ATC Brokers Review 2023: Is It the Most Trusted Broker?

Do you wish to trade and invest in assets online? To do so, it is crucial you find a financial service firm operated by regulatory bodies. A firm regulated by such regulatory bodies will allow you to make investments without being exposed to market scams. Trading online with real money is a risky venture. Therefore, it is very important to sign up with a trustworthy and reliable trading platform that provides good customer service.

ATC Brokers Overview

Official Website
Headquarters Los Angeles
Founded Year 2005
Regulated FCA, CIMA, CFTC
Product Offered Forex, CFDs, Metals
Minimum Initial Deposit $5,000
Maximum Leverage 100:1
Islamic Accounts No
Demo Account Yes
MetaTrader 4 (MT4) Yes
MetaTrader 5 (MT5) No
Trading fees $1 (For Mini Contract)
$10 (For Standard Contract)
Inactivity fee Yes, They charge per semester
Withdrawal fee It depends on the user’s residency
Supported currencies UR, USD, GBP
Customer Support 24/7 via Phone, Email, Live Chat, & Help Center Support

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What makes online trading and investment platform trustworthy is the reputation of the brokers. It is also necessary to check the availability of tools and technologies, as manual trading without research tools is often inaccurate.

ATC Brokers is one of the best platforms for trading and investing in a variety of assets online. The global brokerage platform can help you achieve success in the online trading and investment business. Read the insightful ATC Brokers review and estimate your capital requirements to start trading & investments right from today.

What Is ATC Brokers?

ATC Brokers Ltd. is a renowned brokerage firm that provides online trading and investment services and is dedicated to working toward the transparency of business transactions. ATC Brokers offers a pure agency model to provide every client with excellent services with its vision of making trading activity and investment trustworthy and transparent.

ATC Brokers Platform - Interface

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ATC Brokers is subject to the Financial Conduct Authority’s regulations that maintain its legitimacy of operation in the financial industry. The leveraged products available for trading and investment at ATC Brokers include forex, CFDs, precious metals, stock, and commodities with very tight spreads average.

The trading platform also provides an impressive array of custom software solutions for various trading purposes, including institutional trading and liquidity services for professional traders. If you seek to conduct online trade and investment in a wider range of financial instruments, then read the ATC Brokers review and sign up with the platform today.

Features of ATC Brokers

Take a look at the salient trading features of the broker platform of ATC Brokers below before reading the ATC Brokers review:-

ATC Brokers Trading Platform

The broker platform of ATC Brokers allows the traders to conduct trading through the multi-asset broker platform of MetaTrader 4 or MT Pro. MT4 or MT Pro aims to improve the overall trading experience of users. The platform consists of a highly customizable friendly, and powerful interface that allows traders to configure the orders with technologies of risk management, including trading strategy orders, trailing stops, and bracket orders.

The multi-asset broker platform also provides traders with comprehensive trading reports of profits and losses, performance in the metals market, time analysis, and more information. With MT4, traders get access to the Market Depth model along with an extensive charting package for the in-depth analysis of assets and financial markets which can help you in your trading need.

Financial Products

Users at ATC Brokers engage in the trading and investment of 35 international currency pairs that include major and exotic currencies as well as CFD indices like S&P 500 and Dow Jones. One also gets to trade in a variety of commodities including silver, gold, oil, and natural gas. However, the broker platform of ATC Brokers does not allow cryptocurrency trading.


The leverage for trading in various assets is set at 1:30 for the major international currency pairs, 1:20 for major indices, gold and other metals trading, and minor currency pairs to trade forex with the FCA regulated broker team. Professional trading in silver and other commodities is leveraged at 1:10.

The good broker platform allows professional traders to conduct trading in a wide variety of assets at high leverage of 1:100 all-in cost. Traders may refer to the detailed FAQ section on the official website for the estimation of maximum trade requirements during trading sessions.

Demo Account

The broker platform of ATC Brokers allows new traders to open a demo ATC Brokers account and then conduct demo account trading for 60 days without making any capital investment. The demo account provides traders with access to live fx market prices and enables them to place simulated trades in a risk-free market environment.

