AdroFX Review 2024 : Can You Trust AdroFX Broker?

AdroFX company is a reliable finance broker that offers a wide variety of trading instruments on the most reliable trading platforms in the world, serving clients in more than 200 countries. AdroFX is a forex and crypto brokerage company established in 2018. It is headquartered in the United Kingdom, Vanuatu, and Saint Vincent. The brokerage team has years of expertise in this field, especially in financial markets. The platform combines state-of-the-art technology with enhanced financial expertise to fulfill all the needs of institutional and retail clients.

AdroFX Overview

Official Website
Headquarters The United Kingdom, Vanuatu, and Saint Lucia
Founded Year 2018
Regulated FSA (Financial Services Authority), VFSC (Vanuatu FSC), BSSLA (Business Services of Saint Lucia Act)
Product Offered Forex, CFD, Indexes, Stock, Commodities, Crypto
Minimum Initial Deposit $25
Maximum Leverage 1:500
Islamic Accounts Yes
Demo Account Yes
MetaTrader 4 (MT4) Yes
MetaTrader 5 (MT5) No
MetaTrader 5 (MT5) No
Web Terminal Allpips Yes
Social trading Platform Yes
Trading fees No
Inactivity fee Yes
Withdrawal fee Yes
Supported currencies USD, GBP, EUR, BTC, LTC, ETH, XRP
Customer Support Phone, Email, & Chat Support

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In this AdroFX Review, we will discuss the advantages of forex and cryptocurrency trading at AdroFX, including a variety of trading instruments, a high level of security, frequent cash promotions, contests for users, free education and training materials, cash protection, low spreads, no commission for deposits and withdrawals, & many more.

What Is AdroFX?

AdroFX is one of the best forex brokers that was established in 2018 in the Grenadines and St Vincent. The regulated broker is well known for offering standard trading instruments for beginners and experienced traders. It also offers relatively low spreads and high yet flexible leverages. AdroFX is a licensed forex broker that accepts new traders from across the globe, except US traders and those from Syria, North Korea, and a few other countries where local laws do not allow trading. The AdroFX broker group includes multiple brokerage firms:-

  • Adro M Group LLC, situated in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, is registered by the FSA or Financial Services Authority.
  • ADROMKT Ltd, situated in the Republic of Vanuatu, is regulated by the VFSC or Vanuatu Financial Services Commission.
  • Adro Markets Ltd, situated in Saint Lucia, is regulated by BSSLA or Business Services of Saint Lucia Act.

AdroFX Review 2023 - User Interface

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According to several reviews, AdroFX has an easy and simple registration as well as an identity verification process that ensures the protection of client information. Crypto trading involves decentralized transactions that cannot be reversed or rejected in any way, leaving no room for hacking or any other criminal activities.

AdroFX User Experience

AdroFX is a great company, operating with a team of more than 100 professionals with a training experience of over 5 years. Compared to other forex companies, the AdroFX website boasts a track record of having robust financial outcomes alongside stable growth for its clients. It offers one of the most popular CFD and forex trading platforms with excellent trading conditions and live professional support that is operational 24×5. All in all, the AdroFX trading platform is the most trusted market innovator and a frontrunner in this industry; that’s why its popularity is increasing day by day.

AdroFX User Benefits

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Features of AdroFX

Negative Balance Protection

AdroFX brokers offer negative balance protection that helps in minimizing losses if there is any severe downturn from exiting trades if the losses exceed the deposits in the trading account. This may not always be an ideal system as extreme reversals on a trader’s position using high rates of leverages can not always be identified, especially during low liquidity.

Crypto Trading with Flexible Leverage

Seasoned traders who aim to focus on their investments in the cryptocurrency markets note that the AdroFX website is a good broker company that charges no extra fees for making crypto deposits using BTC and ETH. Crypto trading comes with dynamic market spreads and flexible leverages. Customers can choose from leverage ratios 1:1 to 1:500 in case of crypto trading.

Top-Notch Customer Support

AdroFX website has an excellent support team of representatives who are available 24*5 via email support, phone support, or the live chat option. All customer queries and questions are resolved within 30 minutes, and the team excels in terms of reliability.

