easyMarkets Review 2024

Forex trading has improved the lives of many, if not all, by providing them with numerous investment opportunities to increase their wealth. Unlike other high-risk trading options, forex trading is a 24-hour business, which enables traders to trade all day long from anywhere in the world and benefit from price fluctuations in foreign currencies. Moreover, the high levels of liquidity and leverage have attracted investors from all walks of life to forex trading.

easyMarkets Overview

Official Website https://www.easymarkets.com/int/
Headquarters Cyprus, Australia
Founded Year 2001
Regulated CySEC, ASIC, FSA
Product Offered Forex, Commodities, Cryptocurrency, Stocks, Indices, Metals, Bonds, CFDs, ETFs, & more
Minimum Initial Deposit $200
MetaTrader 4 (MT4) Yes
MetaTrader 5 (MT5) No
Trading Fees Low
Inactivity fee No
Withdrawal fee No
Supported currencies EUR, USD, GBP, NZD, JPY, CAD, CHF, and more
Customer Support 24/5 email, phone, fax, and live chat

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Its popularity lies with one fact that professional traders see it as a lucrative opportunity to make profits, and it is a way of generating passive income for new traders with no risk to lose money. Trading forex demands having in-depth knowledge of the forex market to be able to make an informed decision.
That said, the need to consistently monitor the market causes traders to miss on profitable opportunities. Well, it is a thing of the past now as the evolution of online forex brokers has changed forex trading forever. This article will take you through one such broker known as easyMarkets. You can read this easyMarkets review before start trading with it & get detailed information like features, regulations, pros, cons, fees, account types & more.

What Is easyMarkets?

easyMarkets is a licensed online broker that allows Forex and CFD trading through its proprietary trading platform. Investors can also trade with a variety of asset classes, including indices, shares, commodities, precious metals, and cryptocurrencies. More so, its innovative business model provides one safe trading conditions for investors in the events of high risk market volatility and events of international economic crises.

The broker was founded in 2001 with the idea of making trading easy, accessible, and transparent without any high risk for everyone. It is regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC) in Europe and the Australian Securities and Exchange Commission (ASIC) in the Asian Pacific Region. easyMarkets offers many innovative features such as low minimum deposit, fixed spreads, Freeze Rate, and deal cancellation, making forex trading a simple, less time-consuming, & profitable venture.

What Is easyMarkets platform?

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Furthermore, innovative trading tools, useful research and educational materials, and helpful customer support make it an ideal platform for online trading. However, one must be capable of using these features for their advantage. Keeping that in mind, we conducted this detailed easyMarkets review to cover everything you need to know about the broker, from opening an account to withdrawing profits. We also hope that the information we have provided in this easyMarkets review might be a good fit to start trading with it.

Who Can Use easyMarkets?

The first step to achieving success in online trading is choosing the right trading platform. Trading with easyMarkets is made convenient for beginners and expert traders alike. With plenty of assets available for trading and easy-to-use trading tools, easyMarkets is the perfect Australian broker. The easy-to-navigate website, precise analysis data, and technical indicators ensure that investors get a seamless trading experience.

Though online trading is a piece of cake for the ones who know how to trade, it is a lot more confusing for amateurs. Thankfully, easyMarkets has everything that serves all types of traders irrespective of their experience levels. To protect new investors from suffering unexpected losses, there are free guaranteed stop loss and negative balance protection features. Also, professional traders can customize their preferences & manage risks to earn more money.

Is easyMarkets Regulated?

Despite a broker’s promise to pay guaranteed returns, there are higher chances of you getting none if it is not authorized and regulated. To be precise, never invest in or trade with an online broker blindly, instead check its credibility. In our easyMarkets review, we found that it is no ordinary broker and has almost two decades of expertise in online trading. Also, it is well-regulated by ASIC, CySEC, and FSA.

The safety of funds is the biggest concern for investors when trading online. The legitimacy of easyMarkets ensures transparent and secure trading in various ways. Here, we would like to mention that easyMarkets’ commitment to comply with international regulatory rules assures the safety of customer deposits. With reimbursement schemes, investors need not worry about their money in case the broker becomes insolvent.