The demo account trading experience prepares new traders with trading strategies and trading style to begin trading in markets with real money.

Features of ATC Brokers

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Commissions and Spreads

ATC Brokers allows trading with competitive average variable ECN spreads on the currency pairs of EUR USD currency. The average spread ranges between 0.3 pips for currency pairs and 0.7 pips for precious metal trading like silver. For trading in major indices like FTSE 100, the spreads are set at 0.6 pips.

The commission charge is around $0.60 round turn for 10,000 lots and $6.00 round turn for 100,000 lots. The broker platform also charges a dormant fee that is approximately $50 or the remaining balance in the real account if the account types stay inactive for at least half a year. Traders have to pay rollover commission fees as well as per the charts in the portal.

Payment Methods

It is very easy to make deposits and withdrawals in the account on ATC Brokers by various payment methods. The broker platform allows users to make transactions via bank transfer, Union Pay, Skrill, MasterCard, and VISA. Traders can make deposits in EUR, USD, GBP currencies. One does not need to pay any additional fee for making deposits via bank transfer.

However, the broker platform does charge a fee of 2.9% for making deposits and withdrawals via Skrill and bank cards. The ATC Brokers withdrawal fees are 25 GBP for international bank transfer and 10 GBP for faster processing of payment in the UK. For Skrill withdrawal, the fee is 1% of the amount.

One need not pay any fee for withdrawal via credit and debit cards. The company processes withdrawals within a couple of business days after closing the trading process. However, it seems from the ATC Brokers review that the broker platform only accepts bank transfer for transactions in recent times.

Account Types

Clients are allowed to open corporate ECN, joint, and individual accounts on ATC Brokers to conduct trading with narrow spreads and medium leverage ranging between 1:30 and 1:100. The broker platform also allows traders to conduct trading with a special PAMM account that provides traders with exclusive financial management solutions.

Trading Duration

Forex trading is allowed from Sunday to Friday, whereas trading in precious metals is restricted to weekdays and Sundays. One may consult the standard contract specifications to take note of the specific duration of operation of the different asset markets trade forex and other products.

Customer and Support Services

Customer support service is available 24×7 over email, phone, and live chat on ATC Brokers. One may even receive personal assistance by paying a visit to the head office of the firm at 1 Fore Street Avenue, London.

Services Offered by ATC Brokers

ATC Brokers offers a host of trading and investment services. These are mentioned below:-

  • The broker platform allows traders to become the Maker and Taker through direct one-click execution of API market orders.
  • To trade Forex, traders engage in the forex trading of major forex pairs, minor forex pairs, and exotic forex pairs of competitive prices and narrow spreads at low forex fees.
  • The MT Pro software application allows enhanced access to the MT4 trading (MetaTrader 4) platform to trade fx and other products.
  • One can trade in multiple trading instruments of multiple types offered at ATC Brokers that include metal, CFDs, forex, CFD Rollover, and Standard Contract specs of limited range with the help of brokers and a wide range of trading tools.

Services Offered by ATC Brokers

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ATC Brokers Products


Forex traders can extract the richest profits from the world forex market by trading through their MT4 platform accounts with the forex brokers and other brokers of ATC Brokers. The forex platform allows traders to conduct trading in major currency pairs and non-major currency pairs in the forex market according to trading styles like social trading etc. and the preference of the clients.

The forex platform provides access to the worlds financial markets FX and also offers traders a host of forex trading tools and technologies for accessing live streaming data and exclusive graphs and charts for the analysis of forex market volatility risk conditions and asset price movements.

Moreover, one can also conduct forex trading through the platform of MetaTrader 4 or MT Pro for a more profitable and unique trading experience with the help of forex brokers and other brokers. The data required for making investments in currency pairs comes from the exclusive ECN pricing model available at ATC Brokers.