AdroFX Regulations

AdroFX trading is a worldwide broker regulated by independent regulatory bodies in different regions. The platform is not a scam and is regulated by BSSLA, FSA, & VFSC.


AdroFX broker combines state-of-the-art trading technology with enhanced financial expertise to cater to the needs of institutional and retail clients, earning a vast client base from more than 200 countries.

Features of AdroFX

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Wide Range of Trading Instruments

AdroFX website covers a majority of the most popular trading instruments, including forex, CFD, stocks, indices, commodities, and cryptocurrencies.

Regular Contests and Promotions

One of the greatest advantages of AdroFX trading is that it offers regular contests and cash promotional offers for beginners as well as experienced traders to keep them motivated and help them enhance their trading experience. The regular AdroFX promotional offers include a popular 10% deposit bonus and a generous 100% loyalty bonus.

Protection of Funds

What makes AdroFX a secure place for forex and CFD trading is the platform’s cash protection feature that protects client funds using industry-leading encryption protocols. The minimum deposit requirement is $25.

Tight Spreads and No Commission

AdroFX is popularly known for offering competitively tight spreads and zero commissions. The spreads do vary based on the account types.

Trading Education from A to Z

With AdroFX, beginners, who are new to forex trading, can get regular market signals, analysis, guides, and videos to become a professional forex trader with the right knowledge.

Free Copy Trading System

One of the most reliable features of AdroFX is the free copy trading system that allows registered customers to view real traders’ trading activities in real-time and automatically copy their trading.

Services Offered by AdroFX

The trading services offered by AdroFX brokers are:-

  • The platform provides a free copy trading system, as mentioned above so that investors can always be connected to other professional accounts through the MetaTrader 4 servers.
  • AdroFX offers several trading platforms, including a special social trading platform and web terminal called Allpips.
  • Users can use social trading media to share their accounts and earn profits or follow other professional or master traders.
  • There is also a Bitcoin-based account where traders can store Bitcoin and trade the whole crypto market with leverages and earn profits in Bitcoin as well.
  • AdroFX does not only offer multiple trading platforms but also many types of accounts, including micro accounts, swap-free accounts, standard accounts, and premium accounts. The platform also offers a demo account so that traders that experiment with the platform’s features and functionality before investing real money into the platform.

Services Offered by AdroFX

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Is AdroFX Regulated?

Compared to all the forex brokers in the market, AdroFX makes a well-regulated forex broker consisting of multiple geographically dependent trading entities, each of which is regulated under the corresponding independent regulatory body. The St. Lucia branch is regulated by BSSL Act; St. Vincent and the Grenadines branch is registered and regulated under FSA, making the platform legit and not a scam site.

AdroFX Review: Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
Competitive and transparent fee structure. Transfer limits and withdrawal charges.
Tight spreads and zero commission. No app for mobile trading.
100% deposit bonus. Customer support is not available 24*7.
Offers a demo account and crypto trading.
Wide range of trading platforms including MT4.

Types of AdroFX Trading Platforms

Web Platform Allpips

A proprietary Web trader called AdroFX Allpip gives traders access to financial markets. It is user-friendly and compatible with many devices.

MetaTrader 4

MetaTrader 4 is a far more popular and advanced platform with the highest number of indicators and chartings. Since MT4 is not proprietary, it offers the highest security level. The MT4 platform support desktop and mobile trading.

Types of AdroFX Trading Platforms

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MetaTrader 4 IOS

All those who prefer trading from their iPad or iPhone can download the MetaTrader 4 platform for iOS devices from the App Store and start accessing financial markets on the go with complete ease.

MetaTrader 4 Android

MT4 can also be downloaded on Android systems. Traders can enjoy seamless market access from their mobile and tablets, making it more convenient to trade on the go than before.

MetaTrader 4 Multiterminal

There is also a Multiterminal platform offered by AdroFX, which is ideal for traders who wish to manage multiple MetaTrader 4 accounts from one terminal with utmost ease and one Master login ID and password.

