Binomo Review 2022

The Binomo trading platform is a client-focused firm that aims at generating new opportunities in the prominent trading technologies market. The trading platform is on the path to becoming an internationally recognized online trading site. The intent of the proprietary trading platform is to render high-level assistance and support. In addition to that, Binomo offers tutorials to enhance user’s trading skills, warrants client assistance, and provides analytical services. Established in 2014, the trading platform gives traders the opportunity to earn profits. Therefore, it supports high-level services and an array of intellectual offerings. The broker on the Binomo platform devotes a lot of attention to the learned preparation of beginner traders. As per the Binomo review, It also gives attention to the needs of the most advanced business exchange traders in the Forex broker ecosystem. 

Binomo Overview

Official Website
Headquarters Vincent and the Grenadines
Found in 2014
Regulators Yes
Products offered Trading Platform, Forex
Minimum Initial Deposit $10
Maximum Leverage N/A
Islamic Accounts No
Demo Account Yes
MetaTrader 4 (MT4) No
MetaTrader 5 (MT5) No
Trading fees No
Inactivity fee $10
Withdrawal fee 10% approx
Supported currencies USD, GBP, CAD, & EUR
Customer Support Email & Help Center Support

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What Is Binomo?

Binomo is owned by a corporation called the Dolphin Corp, established in the Vincent and the Grenadines. Presently, the St. Vincent Bank Ltd site has over 943,660 daily active traders and over 36,780,124 profitable exchanges every week. These numbers are only scaling further. The broker trading company serves clients on an international scale, ensuring the most favorable terms and implementing high-quality admittance to borderless financial exchanges. 

The lucrative offers give users the most high level of shared trust and operate a user-friendly business exchange trading environment. Their association with clients has transparency, while their high-tech assistance grants traders to see the actual picture of the world’s financial business demands. This ensures fewer risk warning alerts. The trading platform is accredited by the International Financial Commission (IFC) and all the risks of their clients are insured under the prevailing regulations. All these security measures ensure that Binomo is well protected in the world of trading.

Binomo Platform InterfaceBinomo Platform Interface

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Features of Binomo

Demo Account Option 

Binomo broker offers clients a cohesive and adequate convenient demo account. The demo account is readily available through the simple process of adding the email address particulars. The trading account is equipped with a virtual $1000 reward system when a user completes the sign-up procedure. This reward can be topped up at any time for those looking for profitable returns once the clients become familiar with the workings of the online trading site. 

Multiple Payment Options 

The client’s trade requirements are met with the opportunities and benefits of all the possible payment options. Binomo is a platform that offers uncomplicated and convenient payment types which benefit clients’ funds. The trade account contributes its assistance to a plethora of global client bases. This means that there is a large probability for profits depending on the client’s residence. 

The Binomo card and e-wallet assistance can be employed depending on the client’s location. The additional benefits of the payment types are suitable for a beginner and equipped for a skilled trader where the client can profit from $10 assets. These funds are completely unrestricted for traders of all capacities and expenses.

Deals and Promotions 

With Binomo, clients can credit regular offers through the trading platform’s excellent deals, administering the Binomo coupon, and profitable promotions. The leveraged deals include topping up the user’s account with supplementary funds upon a deposit and granting users a great sign-up promotion.

The lucrative deals and promotions vary every day. A minimum deposit of $500 can give novice investors admittance to supplementary support and one-on-one online training to help accelerate their business exchange learning through the support of a personal manager.

Binomo FeaturesBinomo Features

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Services Offered by Binomo

Minimum Account Balance 

The client can start making payments on the trading platform with a minimum balance of INR 350 in their Binomo wallet. Even with the limited valuation, clients can start making exchanges with minimum investment opportunities. 

An Innovative Model for Non-Stop Trading 

The Binomo platform is unrestricted when it comes to the number of trades a client can exchange on the platform. The client has the opportunity to open an array of trading positions at a particular time and continue their trading pursuits for optimal leverage. 

Available on the Weekends

The trade knowledge base company has agencies of the firm working on quotes over the weekends. The trade account puts together multiple benefits for the client’s suitability. Thus trading accounts are available during the weekends when traders can select the most fitting assets.

An Array of Online Training Options

There are a plethora of trading possibilities for different types of clients and trading pursuits. Customers have the opportunity to discover Contracts for Differences (CFDs) where the trade employs a more extensive expanse. By being affiliated to the Financial Commission, the online trading company re-constitutes its assurance to sustain the most distinguished norms of honesty in international trades and employ the most competent business exchange systems. 