The broker platform also provides seamless access to non-dealing desk operations and allows competitive commissions for forex trading. The average spreads vary between 0.3 pips for EUR/USD and USD/JPY and 0.8 pips for GBP/JPY. The maximum lot size is set at 500 and the leverage is 200:1 if the account size is less than 100,000 USD and 100:1 if the account size exceeds 100,000 USD.

ATC Brokers Products

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Trading in products of Contract for Difference (CFD) may be risky but ATC Brokers makes it profitable for traders by providing them with a host of CFD trading risk management tools. Trading CFDs allows traders to venture into the financial markets of commodities and indices. The trader can select from a wide variety of major indices and get access to Brent and WTI Crude Oil for capital investment and various trading purposes.

The competitive pricing model of CFD trading and the price differences are highly beneficial for raking in decent profits from the markets as CFD trading involves risk. The average spreads vary between 0.03 pips for XTI/USD and XBR/USD and 2.0 pips for DOW/USD. The leverage of trading CFDs is set at 100:1 and the maximum lot size is 30.

Precious Metals

Gain access to an impressive range of precious metals to conduct more trades and diversify the leveraged product portfolio. Trading and investment in non-currency products allow the trader to extract a decent income as precious metals are considered traditional assets whose prices do not fluctuate over time. ATC Brokers offers competitive spreads for trading in precious metals like gold and silver.

The average spread is 0.07 pips for XAG/USD and 0.16 pips for XAU/USD. The maximum lot size is set at 500 and the leverage ratio is 50:1 for trading and investment in precious metals.

CFD Rollover

The process of CFD Rollover refers to the switching transition from the contract of the current month that is almost about to expire to the contract of the next month. Some of the financial instruments that depend on futures CFDs are rolled over at regular intervals. The CFD rollover allows clients to maintain their present open position in the subsequent months.

Account holders who maintain the open position through CFD rollover receive a debit or credit of an amount equivalent to that of the swap point differences between the market price of the expiring month and the market price of the upcoming months.

Accounts that are set with limit or stop orders need to modify the prices during the expiry month to take the prices of the upcoming months into account. In CFD Rollover, the traders of ATC Brokers allow the CFD contracts to rollover automatically to the subsequent liquid contracts prior to the expiry of the current contract.

One may consult the Position Rollover Calendar on the official website of the broker platform to take note of the upcoming CFD rollover dates. The dates may vary depending on the liquidity level and the occurrence of unprecedented changes at the exchange forums.

Contract Specs by ATC Brokers

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Contract Specs

Through contract specs, the users are able to conduct trading and investment in CFDs, forex currencies, precious metals, and even cryptocurrencies that include Bitcoin, Ripple, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, and Ethereum. Traders may look up the Contract specs table to note down the hours of the operations of the various international asset markets.

ATC Brokers Review: Pros and Cons

The ATC Brokers pros and cons are tabulated below:-

Pros Cons
The broker platform is associated with more than 100,000 brokers, traders, and investors of top-tier financial relationships. There are no available Expert Advisors.
Full compliance with the CIMA ensures high security. Payment methods are inconvenient.
Customer service is top-notch and mobile apps are very useful. The minimum amount of deposit is not affordable.

ATC Brokers Account Opening Process

New clients must now be prepared to start trading and investing in high-risk financial assets by availing of the great trading opportunity of the ATC Brokers platform. If yes, then it is time to register with ATC Brokers by opening an account with the brokers and bots of the company. Follow the steps lined out below to become a member of ATC Brokers:-

Sign Up With the Broker Platform by Filling in the Registration Form

Visit the official website of ATC Brokers to access the registration form and open an account. Click on the “Open An Account” button and then apply for your membership with the firm by entering your account credentials into the registration form. Select the Country of Residence, Account Registration, Currency of deposit, and Platform in the respective drop-down lists provided in the application form.

The broker platform is accessible to most countries across the world and you may freely select the country of your residence without worrying about geo-blocking restrictions. Select your choice of Account Registration between Individual Account and Corporate Account.