The below table provides the feature comparison of trading platforms provided by AdroFX:-

Web Platform Allpips MetaTrader 4 MetaTrader 4 IOS MetaTrader 4 Android MetaTrader 4 Multiterminal
Allpips cloud terminal keeps all personal accounts and strategies safe and secure, for free. Data Encryption exchanges between the trader’s terminal and the servers. Offers Complete control to the traders over their accounts. Offers Complete control to the traders over their accounts. Manages multiple accounts simultaneously.
The trading dashboard keeps track of all trades with detailed information on margin, profit, balance, and more One-Click-Trading allows entering financial markets and also closing positions with a single click. 3 chart types – bars, broken line, and Japanese candlesticks. 3 chart types – bars, broken line, and Japanese candlesticks. Carries out operations on trader’s accounts.
The accounts overview manage trading accounts and trading deal and actions securely. Algorithmic trading helps in creating trading robots in MQL4 programming and running them in the trader’s terminal. 30 technical indicators,9 timeframes, 24 analytical objects. 30 technical indicators, 9 timeframes, 24 analytical objects. Monitors and controls the status of pending orders and open positions.
One-Click Trading allows traders to enter their position safely, making trading operations more convenient and time-saving VPS service support available for all types of accounts and free for Pro account. Offers all execution modes, order types, trade history, and interactive symbol charts. Offers all execution modes, order types, trade history, and interactive symbol charts. Traders receive news and quotes in real-time.

Market Instruments by AdroFX


Foreign Exchange (FOREX) is a currency exchange that involves the interaction of traders and brokers. Trade at AdroFX on over 60 forex pairs, including global currencies such as EUR/GBP, EUR/USD, USD/JPY, and other major and minor forex pairs.


AdroFX also offers CFD on shares of renowned global companies, such as Apple, Tesla, Facebook, and Google, and gains from the platform’s fast execution of orders. Invest in the popular shares of the largest companies and see positive returns.


The platform has started offering crypto trading and investment options with the most sought-after digital asset class in the world. The acceptable cryptocurrencies are Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Ripple.

Market Instruments by AdroFX

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AdroFX also offers 9 popular Indexes CFDs from Asia, America, and Europe. The most popular indices are Nikkei, NASDAQ, S&P Global, Dow Jones, and others.

Spot Metals

While the options for spot metals CFDs at AdroFX are very limited – Gold and Silver – the platform allows trading on precious metals and allows the traders to benefit from fast execution of orders and tight spread.

Range of Trading Instruments

AdroFX offers different market instruments across all trading platforms. The AdroFX instruments are:-

  • Over 60 forex pairs, including EURUSD, USDJPY, EURJPY, and others
  • 9 indices CFDs, such as S&P Global, NASDAQ, FTSE Dow Jones, and more
  • Over 40 popular CFD shares, Apple, Tesla, Amazon, Facebook, Google, and more
  • 2 spot metals CFDs, including gold and silver
  • 4 crypto CFDs, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, and Litecoin

AdroFX Account Opening Process

The account opening process at AdroFX is quick, straightforward, and user-friendly. Every new account gets validated within a single business day, and they are available in more than 194 countries. To create an AdroFX account, follow the steps mentioned below:-

AdroFX Account Opening Process

  • Go to the official webpage of
  • Navigate to the Start Trading tab, and a registration form will be displayed on the screen for the readers to fill in.
  • Enter first name, last name, email address, country of residence, phone number, and a unique and strong password.
  • The website requires the user to confirm their phone number by entering a code sent to their registered phone number.
  • Tick the checkbox to confirm the terms and conditions and enter Register Now.
  • The website takes about 1 to 2 minutes to verify all the details entered by the user, and an account is created instantly.
  • AdroFX accounts require KYC standards to be verified digitally, and traders can start trading forex and CFDs after making a minimum deposit of $25.

Types of AdroFX Accounts 

Primarily, there are four account types at AdroFX – Standard account, Premium account, Pro account, and Micro account. Each of these accounts has different levels of functionality and accessibility. The Standard account is a popular choice for many clients, especially beginners. The premium accounts offer premium trading and investment conditions; the Pro account is for professional traders, while the Micro account is for algorithm testing.