Trading Features of easyMarkets

easyMarkets offers simple yet powerful tools and risk management features for better trading experience. Getting to know about them can help you take trading to the next level.

Trading Features of easyMarkets

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1. dealCancellation

As the name implies, this tool enables traders to cancel a deal if the trade is unfavorable. For novice traders, it is quite common to make wrong deals due to a lack of market knowledge or market volatility. You can use this feature for a small fee to undo a trade that may incur losses.

2. Freeze Rate

Since the forex market is highly volatile, you never know when the currency value will rise or fall. By activating this feature, you can freeze a rate for an instrument. This frozen rate can be used to execute the trade without worrying about the real-time scenario.

3.Free Guaranteed Stop Loss

No one wants to lose money by trading in an unfavorable market. This risk-management feature enables you to choose the level of risk you are comfortable with before placing an order. The broker closes the trade once the price reaches that level. Being free and guaranteed are the USPs of this feature.

4. Inside Viewer

It is useful in its ability to analyze market sentiment. With information about the most favored trading instrument at a particular time, you can place the best profitable trade.

5. No Slippage

It is another crucial feature that intends to protect traders from facing unintended losses due to volatility or other technical glitches. Zero slippage ensures that the trade is executed at the requested price.

Which Instruments Can Be Traded with easyMarkets?

Instruments Can Be Traded with easyMarkets

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easyMarkets has an extensive range of tradable assets, which include more than 200 instruments and 150 currency pairs. The availability of these assets, however, varies with the jurisdiction. Following is the breakdown of those instruments to simplify your asset selection.

  • Forex: Forex instruments have greatly evolved with easyMarkets. Right now, they offer some of the most popular currency pairs for forex trading, including the US dollar (USD), the Euro (EUR), the British Pound (GBP), Japanese Yen (JPY), and the Swiss Franc (CHF).
  • Indices: A basket of stocks or a combination of stocks of popular publicly traded companies listed on US 500, EU Stocks 50, UK 100, Japan 225, Swiss 20, and more.
  • Shares: easyMarkets offers a curated selection of the world’s most popular shares, such as those of Microsoft, Apple, Netflix, Coca-Cola, Facebook, Amazon, Ford, and more.
  • Commodities: Traders enjoy trading commodities for their ability to stay stable or even go up when stock prices go down. The commodities available for easy forex trading with easyMarkets include corn, wheat, cotton, soybeans, sugar, coffee, and natural gas.
  • Precious metals: Precious metals are extremely popular instruments among traders. easyMarkets knows this and allows trading with platinum, gold, silver, copper, and palladium.
  • Cryptocurrencies: Cryptocurrencies are the future of the economy, and are witnessing constant spikes in their value. So, trading with Bitcoin, Ripple, and Ethereum can be a good strategy to make money.

Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
 User-friendly trading platform.  Not FCA Regulated.
A low minimum deposit of AUD 200 or $25.  Limited range of cryptocurrencies.
 No commission fees.  Insufficient research and educational materials.
 Innovative trading tools and features.  US traders not allowed to trade.
Well-regulated by CySEC, FSA, and ASIC.  Not enough trading platform.
 High capital adequacy.
 Competitive fixed spreads with zero slippage.
 DealCancellation feature.
 Negative balance protection.
 Supports MetaTrader 4.
 Segregates account for customer funds.
 Investor compensation for EU clients.
 Demo Account.
 Helpful and 24/5 available customer support.

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How to Open an Account with easyMarkets?

easyMarkets has a straightforward and relatively easy process for setting up an account. As the whole process is online, you need to access its website and provide your credentials such as full name, email address, country of residence, and a phone number. If you own a Google or Facebook account, you can connect it to sign-up with the trading platform. This is followed by a set of questions checking your background and financial knowledge. Account verification is completed with the submission of documents proving your identity and residency.