If you seek to trade and invest in assets on your own, go for an Individual Account and for conducting economic activities on behalf of your company or institution, opt for opening a Corporate Account at ATC Brokers.

Choose between USD and EUR for making deposits in the account and then select the platform of your choice as well among MT4 trading platform, FIX API, and Subscriber trading platforms.

If you are new to the platform, then it is advisable to open an account with the proprietary broker platform of ATC Brokers safe. Enter the initial deposit amount in the box provided in the form to complete the registration process. The broker platforms of ATC Brokers offer ECN trading.

ATC Brokers Account Opening Process

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Take Part in a Demo Account Trading at the Broker Platform

Open an account with the demo trading interface of the mobile or desktop version to conduct trial trades before venturing into the live asset markets. Demo trading through the demo account is beneficial for beginning traders as well as experienced traders.

Visit the official website of ATC Brokers and click on the “Start Demo Trial” button to start demo trading that is trading in assets without making any deposits. Upon clicking on the button, you will get redirected to the Demo Trading application form. In the form, select the MT4 platform, country of residence, and currency.

The trader can get access to the MetaTrader 4 (MT4) trading and MetaTrader Pro (MT Pro) trading platforms for demo trading without capital investment. Enter your name, email address, and phone number in the form and agree to the preset terms and policies to complete the demo trading account opening process.

Verify the User Account 

The broker platform makes it mandatory for clients to verify only one trading account information that includes email address, phone number, and such other details. Upon registration, the user will receive a link in his email inbox and phone message box for the verification of the account.

It may also be necessary to upload government-issued ID proof documents like a driving license and pan card in compliance with the KYC regulations of the license organization. The verification of the account helps in protecting the users against financial scams.

Deposit or Transfer Funds in the Account

Making a deposit in the account of ATC Brokers is easy and hassle-free. One initiates the process of depositing more money in the account right from the beginning by entering the amount in the application form. While demo trading does not require the professional trader to deposit funds, live trading does. It is necessary to deposit funds in the account to activate the user-friendly interface of the platform.

Hold discussions with the brokers of the company to make more deposits in the account for investment in various assets. Experts advise one to avoid investing more than what one can afford to lose in order to prevent bankruptcy.

For making deposits at the account of ATC Brokers, one needs to link their wallet or bank account with the platform. Visit the “My Account” section on the official website to enter your wallet details and bank account information for e-wallet deposits.

ATC Brokers accepts various payment modes and allows the trader to conduct the minimum required deposit and withdrawal of funds directly between the platform and the bank account.

Conduct Live Trading Through the Different Trading Platforms

Engage in live trading with the help of the registered brokers of the company after depositing funds in the account. Get in touch with the brokers and the customer service team for help with trading and investment. Consumers choose the assets for trading and set the interface of the platform with the parameters of their choice to conduct business in your styles and preferences.

You may conduct copy trading or social trading by copying the moves of experienced traders to guarantee future results and success.

Types of ATC Brokers Accounts

One may open fully customized corporate, joint, and individual retail investor accounts at ATC Brokers. The corporate account is for companies and the individual account for solo traders and retail investors of bigger financial position.

MT Pro by ATC Brokers

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ATC Brokers Trading Tools

ATC Brokers offers basic tools and multiple instruments for the fundamental and technical market analysis of the financial markets. It also provides the PAMM and PAMM Plus applications along with import EA signals to the trader signed into the platform to manage multiple trading accounts for trading forex and other products.

ATC Brokers Leverage

The ATC Brokers leverage trading margin requirements of high risk are given below:-

For the major international currency pair, the leverage risk is 200:1 as per the base currency, provided that the account size is less than 100,000.

If the trading account size exceeds 100,000, the leverage of the accounts is 100:1 for the major international currency pairs of the financial industry.

ATC Brokers Fees

Now that you are aware of the key features of the platform, it is time to explore the structure of fees ATC Brokers uses to prepare a budget for trading and investing in different assets.

