InstaForex Review 2024: Is InstaForex legit broker?

InstaForex is a worldwide brokerage brand that offers forex and CFD trading and excellent all-around service to seven million consumers. Being an investor it’s always necessary to have, Awareness of the possible threats involved with their investment journey is crucial and must have a 360 degree view about the platform. To attain a hassle-free awareness-building process, Cryptonewsz provides an explanatory and honest Instaforex Review in 2024.

This Instaforex review facilitates investors with in-depth understanding and you will be able to identify Instaforex a legit broker for making Investments, This helps one to take calculative decisions as well as risk and approach the investment landscape more confidently and in a secure manner. The Instaforex reviews are based on the regulatory overview, trustworthiness, available trading platforms, Withdrawal policies, range of Tools associated, Data Insight, and analysis tools based on the overall facts received.

InstaForex Overview

Official Website
Headquarters British Virgin Islands
Founded Year 2007
Regulated BVI FSC (under SIBA)
Product Offered Currencies, Stocks, Indices, Metals, Oil, Gas, Commodity Futures, Crypto
Minimum Initial Deposit 1 USD
Maximum Leverage Up to 1:1000
Islamic Accounts Yes
Demo Account Yes
MetaTrader 4 (MT4) Yes
MetaTrader 5 (MT5) Yes
Trading fees 3 – 7 pips
Inactivity fee Yes
Withdrawal fee No
Supported currencies EUR, USD
Customer Support 24/7

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Companies operating under the InstaForex brand are fully regulated and licensed to provide the best online trading services worldwide, particularly in the European Union. As a result, InstaForex is an outstanding choice for more advanced traders of all sizes.

Read our honest InstaForex review further to learn more about this international trading platform and determine whether InstaForex is a good fit for you.

What Is InstaForex?

InstaForex gives you a solution from the world’s best developers, allowing you to execute trading assisted by the major counteragents offering direct market access. InstaForex was founded in 2007, with its headquarters in Tortola, British Virgin Islands, but it now serves clients worldwide. The number of professional traders who use InstaForex currently surpasses 7 million, an astounding statistic. Considering all the factors and reviews, Instaforex is one of the best forex brokers in Indonesia.

InstaForex is a trustworthy broker with a wide selection of Forex trading products and cutting-edge technology. The InstaForex platform is simple to use, and the InstaForex broker offers a variety of low-cost deposit options, professional education, and an analysis section.

InstaForex Platform - User Interface

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On the other hand, InstaForex conditions vary according to the company you will trade with, and social trading fees for particular items may be significant. Companies operating under the InstaForex brand are fully regulated and licensed to provide online trading services worldwide, particularly in the European Union. As a result, InstaForex is an outstanding choice for advanced traders of all sizes.

InstaForex User Experience

As per the InstaForex review, the trader experience is commendable. Starting from the features that InstaForex provides on their trading platform to demo accounts, traders are extremely happy with the service that this broker provides. The trading platform is receiving great InstaForex reviews from investors & customers because of the seamless transaction process they offer and its fast execution.

Besides this, the fees that this trading platform charge is quite low compared to its trusted forex broker in the market. This is why many traders are using this platform and earning huge amounts of money.

Exciting Prizes by InstaForex

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The trading signals offered by this InstaForex trading platform are liked by all. The trading style that this platform supports and the trading conditions that this online trading platform offers is commendable. Also, the platform acknowledges all the positive feedback and negative reviews sportingly that are provided by international traders.

Many brokers also have shared their positive InstaForex reviews on the account types InstaForex offers. The advisors from the InstaForex team always take the initiative to respond with this message “Thank you for choosing InstaForex”.

Features of InstaForex


The best benefit of selecting InstaForex to trade online is the leverage availability that this platform provides. Compared to other trading platforms, this platform stands out of the crowd when leverage is taken into consideration. The leverage that this platform provides ranges from 1:1 up to 1:1000 that reflects the rules and regulations on FX or forex trading for all the retail clients. The user reviews by the best brokers on the leverage are also great.

Customer Support

While we review InstaForex broker, we came across that it has an online forum where many customers, investors, traders, and other experts generally answer all the questions of beginners or other traders. They also have an excellent customer support team that is always present to resolve your queries. Their technical support team asks you to fill out an online form to mention all your questions and queries.

They go through the form and answer all your queries within a short period. They also provide technical support that you can select by visiting their official website. You can also connect with the advisors through WhatsApp or Skype. Simultaneously, you can visit the Contact Us page of the platform which provides you with comprehensive options to get in touch with the right person.

InstaForex Benefits

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InstaForex is a platform that services many EU and other clients worldwide. It is registered and regulated by the Financial Services Commission (FSC) under the Securities and Investment Business Act (SIBA), the British Virgin Islands (BVI) under license number SIBA/L/14/1082. The platform adheres to all the forex trading compliances and regulations, ensuring that they provide the best service to its investors and customers. Besides this, they also provide balance protection, compensation, and many other benefits to the users, ensuring that they adhere to the regulations.