Account Types

Based on the trader’s investment capabilities and needs, easyMarkets offer three account types – Standard, Premium, and VIP. Though each account has a different deposit requirement, they share common features. You get a personal account manager, guaranteed stop-loss, fixed dealing spreads, zero slippage, negative balance protection, access to trading insights, and 24/5 customer support. It also offers the demo account with virtual money for those who want to familiarize themselves with the platform.

Our evaluation revealed that the standard account carries a little investment risk and is suitable for beginners, while premium and VIP accounts are for wealthy and high-volume traders. The below-mentioned table will give you a glimpse of the requirements of each account and what they have to offer for traders of all classes.

Account Types
Standard Premium VIP
Platform Web/Mobile App MT4 Web/Mobile App MT4 Web/Mobile App MT4
Minimum Deposit $25 $2,000 $10,000
Minimum Transaction $70 0.01 lot $70 0.01 lot $70 0.01 lot
Fixed Spreads EUR/USD 2.0 pips EUR/USD 1.9 pips EUR/USD 1.5 pips EUR/USD 1.4 pips EUR/USD 1.2 pips EUR/USD 0.9 pips
GBP/USD 2.4 pips GBP/USD 2.3 pips GBP/USD 1.9 pips GBP/USD 1.8 pips GBP/USD 1.7 pips GBP/USD 1.3 pips
USD/JPY 2.4 pips USD/JPY 2.0 pips USD/JPY 2.2 pips USD/JPY 1.8 pips USD/JPY 1.5 pips USD/JPY 1.0 pips
Max Leverage 1:200 1:400 1:200 1:400 1:200 1:400
Commission Fees 0 0 0
Account Fees 0 0 0
Deposit/Withdraw Fees 0 0 0

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Spreads and Commission Fees

Since there are no commission fees on deposits or withdrawals or account inactivity, easyMarkets generates most of its revenue from fixed dealing spreads. These spreads remain unaffected by market volatility but vary with the trading account, instrument, and the platform.

The whole notion of offering fixed spreads is to provide traders with the best possible trading conditions. easyMarkets also offers competitive conditions, contracts, and leverage that are accessible to both novice and experienced traders.

Trading Platforms

easyMarkets offers multiple trading platforms suited to new and seasoned traders. You can choose from its proprietary web-based platform or MetaTrader 4 (MT4) or mobile app. These platforms have a simple design and integrate unique tools such as market news, trading charts, financial calendar, and easy forex trading signals to keep you updated with easy market movements. Also, you can check here the best forex trading signal providers that suit you. Additionally, they provide you full access to other features such as free guaranteed stop loss, fixed spreads, negative balance protection, zero slippage, and no withdrawal fees.

1. Web-Based Platform

easyMarkets’ web-based platform gives you more choice when trading between different instruments. Other benefits include:

  • Simple to use interface
  • No need to download any extra app
  • dealCancellation, Freeze Rate, and Inside Viewer
  • Advanced analytical tools
  • Real-time instrument charts
  • Access to more than 200 instruments
  • Perfect for both beginners and experienced traders

2. Mobile Trading App

Mobile Trading App

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You can navigate the forex market anywhere with easyMarket’s intuitive and user-friendly mobile trading app for Android and iOS. It gives you access to:

  • All the features of the web-based platform
  • Integrated analytical tools
  • dealCancellation and Inside Viewer

3. MetaTrader 4 (MT4) Platform

MetaTrader 4 (MT4) Platform

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You can take advantage of the MT4 platform with efficient trading conditions. You can have access to:

  • Trading Central news and analysis
  • Customize trade settings
  • Access to more than 80 markets
  • Pre-installed analysis tools and indicators
  • Offers multiple order types, including pending orders and market orders.

Advantages of Using easyMarkets

Our easy markets review was primarily focused on exploring how a trader can benefit from using the brokerage. And to our surprise, the broker has raised the bar with its exceptionally innovative trading tools and specifications. Once you start trading with it, there is no reason to stop or move on with something else.