The platform of ATC Brokers offers a variety of facilities that include access to cutting-edge trading platforms, mobile application services, financial analysis reports of assets and markets, trade research and analysis tools, trading bots, and more. To continue providing such state-of-the-art services, the platform needs to impose fees ATC Brokers and charges upon the clients.

The fees charged by ATC Brokers are nominal and affordable. Take note of the fee structure described below and invest your capital accordingly for buying and selling assets:-

Minimum Initial Deposit Fees ATC Brokers

The traders need to make a minimum deposit of at least $5000 to start trading in assets. The minimum initial deposit amount may seem to be a tad too high, yet, but it is not as exorbitant as the amount charged by other best forex brokers platforms in the market.

For the advanced types of retail investor accounts at ATC Brokers, the platform has to make a minimum deposit of $10,000.

Inactivity Fees

The clients of ATC Brokers are charged with inactivity fees if they do not conduct any buying or selling transactions for six months in a row. The inactivity fee is $50 or the equivalent amount in other currencies.

It is therefore advisable for traders to conduct trading regularly or close the account altogether by applying for closure at the customer support help desk. It is mandatory to clear every due while closing the account at ATC Brokers.

Commission Fees

There are no commission fees to be paid to the brokers for trading in CFDs through the platform. However, the traders may have to pay a commission fee for trading in other financial instruments like foreign exchange currencies, precious metals, and other assets and commodities. The brokers may charge a commission fee for fulfilling an order, modifying or canceling an order execution on behalf of the registered trader.

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FXCC Minimum Deposit and Withdrawal Fees

The platform of ATC Brokers operates in association with National Westminster Bank for the safe custody of the trader’s money that also includes minimum deposit fees and withdrawal fees. The platform accepts USD, GBP, and EUR and charges 2.9% of the minimum deposit amount as an initial deposit fee for making payment via debit or credit cards.

It is recommended to make minimum deposits via bank transfer as bank transfer deposits do not require any additional minimum deposit fee or withdrawal fee. For withdrawal, the fee is 25 GBOP or 30 EUR or 40 USD for international bank transfer. However, if one seeks quicker withdrawal of money, they need to make an extra payment of 10 GBP for faster payment via card withdrawals.

To withdraw money via Skrill, the mirror trader has to pay a total deposit fee of 1.0% of the amount to be withdrawn. The withdrawal gets processed within a couple of business days.

ATC Brokers Deposit & Withdrawal Options

Making minimum deposits and withdrawals at the account of ATC Brokers is somewhat inconvenient, especially for withdrawing funds while day trading. The platform accepts deposits only through bank transfers while funds protection is delivered duly.

For withdrawal, the platform has to visit the My Account section to withdraw money directly to the bank account after closing the trade.

ATC Brokers Bonuses & Promotions

The platform of ATC Brokers does not provide bonuses to the traders at the moment. There are no referral bonuses offered either, but the Affiliate Program offers a lucrative partnership opportunity to all. ATC Brokers offer welcome bonuses to new client members sometimes along with vast opportunities.

ATC Brokers Loyalty Program

The platform of ATC Brokers rewards loyal clients with bonus offers and promos. However, there is no specific Loyalty Program in place for most brokers and users. The highly active traders and investors of the significant financial situation are usually provided with extra trade opportunities by the liquidity-providing brokers of the platform.

Resources Offered by ATC Brokers

ATC Brokers allows the traders to conduct trading and investment by making the best use of the resources available at the platform, as provided below:-

Trading Tools and Instruments Offered 

ATC Brokers offer fundamental and technical analysis tools, VPS market maker as an online trading solution, trading calculators, automated charting tools, indicator libraries, economic calendars, and other complex instruments for potential successful analyses.

Resources Offered by ATC Brokers

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Educational Resources for Informational Purposes

Blogs and articles that constitute financial advice regarding trading and investment in various assets, reports on trading history and past performance of different entities, webinars, seminars, archived conferences, video tutorials, glossary, pdf e-books dealing in investment advice and general financial advice, and recorded lectures.