AdroFX Standard Account

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Account Types Standard Account Premium Account Pro Account Micro Account
First Deposit 100 Usd/Eur 2000 Usd/Eur 10,000 Usd/Eur 25 Usd
Execution Type Market Execution Market Execution Market Execution Market Execution
Market Instruments Forex Pairs, Indices, Metals, Crypto. Forex Pairs, Indices, Stocks, Metals, Crypto. Forex Pairs, Indices, Stocks, Metals, Crypto. Forex Pairs and Metals.
Minimum Volume Lot 0.01 0.01 0.01 0.0001
Typical Spreads 1.2 0.4 0.3 2.0
Maximum Leverage 1:500 1:500 1:500 1:500
Stop Out 5% 5% 5% 20%
Margins Call 10% 10% 10% 55%
Vps By Request Available Available Available For Free. Available
Trading Platform Allpips, Mt4 Allpips, Mt4 Allpips, Mt4 Allpips, Mt4
Personal Manager Trading Yes Yes Yes Yes
Educational Resources Yes Yes Yes Yes
Negative Balance Protection Yes Yes Yes Yes
All Strategies Allowed Yes Yes Yes Yes
Expert Advisors Yes Yes Yes Yes
Swap Free Yes Yes Yes No

AdroFX Leverage and Margin Requirements

Maximum leverage for all trading accounts at AdroFX is capped at 1:500. Although this can be quite helpful when it comes to increasing the sizes of trade positions and earning potential from it, it is often associated with the risks and uncertainties of losses which are magnified. Hence, traders must be cautious about leverage requirements while margin trading.

Note that leverage requirements may vary based on the local regulation laws and financial jurisdictions of the trader. Excluding the live accounts, AdroFX also provides demo account and swap-free Islamic accounts. Traders can choose leverages from 1:1 to 1:500 while they experiment with the platform with their demo accounts.

AdroFX Fees 

AdroFX company offers a competitive spread and zero commissions that may vary based on the account types. Note that the spread starts at 0.3 pips and may go up to 2.0.

AdroFX forex broker is transparent about a deposit, withdrawal of funds, including their fees, overnight rates, and inactivity fees. If an account remains inactive for over 6 months, AdroFX charges a $5 inactivity fee. If a trader requests to withdraw money after an inactive period, the broker charges a banking fee or 3% of the withdrawal amount. AdroFX does not charge any fee for depositing funds except for bank or wire transfer, but a variable fee may be applicable for a withdrawal request.

AdroFX Deposit & Withdrawal Options

Deposit Methods Supported Currency Minimum Deposit Deposit Fees Processing Time
Bank Transfers USD, EUR 200 Bank commission 1 to 5 working days
VLoad USD, EUR 50 0% 1-hour
Payeer USD, EUR 25 0% 1 hour
Perfect Money USD, EUR 25 0% 1 hour
Skrill USD, EUR 25 0% 1 hour
Neteller USD, EUR 25 0% 1 hour
Uphold USD, EUR, GBP, BTC, ETH 25 0% 1 hour
Bitcoin USD 25 0% 1 hour
Ethereum USD 25 0% 1 hour
STICPAY USD, EUR 25 0 1 hour

AdroFX Deposits & Withdrawals

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Withdrawal Methods Supported Currency Minimum Withdrawals Withdrawal Fees Processing Time
Bank Transfers USD, EUR 100 Bank Commission 24 hours
VLoad USD, EUR 25 6% 24 hours
Payeer USD, EUR 10 0.5% 24 hours
Bitcoin USD 50 1.9% +0.00006 24 hours
Perfect Money USD, EUR 10 1.99% 24 hours
Skrill USD, EUR 10 1% 24 hours
Neteller USD, EUR 10 0% 24 hours
Ethereum USD 30 1% +0.006 24 hours
Uphold USD, EUR, GBP 10 0% 24 hours
STICPAY USD, EUR 25 0% 24 hours

AdroFX Bonuses & Promotions

  • AdroFX brokers offer generous 100% deposit bonus that provides additional protection to the traders behind their trades or allows them to increase their margins without restrictions.
  • The 30% AdroFX deposit bonuses allow forex traders to trade with extra margin and enjoy a free bonus after meeting the minimum deposit requirement.