Moreover, clients have the ability to request an appeal to the Financial Commission with the compliance securities. The regulatory body admits the proposals by clients for a period of 45 days following the period of the contentious circumstances. After this review period, the client has the option to address the matter of financial concern with the firm they have traded with directly. Apart from the Financial Commission securities, the Binomo platform is also affiliated with the Verify My Trade (VMT), Certificate for Securities Trading (CFD), and Vanuatu Financial Services Commission (VFSC) regularities.

Binomo Regulations

The trading platform complies with the Financial Commission’s regularities. The key factor of the Financial Commission is that it is impartial and has a self-governing conflict perseverance team that trains in business exchanges. Since its introduction to the trading market in 2018, the Binomo platform has been a level “A” affiliate of The Financial Commission. This employs a level of reliability and transparency amongst its clients and the security measures of an autonomous licensed compliant.

Binomo RegulationsBinomo Regulations

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Binomo Review: Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
 A simple sign-up process for novice traders to open an account with a minimum deposit of only $10.   A relatively small assortment of stocks compared to other trading platforms. 
 It provides clients with a demo account to test whether the Binomo platform suits the needs of novice and high-skilled traders.   Certain European countries and the US market are not permitted to perform any exchanges on Binomo. 
 The tournaments feature holds a daily complimentary tournament that rewards clients with $ 300 to $600 worth of stocks.   The trading platform has inadequate trading contracts on binary prospects.

Binomo Account Opening Process

Clients can register on the broker platform through three different methods: Gmail, Facebook, and mobile platforms. 

The process for registering through an email address is as follows:-

  • The client needs to specify their email address and a reliant password. 
  • The currency of the account the customer wants to choose needs to be selected. 
  • The required user agreement needs to be complied with and accepted. 
  • If the client has a Gmail account, they can directly authorize the icon on the screen. They will be admitted to the platform if they are already logged into that device. 

The process for registering through Facebook is as follows:-

The client can register on the broker platform through their respective Facebook account. However, the desktop version or the user’s device needs to be Facebook authorized before the sign-up process. If the Facebook details haven’t been authorized previously, the client needs to factor in the log-in details and will be admitted into the platform.

Binomo Sign Up ProcessBinomo Sign Up Process

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Types of Binomo Accounts

Free Account 

The hallmarks of Binomo’s free account are a representation of the authentic account. This hallmark is an exemplary trading instrument for training before a live business exchange. This type of account grants clients the lucrative options of analyzing the platform’s highlights without investing funds into the system. Clients have the possibility to load up a free account with digital currency for a profit of $ 1000.

Standard Account 

The standard account type is open for traders with a business exchange background at any entry point. It warrants the complete functionality of the trading site. Clients have the opportunity to access the most eminent business exchange stocks with a fixed income of up to 85%. With the Standard Account, there is a prospect to settle transactions by financing with a minimum value of $1. The customer also has the ability to engage in tournaments organized by Binomo, the ability to renew their account without restraints, and the capacity to withdraw assets for a duration of 3 business days depending on the withdrawal process the client has chosen.

Gold Account 

Apart from the features of the Gold Account and regular assistance, those who purchase the Gold Account are provided with a plethora of lucrative perquisites. With the GoldAccount, clients can scale their forecasted assets. Customers are granted an expedited method for withdrawing stocks for up to 24 hours depending on the withdrawal process they opt for, can profit a return of up to 90% on investments, and gain admittance to an enhanced volume of bonus accruals when renewing an account.

Additionally, investment insurance is provided to clients with bonus funds. They are recommended a personal manager on any issues which arise during trading. There is also analytical assistance in the form of several trading approaches verified by expert traders. Gold Account holders are extended weekly damage compensations in the form of 5% cashback through real stocks.

VIP Account 

The VIP Account is granted to clients for large deposits. Investors can attain account maintenance programs with exclusive business exchange possibilities. VIP account holders get bonuses of up to 200% and their fixed stocks reach 90%. Withdrawals take place within 4 hours. 

The customer is credited with a weekly financial decline compensation with a cashback of 10% through authentic capitals.

Binomo Types of AccountBinomo Types of Account

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Binomo Trading Platform

The trading platform is created to be as effective, easy to use, and comfortable as possible for client’s business exchanges. Initially, the company administered third-party software as its platform of preference. But as the platform developed over the years, the company has advanced from third-party solutions towards its private, and efficiently conceptualized interface that coincides with the needs of its clients.

Advanced to include a variety of on-point traits for business exchange clients, the present reputation of the Binomo platform is anything but non-exclusive. It is efficient and practical as it offers ambitious hallmarks to its business exchange customers.

Binomo Leverage

The broker platform does not employ leverage under its part of offerings as it is a two-fold trading platform. However, it has a host of other hallmarks for business exchange clients to profit from their trading activities. 