  • Negative Balance Protection: Part of easyMarkets’ set of risk management tools, this feature protects traders against rapid market movements. It automatically stops the trade and ensures that traders do not end up with a negative balance.
  • Capital Adequacy: The broker takes extra measures to protect traders’ deposits and outstanding expenses against any economic crisis by maintaining significant liquid capital.
  • Fund segregation: easyMarkets incorporates the policy of keeping traders’ deposits in seperate accounts to avoid any losses if the broker were to go bankrupt.
  • Pending Orders: easyMarkets allows easy forex trading with pending orders to simplify your online trading experience. You can automate trading by selecting the amount, risk rate, and limit rate.
  • Demo Account: With its free and unlimited demo account, beginners can learn the basics of online trading with real-time trading conditions. Some of the above advantages maybe not be provided by other forex brokers in the market.

How to Make a Deposit?

How to Make a Deposit?

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You need to fund your account once it is verified to begin easy forex trading. The amount of deposit varies with the account. For standard account holders, it is $25, while VIP members need to invest $10,000 minimum. easyMarkets trading platform offers multiple methods to make deposits, including a credit or debit card, bank transfer, or digital payment providers like Skrill, Barclaycard, Neteller, WebMoney, Ingenico, and Sofort. Making deposits is easy and free of charge. Processing of funds is instant, but it can take up to 5 business days in some cases.

How to Make Withdrawals?

easyMarkets has a straightforward withdrawal process. Amazingly, you do not have to pay any fees for making transactions. However, there is a set limit of $70 for minimum transactions across all accounts. Payment methods and processing times are the same as with deposits. Most importantly, all this will happen if you have placed a withdrawal request. Nevertheless, do not forget to check transaction fees with your payment provider for a smooth transaction.

Unique Features of easyMarkets

1. Leverage

Leverage is a powerful tool to magnify profits from easyMarkets trading while reducing the high risk of losses due to market volatility. easyMarkets platform offers different leverage ratios as per individual trading accounts, the asset selected to trade with, and the concerned regulator. European Union traders will be eligible for the leverage of 30:1 since the jurisdiction is regulated by CySEC, while Australian traders can avail the leverage of 1:400 as ASIC supervises the territory. You can easily find details of specific leverage against certain conditions by visiting the broker’s website.

2. Research

While easy forex trading with easyMarkets platform, you always have the chance to boost your trading skills by accessing helpful educational resources through the trading platform and its account. The whole research section is divided into six categories, all serving to the same purpose of making your trade convenient.

  • Market News provides the latest market news and trading insights from expert financial analysts such as FxWirePro and FXStreet.
  • Trading Charts help you analyze current and past price movements.
  • Live Currency Rates allows you to track the price movements of a specific instrument.
  • Financial Calendar is a great tool to be aware of the effects of geopolitics on trading.
  • Trading Hours align you with opening and closing hours to trade.
  • Trading Central generates trading signals using market research and technical analysis.

3. Education

Learn at easyMarkets

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easyMarkets offers comprehensive educational resources to supplement new traders with the knowledge they seek. Its extensive collection includes informational articles, video tutorials, and e-books on subjects ranging from trading strategies to risk management.

  • easyMarkets Academy provides free of charge CFD trading education courses.
  • Discover Series is a collection of engaging and informative videos about the most popular instruments and trading psychology.
  • eBooks are available for free to all traders and cover everything related to online trading, such as vanilla options.
  • Knowledge Base features articles to enhance your understanding of economic indicators and how they affect the forex markets, such as market sentiment, policy change, and geopolitical instability. Here, you also get to learn about trading glossary.
  • FAQs help traders with answers to the most asked questions.
  • Economic Indicators An economic indicator is data that is generally considered a barometer of an economy’s health. The indicators are rated as high, medium, or low, depending on how significant they are. However, certain indicators’ impacts may decrease or increase depending on the geopolitical, policy, or other events.
  • Trading Glossary You can learn trading glossary terms that will help you to understand terms and abbreviations used in the analysis, market news, and price charts.