ATC Brokers Affiliate Program

The Affiliate Program of the account with ATC Brokers is unique. The platform does not offer regular affiliated product bonuses, unlike other platforms. Instead, it provides the users with a partnership opportunity to enable companies to obtain deep liquidity, variable leverage, and fast trades through the partnership for company actives. Brokerage firms and corporations may register with the platform of ATC Brokers for free today.

ATC Brokers App

The broker designed mobile app is known for its intuitive interface and intuitive ATC Brokers performance through different account types. The users may log into the platform through the app and make transactions for stp execution of deals in the markets smoothly. The app provides seamless access to charting tools and technical indicators to enable users to extract profits from the financial market and metals market while trading on the go through the mobile application of ATC Brokers.

Users are also able to reach out to the online broker community and liquidity providers through the app for assistance with investment in assets. The regulated ECN broker mobile application of ATC Brokers is available at the app stores of Apple and Windows, and Google Play store of Android devices. It is compatible with every operating system and can be installed on mobile devices like smartphones, tablets, computers, and laptops.

ATC Brokers App

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ATC Brokers Security Measures

According to the review of ATC Brokers, the platform of ATC Brokers is subject to the regulations of the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority (CIMA), National Futures Association NFA, Financial Conduct Authority FCA, and Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC).

These authorities protect consumers and maintain a regulated and neutral trading environment on the trading platform. The strict rules imposed by CIMA protect the clients of ATC Brokers and ensure the safety of the client funds in the platform accounts and allow one to trade effectively with the help of the regulated broker team.

The platform also imposes additional security measures regulated by the financial authorities that include the accounts segregation of the institutional clients’ funds in separate accounts for the safe storage of money in association with National Westminster Bank.

The introducing broker platform also ensures the confidentiality of personal information and safeguards the customers against third-party users and hackers.

ATC Brokers Customer Support

As per many online ATC Brokers Reviews and our research, we can say that their customer service provides safety and security 24×7 over the phone, email, and live chat as per Brokers review ATC brokers remains in the reports. One may visit the Help Center to secure assistance with general issues. For personalized customer service, it is better to seek assistance over the phone, email, and live chat.

Dial 1 877 654 8400 to speak with the customer service personnel over the phone. Send an email to [email protected] and receive help with facing asset risk situations within a day. For immediate help during emergencies, it is quicker and more efficient to interact with the live chat assistants over quick messages.

ATC Brokers Customer Support

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ATC Brokers Review: Conclusion

It is evident from the insightful ATC Brokers review that the ATC Brokers bring an up-to-date interface of high standards. It is highly suited to the trading needs of traders and investors irrespective of how much trading experience they possess.

The users of ATC Brokers are provided with excellent trading conditions in a safe and regulated environment ensured by the regulatory bodies like Financial Conduct Authority FCA and Cayman Islands Monetary Authority. However, a few improvements that need to be implemented immediately include the launch of more trading tools, research tools, technologies, and association with more reliable brokers.

According to the review ATC Brokers, the platform also needs to add more investment products like cryptocurrencies, stocks, bonds, and commodities to the portfolio for the trade interests of the users. Overall, the regulated platform of ATC Brokers is ideal to start real trading today.

ATC Brokers Unique Features

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Is ATC Brokers Legit?

The ATC Brokers review reveals that the legitimacy of the platform of ATC Brokers is ensured by the CIMA and the CFTC service mark and license number. One may trade safely and with more transparency at the regulated website of ATC Brokers as the Financial Conduct Authority FCA regulations protect customers at the same level.

Is ATC Brokers Regulated?

Yes. The broker platform is regulated by the FCA, CIMA, and CFTC. Although in detail, the high standards of the platform of ATC Brokers are regulated by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme, Financial Conduct Authority FCA, National Futures Association, and Cayman Islands Monetary Authority. The trading platforms follow strict rules and allow users to trade securely.

How Long Does It Take to Withdraw From ATC Brokers?

It takes around 1-2 business days to receive the withdrawn amount in the bank account of the user.

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