Capitalix Review 2024: Is Capitalix a Legit Broker?

Capitalix is a forex and CFD broker, providing users with the tools to manage their financial activities effectively. As per our Capitalix review, the platform incorporates a diverse range of features dedicated to enhancing budgeting, monitoring expenses, managing investments, and more. Through user-friendly interfaces and customizable dashboards, individuals can gain valuable insights into their financial well-being, establish and monitor investments and goals, and make well-informed financial decisions. 

Capitalix Overview

Official Website
Headquarters Seychelles
Founded Year 2019
Regulated FSA
Instruments Offered Forex, Indices, Cryptos, Metals, Commodities, Shares, ETF
Minimum Initial Deposit $250
Maximum Leverage 04:20
Islamic Accounts No
Demo Account No
MetaTrader 4 (MT4) No
MetaTrader 5 (MT5) No
Trading fees No
Inactivity fee No
Withdrawal fee No
Supported currencies EUR & USD
Customer Support Email, Phone, Live Chat, FAQs, and Telegram Support

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This platform goes a step further by offering personalized recommendations tailored to individual financial circumstances and goals, with the ultimate aim of assisting investors in maximizing their financial potential.

Capitalix User Interface

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Why Choose Capitalix?

As per reviews, Capitalix offers an enticing proposition for traders aiming to gain a competitive advantage in the financial markets. Boasting low spreads starting from 0.5 pips, leverage up to 1:200, and a commission-free trading environment provide an advantageous platform for maximizing profitability and participating in transparent and cost-effective trading.

Low spreads from 0.5 pips

This broker ensures traders several benefits from exceptionally low spreads, commencing from a mere 0.5 pips. This competitive pricing structure significantly reduces overall trading costs, thereby augmenting the potential for enhanced profitability in the market.

Leverage up to 1:200

Empowering traders with leverage of up to 1:200, Capitalix enables them to amplify their positions in different types of markets, such as commodities, indices, and more. This feature has the potential for attractive returns, allowing traders to achieve increased market exposure with a comparatively smaller initial investment.

No trading commissions

Setting itself apart, this broker eliminates trading commissions, enabling traders to execute their strategies without incurring additional expenses. This commitment to a commission-free structure fosters a transparent and cost-effective experience, aligning with the platform’s dedication to facilitating a favorable environment for traders.

Is Capitalix Regulated?

Capitalix is a credible forex broker boasting regulatory approval and a valid registration number in both Seychelles and Cyprus. Holding a valid operating license issued by the Seychelles Financial Services Authority (FSA), the forex broker ensures compliance with regulatory standards. All pertinent legal documents are transparently accessible on the platform’s website, reinforcing its commitment to openness. The physical headquarters is located at CT House, Office 4B, Providence, Mahe, Seychelles, further establishing the broker’s presence and transparency. With its regulatory framework and registration number disclosed information, it provides traders with confidence in its legitimacy and commitment to adhering to industry regulations.

Capitalix Review: Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
Offer a wide range of assets. Not available in certain countries.
The platform offers a user-friendly interface. Customer support needs to be improved.
Provide demo accounts.
Provide leverage of up to 1:200.
Zero commission fee.

Capitalix Account Opening Process

Opening an account on the platform is a straightforward and seamless process. Here’s a guide to assist you through each step:-

  1. Begin by accessing the broker’s website. Locate and click the ‘Open Account’ button in the upper-right corner.
  2. Provide essential personal details, including your Name, Last Name, Email, age, and mobile Number, and create a robust password. Alternatively, opt for a quick registration through Facebook or Google.
  3. Proceed to the verification stage by uploading copies of your government-issued identity documents. This step ensures the security and authenticity of your account to start trading.
  4. After verifying your account details, complete any additional questions as required. Finally, add your investment to your account with the minimum deposits specified.
  5. With all steps completed, you are set to embark on your forex trading journey. Take advantage of the platform’s features and functionalities to maximize your trade experience.