Is easyMarkets Safe?

easyMarkets has won numerous awards for its innovative trading tools and excellent risk management strategies. like the Best Cryptocurrency Innovation in UAE by Finance Derivative Magazine in 2022. Due to regulatory oversight, the forex broker is regularly audited and is considered safe for trading. It has implemented a strict policy of keeping traders’ deposits safe during economic instability.

To achieve its policy goals, easyMarkets provides capital adequacy, negative balance protection, and free guaranteed stop-loss orders. It also keeps the traders’ funds in segregated top-tier bank accounts. For added security, the trading platform uses 256-bit SSL encryption that safeguards your data and funds. Overall, industry recognition and advanced security features make it a reliable broker for online forex and CFDs trading.

Why Trade with easyMarkets?

easyMarkets has earned a reputation for giving traders a fair-trading environment. But there are more valid reasons why you should trade with the forex broker.

  • Regulated by top-tier international financial authorities
  • A wide selection of tradable instruments and currency pairs
  • Low minimum deposit
  • Leverage of up to 400:1
  • Fixed dealing spreads
  • dealCancellation to cancel or reverse the trade
  • Free demo account
  • Segregate bank accounts for deposits
  • Proprietary trading platform
  • Mobile trading app
  • 24/5 available customer support

Customer Service

While trading online, there are moments when you need someone to rescue you from uninvited technical glitches or assist you with some sort of professional help. With its presence on every communication medium, easyMarkets is at your service 24/5. You can connect with its customer service professionals via live chat, or email, or over the phone, or through social media. We did a test of how responsive and helpful they are. Here are our easy markets review findings:

  • Live Chat is an easy way to get answers to your queries. It is remarkably swift and accurate.
  • Email support functions well but takes a little time to get back to you with relevant answers.
  • Phone support executives provide you with the best solution to your queries. They are decent and helpful.
  • Social Media support is available via Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and Viber. For mobile traders, it is a great option to reach them.

The customer service is easily accessible during the trading week, and we are satisfied with it.

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easyMarkets Review – Conclusion

Overall, this easy markets review consists of all the information that you need to know before trading. As discussed earlier, the easyMarkets platform is a better market maker than others. With licenses from international regulators and by employing the best security measures, the forex broker allows you to focus on your trading goals. Besides, there are plenty of options to save you from losing more than your investment of your money. You can trade with the assets of your choice and the platform you like.

We conclude our easyMarkets review with the verdict that the broker keeps upgrading itself with innovative features and tools to reach the top of the ladder. Though there are always chances of improvement, we would say that easyMarkets is worth considering. We hope that this easyMarkets review might help before you start trading. But, you can also read easymarkets.com reviews in the market before you trade with it.


What is the minimum withdrawal from easyMarkets?

The minimum withdrawal amount from easyMarkets is set at $70 for all transactions across their accounts.

How does easyMarkets make money?

easyMarkets makes money from fixed dealing spreads.

Is easyMarkets legit?

Yes, easyMarkets is considered a legitimate forex broker. It is registered in Cyprus and regulated by reputable financial authorities such as the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC) and the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC).

What is the minimum deposit for easyMarkets?

The minimum deposit required to begin trading with easyMarkets is AUD 200 or $25 & you can trade commodities, agriculture, metals, Forex, and other stocks.

How can I withdraw money from easyMarkets?

You need to place a withdrawal request to get your money transferred to your bank account via a credit or debit card, wire transfer, or eWallets.

Does easyMarkets allow hedging?

Yes, easyMarkets supports hedging activities for its clients.

Is easyMarkets a good broker?

Yes, the broker keeps upgrading itself with innovative features and tools and gives traders a fair-trading environment.

Disclaimer: This page does not solicit or recommend investments, nor does it provide trading or financial advice. Before investing in cryptocurrencies or engaging in securities trading, you should conduct thorough due diligence, including consultation with a certified financial advisor. We accept no liability for any financial losses incurred.

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