and technical analysis to have a better insight into the coin:

Based on our 0x coin price prediction, a price fall is expected; the 0x price prognosis for 2024 is $0.013. ZRX can be a bad, high-risk 1-year investment option.
Wallet Investor

According to the 0x forecast price and technical analysis, in 2024 the ZRX price is expected to cross an average price level of $0.3965, the expected minimum price value of 0x by the end of the current year should be $0.3816. Moreover ZRX can reach a maximum price level of $0.4673.
Price Prediction

According to the investors and market exports, 0x Protocol is on its way to passing the $2.76 mark by the end of this year. Before $2.76, it may break its mark of $2.53 and reach. According to the investors, exporters, and market leaders, 0x Protocol will break its previous all-time high of $2.53 and hold between $2.52 and $2.76 soon.
Digital Coin Price


0x Protocol (ZRX)

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price prediction0x (ZRX) Price Prediction: 2024-2030

The cryptocurrency price prediction of the ZRX coin gained more traction due to its privacy tag. A trait and respect that it attaches to all its investors. In fact, privacy is the hallmark of 0x, which has been the center-point of all activities of ZRX, gaining worldwide acceptance.

0x Price Prediction 2024

Stating that a jaw-dropping possibility does not exist and that a bullish trend will be sustained in the cryptocurrency market, it is once again expected that ZRX will rule the crypto kingdom with a performance of a price of 0x pegged at $1.75. The average price would be $0.92. This is equivalent to the same that was predicted at the end of the year 2024, which shows ZRX has the full potential not only to sustain but consistently grow even in adverse conditions in the long term.

ZRX Price Prediction 2025

This year might mark the benchmark year as ZRX value is predicted to surpass a high of around $2.05 by all means. According to 0x price prediction, with mass adoption, ZRX is estimated to cross the $2 mark by 2025, a price increase like never before.

0x (ZRX) Price Prediction 2026

Surprisingly, last year brought a lot of good for 0x token. ZRX kept its momentum onward and upward. For this whole year, price predictions for ZRX will remain quite encouraging, stating that it might jump to about $2.20 and may have a minimum price of $1 in 2026.

ZRX Coin Price Prediction 2027

Keeping up in tandem with the same bullish momentum, there are predictions that ZRX is poised for an upswing even in 2027. Though it is too early a predict if and whether ZRX will break from the peak, what stays clear is there’s a light at the end of the tunnel for sure. According to our historical data, the price for ZRX only continues to indicate a positive trend among the receding pandemic scenario touching the $3.35 mark.

ZRX Prediction 2028

ZRX might climb up the rank in the market capitalization ladder. In a matter of years, ZRX will be high on partnerships and integrations, which will make it a user-friendly cryptocurrency. In 2028, ZRX might reach $4.42.

0x Coin Price Prediction 2029

Based on our 0x predictions, the token is expected to trade in a range of $2.50 to $4.90, where the former is the minimum price and the latter is the maximum price. At the same time, the average price is estimated to be around $3.7 for the entire of 2029.

ZRX Price Prediction 2030

In 2030, the ZRX token may have a maximum price of $5.5 with a minimum price of $3.05. At the same time, the average price will be $4.2 for the entire of 2030.


0x Protocol (ZRX)

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FAQsFrequently Asked Questions

Where can I buy ZRX?

ZRX, being a popular cryptocurrency, is listed on all major exchanges. You can buy 0x from compliant exchanges. Additionally, you can directly trade ZRX for fiat currencies like USD, EUR, GBP, etc., or other coins on many trading platforms.

Will ZRX reach $10?

According to ZRX coin price prediction, we could not see the price of ZRX reach $10 anytime soon. Investors are advised to keep track of market movement.

Is ZRX a good investment?

Yes. ZRX is probably good investment advice for the upcoming years. However, due diligence is always advisable. There should not be any heartbreaks nor any over-joyous explanations required if you invest thoughtfully. Hence, one can start trading in ZRX.

Is ZRX a Scam or legit?

Yes, ZRX is actually a legit project built on the Ethereum blockchain. There are plenty of good projects built on 0x protocol and have been doing very well in terms of volume. Moreover, it can be used for the permissionless trading of a wide range of Ethereum-based assets.

What is the future of ZRX?

The future results of ZRX would reach $1.20 in the year 2026. If it reaches the predicted price then ZRX’s future would definitely be awesome.

What will be the worth of 0x?

It is expected the price to reach $0.89 in the year 2025 which will be its worth. Major price action won’t be seen if the price increases as per the predictio

Will the ZRX coin go up?

As per the past performance analysis, it is predicted that investing in ZRX for the long term as there might be an increase in the trend in the price of ZRX.


0x Protocol (ZRX)

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