30% AdroFX Deposit Bonus

  • Registered AdroFX traders can also make money through the Refer a Friend program and explore an exciting way of increasing their account balance with additional flexibility.

AdroFX Referral Program

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AdroFX Partnership Program

Apart from the basic AdroFX bonuses offered for registering and making deposits at the platform, the broker also allows traders to partner and become the platform’s affiliates. Once a trader partners with AdroFX as an Introducing Broker, they get up to $30 rebate per lot, up to $1200 for every client they bring to AdroFX, as well as up to $600 CPA and $15 per lot, if they do both. All AdroFX affiliates enjoy high commissions, a trusted brand, additional sales support, maximization of conversions, and unlimited earning potential.

AdroFX Partnership Program

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Resources Offered by AdroFX

The educational resources offered at AdroFX is worth mentioning as it has an extensive section on forex glossary, educational videos, articles, trading calculator, and e-books. The forex glossary provides one of the fastest ways to understand the different terms related to forex. The AdroFX team believes that currency trading education begins with a glossary of standard forex terms.

There is also a section dedicated to educational videos on forex trading, market analysis, trading psychology, trading strategies, social trading, MT4, technical analysis, stock trading, and a lot more. To find courses containing video lessons, traders must first register to unlock them. Lastly, AdroFX also has an impressive e-book collection covering the most significant topics to educate new users.

Trading Calculator by AdroFX

AdroFX Supported Country 

AdroFX supported countries are:-

  • Australia
  • Canada
  • Thailand
  • South Africa
  • the United Kingdom
  • Hong Kong
  • Singapore
  • Germany
  • France
  • India
  • Italy
  • Sweden
  • Norway
  • United Arab Emirates
  • Denmark
  • Kuwait
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Luxembourg
  • Qatar, and more.

AdroFX does not allow traders from the United States, Syria, Korea, and Suriname.

AdroFX Security Measures

AdroFX website has multiple protocols for secure trading built into its basic business structure to ensure the utmost safety of client funds and data. The platform does not reveal the personal or financial information of the traders, and all transfers and transactions are protected securely by SSL encryption protocols. All client funds are stored in segregated bank accounts to ensure that the platform does not use customer capital for its purpose. It also offers negative balance protection that helps minimize losses if severe downturns lead to losses that exceed deposit value.

AdroFX Customer Support

Customer support at AdroFX is offered through various channels, via telephone and email. The service team is available throughout trading hours and provides reliable, professional, and live support 24×5. All clients looking for quality support can contact the service team at:-

AdroFX Customer Support

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AdroFX Review: Conclusion

AdroFX is a reliable international broker under the regulation of multiple regulatory bodies with above-par service. The platform has earned a broad client base from more than 200 countries. Although it does not offer too many financial instruments, traders who choose AdroFX can invest money and benefit from zero commission, tight spreads, and the leading platforms that offer the best trading conditions.

Nearly all brokers offer forex, but very few have a crypto trading option on their platforms. Last but not least, the methods of payments are vast at AdroFX, including wire transfer, bank transfer, plenty of e-wallets, Mastercard, Visa, and cryptocurrencies. These make AdroFX a good broker in France, Germany, and many other European & non-European offshore regions.

AdroFX Growth So Far!

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Is AdroFX Legit?

Yes, AdroFX is a legit brokerage company that offers trading instruments, such as commodities, crypto, forex, and CFDs, in more than 200 regions with head offices in the UK, Vanuatu, and Saint Lucia.

What Is the Minimum Deposit for AdroFX?

The minimum deposit requirement at AdroFX is $25.

Is AdroFX an ECN Broker?

No, AdroFX is not an ECN Broker.

How Do I Deposit Funds in AdroFX?

To fund the AdroFX account, choose a preferred payment method, transfer funds, and start trading immediately.

Does AdroFX Offer an Islamic Account?

Yes, AdroFX offers a swap-free Islamic account.

Disclaimer – CFD and forex trading may result in loss of capital. All trading involves significant risk, hence as a risk warning, only risk capital if you completely understand that the invested capital is at an all-time high risk owing to market fluctuation. It is a trader’s sole responsibility to check the reliability of a website while choosing a secure trading platform and making a well-informed decision.

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