Capitalix Sign-Up Process

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Types of Capitalix Accounts

As per our Capitalix review, the broker’s commitment to accommodating the diverse needs of traders is evident in its array of account offerings. Tailored to provide equal profit-making opportunities while acknowledging varying risk levels, the platform ensures inclusivity for traders at all levels of expertise with several currency pairs set per industry standards. It offers 3 types of accounts for its investors, which are below:-

  • Silver Account
  • Gold Account
  • Platinum Account

Capitalix Account Types Comparison

Spread in points (as low as) Silver Gold Platinum
EURUSD 25 13 7
GBPUSD 24 12 6
USDJPY 25 13 7
EURGBP 24 12 6
USDCAD 25 13 7
USDCHF 24 12 6
NZDUSD 24 12 6
AUDUSD 24 12 6
XAUUSD (Gold) 74 37 19
CL (Crude Oil) 7 4 2
DAX 218 109 55
Leverage (up to) Silver Gold Platinum
Forex 1:200 1:200 1:200
Indices 1:50 1:50 1:50
Metals 1:50 1:50 1:50
Commodities 1:50 1:50 1:50
Shares 1:10 1:10 1:10
ETF 1:10 1:10 1:10
Cryptos 1:5 1:5 1:5

Capitalix Leverage & Margin Requirements

Capitalix offers different leverage and margin requirements based on the chosen account type. The highest available across all accounts is up to 1:200, potentially allowing traders to increase their investment positions. This provides an opportunity for greater exposure to the financial markets, which may lead to enhanced profits.

The platform specifies margin requirements in alignment with the offered leverage and the specific assets being traded. The broker’s margin requirements can vary based on the trader’s open positions and the risk level associated with the traded assets.

Traders must comprehensively understand payments, leverages, and margin requirements linked to their selected account type and the assets they plan to trade. This knowledge enables them to effectively manage their forex trading positions and mitigate associated risks.

Trade Popular CFDs at Capitalix

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Capitalix Fees

Capitalix offers competitive fee structures, ensuring value for traders. The platform implements tight spreads starting from 0.3 pips for VIP account holders, facilitating cost-effective trading. The broker imposes minimal fees to accommodate traders of all levels while maintaining high-quality services.

Deposit and Withdrawal Options

Capitalix is one of the regulated and top forex brokers that provides a range of deposit and withdrawal options tailored to meet the diverse requirements of its clients. For account funding, clients can opt for secure and straightforward Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, Swift, and SEPA, ensuring a reliable transaction process. 

Additionally, it offers the flexibility and accessibility of funding accounts through major credit and debit cards. When it comes to withdrawing funds, clients can use the same method employed for depositing, promoting ease of use and maintaining consistency in transactions. It is essential to know that specific deposit and withdrawal methods and associated fees may vary based on the client’s geographical location and Capitalix’s policies.

Trading Commissions and Fees

One notable highlight we encountered in crafting this Capitalix Review is its emphasis on low-cost and commission-free trading, offering investors the advantage of utilizing the platform’s services without incurring hefty charges. In terms of fees, the broker’s fee structure is categorized into two main components – Spreads and Deposit fees. It is worth noting that there are no hidden fees apart from these. While spreads vary based on the asset and account types, deposit fees are consistently fixed. The Deposit Fee (Fixed) is set at 3% plus 0.25 cents per deposit. 

On the other hand, the spreads vary across different account types, as illustrated below:-

Silver 2.4 Pips
Gold 1.8 Pips
Platinum 1.2 Pips

This transparent breakdown allows users to comprehend the cost structure associated with Capitalix, empowering them to make informed decisions regarding their trading conditions and investments.

Capitalix Resources

Here is the list of resources offered by Capitalix explained:-

Trading Hours and Holidays

The trade hours and holiday schedules for various assets are outlined as follows – On December 22, 2023, ASX-MAR24, FTSE-MAR24, and BRNT-MAR24 will experience early closing times. Specific assets will observe closures on December 25, 2023, during Christmas. Early closures are slated for the New Year’s Holidays for ASX-MAR24, FTSE-MAR24, and BRNT-MAR24 on December 29, 2023. On January 1, 2024, several assets will remain closed. Detailed schedules for individual assets are accessible on the website for further reference.