Binomo Fees

According to the Binomo reviews, it does not impose any compensation charges as far as trading fees are concerned. Its framework is constructed to promote more trading ventures.

Binomo Deposit & Withdrawal Options

The deposit and withdrawal options available for business exchanges on the platform are Credit Card, Master Card, Perfect Money, and Skrill.

Binomo Tournaments

Tournaments are competitions held among registered clients on the Binomo trading platform. The Paid competition has a prize pool that starts from $10. Additionally, the broker platform administers tournaments such as WeekEnd with a prize fund of $1,500, First Race with a prize pool of $7,000, and Lucky Trader with a maximum prize pool of $20,000 and beyond.

Binomo TournamentsBinomo Tournaments

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Binomo Bonuses

There are three types of bonuses and promotion codes on Binomo’s ‘Bonus’ page. The first bonus on a free account is the welcome bonus of 25%. Deposit bonuses can be added when deposits take place, depending on the account status. The client needs to check on the terms and conditions to use the bonus coupon for a 100% deposit return.

Binomo Affiliate Program

As per the broker, the Affiliate program permits clients to admit and encourage other traders to join the business exchange platform to earn profits based on their associate’s trading activities. If the client becomes an affiliate partner of Binomo, they will profit out of 2% from the value of each transaction of their associate. The aggregate monthly earnings through this program are around $5,000.

Resources Offered by Binomo

The trading strategies offered on the platform are pathfinders, market convergence or divergence, how to trade on Fibonacci stages, puria indicative strategies, and technical indicators to name a few prominent ones. Skilled as well as novice customers have curated strategies set up just for their needs.

Binomo Mobile App

The Binomo app is available on iOS and Android and has facilities for push notifications for clients to keep a lookout for business listings and current exchange rates.

Binomo Mobile AppBinomo Mobile App

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Binomo Security Measures

As a trusted forex broker, Security is of utmost importance for the business transaction firm mainly because it is an online business exchange platform that functions across multiple countries. The broker platform is protected with full encryption conformities, the trading website has high-level transparency of protective measures available for its clients. It has protective and licensed payment methods for withdrawals and deposits, enhancing the security of the client’s stocks. Additionally, it has a policy where any customer who finances a value of $20,000 is protected against illicit practices while operating on the broker platform. Binomo platform employs up-to-date SSL encryption to enhance its security levels even further. 

Binomo Customer Support

The forex broker, trade account holders are guaranteed customer assistance from professional business exchange experts. Clients can get in touch with the Binomo team through live chat directly from the platform to resolve their issues. Customers can also receive 24-hour live assistance for queries through the email address: [email protected] Users can also email or reach out to the headquarters at Dolphin Corp, First Floor, First St. Vincent Bank Ltd, James Street, Kingstown, St. Vincent, and the Grenadines.

Binomo Customer SupportBinomo Customer Support

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Binomo Reviews: Final Verdict

Binomo broker is a leveraged trading platform that contributes effective traits such as tournaments, Demo accounts, and administers trading skills through tutorials. Its responsive customer service and user-compliant interface on the app and desktop versions make it a lucrative option for business exchange pursuits. 


Is Binomo Safe?

Binomo is a reliable, secure, and licensed company. The platform is regulated by the International Financial Commission. It has been conferred a certificate of excellence of exchanges by Verify My Trade.

Is Binomo Legal in India?

As per the Binomo review, the trading platform is licensed in India and warrants reliability, service excellence, and transparency since it is a member of the International Finance Commission (IFC). Binomo has been used in India for exchanges since 2018 and is competent for trading. 

Can We Withdraw Money From Binomo?

To withdraw funds on Binomo, clients need to apply for withdrawals from the previously used payment methods at the time of depositing assets. The minimum withdrawal amount for clients on the online trading company is $10. The duration for withdrawals on the platform can take a minute or more than 3 days in certain cases.

What Is the Minimum Deposit Amount in Binomo?

The minimum exchange deposit on the trading platform is $5 (INR 350). With regard to minimum investment, it is as low as $1 (INR 70). When the client registers on Binomo, they need to select the bank card or e-wallet for the funds to be deposited.

How Much Can I Withdraw From Binomo?

Binomo does not impose trading fees for withdrawals but has a daily limit. The daily withdrawal limit is $3,000, the boundary line for weekly withdrawals is $10,000, and for monthly transactions, the withdrawal limit is $40,000.

How Should I Use the Binomo Bonus?

Clients have chances of being rewarded Bionomo bonus coupons when they fund their accounts. Furthermore, Binomo authorizes supplementary funds to the expense the client intended to deposit. The Binomo bonus coupon amount is visible when the client deposits funds.

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