Rollover Dates

Rollover dates signify the automatic transition of positions from expiring contracts to succeeding available contracts across diverse financial instruments. This seamless procedure transpires on the expiration date, ensuring continuity and enabling traders to uphold open positions without impacting their account’s equity. The information provided incorporates specific rollover dates for various assets, encompassing expiration dates, expired contracts, and new contracts for instruments such as ASX, CAC, DAX, DOW, EUSX, FTSE, NK, NSDQ, and SP, thereby facilitating informed decision-making for traders.

Economic Calendar

The Economic Calendar, accessible on the website, furnishes a comprehensive overview of scheduled economic events and announcements. This indispensable tool aids traders in tracking key indicators, monitoring market sentiment, and identifying potential trade opportunities. Serving multiple purposes, it facilitates informed decision-making. This resource is essential for traders striving to stay abreast of information and make strategic market maneuvers.

Capitalix Economic Calendar

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Capitalix Restricted Countries 

Capitalix has good reviews compared to different websites; it restricts residents from certain jurisdictions, excluding them from accessing Contracts for Differences (CFDs). This limitation is in place to adhere to international regulations and legal requirements. Here is the broker’s restricted country list, emphasizing the platform’s commitment to regulatory compliance and ensuring transparency for potential users.

  • USA
  • Canada
  • European Union
  • Iran
  • Iraq
  • Syria
  • North Korea
  • Sudan

Capitalix Security Measures

The Capitalix trading platform is a safe and regulated broker and emphasizes user security, employing stringent measures to ensure safe and excellent trading conditions. The brokerage aligns with the Financial Services Authority (FSA) license, underscoring its dedication to compliance and safety standards. Implementing anti-money laundering (AML) and know-your-customer (KYC) policies further enhances security, physically verified transaction legitimacy, and guards against illicit activities. To fortify user confidentiality, data transmission undergoes encryption, providing an additional layer of protection against unauthorized access. These comprehensive security protocols empower traders to engage confidently, knowing their personal and financial information is shielded.

Capitalix Customer Support

As per our several reviews, Capitalix is the fastest-growing forex broker and prioritizes trust and comprehensive customer support to assist traders promptly and effectively. According to our Capitalix review, with availability, traders can access multilingual customer support to address various queries or concerns, and also it has a knowledge center where one can solve their questions on their own quickly. There are several positive reviews about the support team and their services, which are equipped to handle technical assistance and account-related inquiries and provide trade guidance whenever needed. 

Capitalix Knowledge Center

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Notably, Platinum and VIP account holders benefit from a dedicated account manager, offering personalized support tailored to the needs of professional traders. This commitment to customer service and positive feedback fosters confidence and trust in the broker. Traders can rely on the broker’s customer support if they have any problems and for timely and informative responses, contributing to a positive and seamless experience.


Our Capitalix review underscores the trading platform’s strengths in prioritizing user security, offering low-cost and transparent trading, and providing robust customer support. The adherence to regulatory standards, encryption protocols, and a physical presence in Seychelles and Cyprus demonstrate a commitment to ensuring a secure trading environment. The detailed examination of features, such as leverage, margin requirements, and deposit options, showcases the platform’s transparency. 

Capitalix exhibits positive attributes and encourages most customers to consider their preferences. Risk tolerance is highly recommended when choosing a trading platform, facilitating a well-informed decision in the competitive landscape of online trading platforms.


Is Capitalix a Legit Broker or Scam?

Capitalix trading platform operates under the Financial Services Authority (FSA) regulation in Seychelles, a recognized financial authority. Holding a valid license, the company is authorized to conduct its operations across more than 100 countries spanning Europe, Asia, and the Middle East.

What Type of Broker is Capitalix?

Capitalix, founded in 2019, functions as a forex and CFD broker.

How to Withdraw Money from Capitalix?

To initiate a withdrawal of your funds, follow these steps – access the ‘My Account’ section, enter the desired amount, and confirm the transaction. The processing of withdrawals requires 3 business days.

Does Capitalix Offer a Bonus?

No, Capitalix does not offer any bonus as of now.

What is the Capitalix Minimum Deposit?

The minimum deposit amount required to fund your account is $250.

How Long Does Capitalix Take to Make a Withdrawal?

The withdrawal options include credit cards (Visa/ Mastercard/ Maestro), SWIFT, and SEPA. It is noteworthy that Capitalix imposes no fee or commissions on withdrawals, and the processing time remains consistently at 3 business days.

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