The platform has received numerous awards within a short time. Here are 3 major awards that the platform has received:-

  • The Best Affiliate Program 2022 by Global Brands Magazine.
  • The Best Forex Cryptocurrency Trading Platform 2018 by UK Forex Awards.
  • Most Active Broker in Asia 2020 by AtoZ Markets Forex Awards.
  • Best Forex Broker in International Investor Awards 2022
  • Best Crypto Broker 2022,
  • Best Customer Service Broker 2022,
  • Most Active Broker in Asia 2020, AtoZ Markets Forex Awards
  • Best Affiliate Program 2022, GBM
  • Best Affiliate Program 2020, Global Brands Magazine
  • Best Broker in Asia 2019, Le Fonti Awards
  • Best Managed Account 2019, IAFT Awards
  • Best Broker 2022 in Latin America, International Business Magazine
  • Best Forex Broker 2022, International Investor Awards
  • Best ECN Broker in Asia 2018, International Business Magazine

Besides this, the platform is well-recognized amongst world-famous traders and investors. They have received much oral appreciation from their clients for the products, financial instruments, services, & customer support they provide to their clients many times.

Award Achieved by InstaForex


InstaForex has many clients and investors. They have CIF clients, corporate clients, and retail clients. If you want to know more about their client’s profile, you can directly get in touch with the advisors and support team. With consent from the client’s end, they will share their portfolio which will help you find all the details about the clients they are dealing with.

Segregated Accounts

InstaForex has introduced a new security standard guarantee for its client’s funds by introducing segregated accounts using the following principle:-

Owners of segregated trading account with InstaForex can store 70% of the deposits on bank accounts or accounts of authorized representatives. Hence, traders can make operations with the entire deposited amount and enjoy safe margins. For instance, traders who wish to have a segregated InstaForex account with $150,000 as a balance can order the service of a segregated account and send in all the required documents. Once InstaForex approves the service, the trader will need to meet two conditions to get $150,000 into the account:-

  • Transfer 30% ($45,000) for replenishment.
  • Send bank statements to confirm the amount available on the individual bank account, which equals $105,000.

Swap-free Accounts

Swap-Free InstaForex accounts are for those who require trade systems without any adjustments to swaps. It is another term for Islamic accounts. If users cannot use the swap-free option, all other functions and conditions of the Eurica or Standard accounts remain intact.

Services Offered by InstaForex

There are many services that this platform offers to its retail and corporate clients as per our research and InstaForex review. Here are a few services that we have listed for you:-

ForexCopy System

This is a creative system developed by the platform that allows all the million traders to copy trades from the successful traders’ account to your own account for a specific instrument. It also allows all the other brokers to receive a commission from the tick trades successfully copied and profited.

ForexCopy System by InstaForex

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InstaForex WebTrader Platform

This product intends to deal in global financial markets directly by using the internet medium. It is well-equipped and has all the required functions that you need to begin mobile trading. The mobile and web platform provides a huge advantage by offering.

PAMM System

This system combines all the business relations amongst the investors and managing traders. It allows them to use mutual funds and trades on the Forex market. At the same time, the earnings of profits get automatically calculated, managed, and disbursed equally to the participants who have invested in it.

There are many other services that are provided by the platform. This includes Forex options, Client Cabinet API, and many more. You can also go through the platform thoroughly that constitutes financial advice and everything about the services they offer.

PAMM System by InstaForex

OYS Account

OYS or On Your Side accounts allow traders to earn money without any mark-up commissions or fees. InstaForex also earns whenever the traders earn, and the traders are charged only 25% of the profit percentage. The minimum amount to be invested in an OYS account is $1000. But traders must consider the average return on S&P 500 for the last 10 years, which is 12.12% per annum.

OYS investments are typically stock investments that require substantial capital to get considerable returns. However, it does not mean that the traders cannot invest small amounts – even a capital of $1000 invested in the S&P 500 can be profitable and efficient compared to the same money lying idle in the bank account.

To register for an OYS account, traders must pass a verification step and make an initial deposit. An S&P 500 Index deal is created on the account, and a personal manager is dedicated to the traders who keep them updated on their progress. Traders can close the deal whenever they want and pay a 25% commission only if they earn profits.

Is InstaForex Regulated?

InstaForex has a valid license and follows all the regulations provided by the Financial Services Commission (FSC) under SIBA, BVI with the license number SIBA/L/14/1082.

InstaForex: Pros and Cons

Here are the pros and cons that you must consider before you open an account and start trading in it:-

Pros Cons
InstaForex minimum deposit is 1$ Offshore jurisdiction regulations are not yet efficient.
InstaForex Broker offers unique tech solutions like InstaSpot (P2P spot trading), OYS account, Stock Basket, etc. The trading commission for energies and indices is relatively high.
FSC-regulated broker offering comfortable trading conditions, including a $1 minimum deposit and leverage up to 1:1000. Customer support is not up to the mark.
Extensive currency pairs, global licenses, successful operations, and multilingual support. European retail traders face challenging conditions due to stringent regulations.
Many bonus programs like No Deposit Bonus, Club Bonus, Bonus of 30%, 55%, and 100%. The time gap between a trader’s execution and the copied trade in the social trading service can be up to 15 seconds.
European regulation, IFC compensation fund, and guaranteed insurance coverage up to €20,000.
Islamic account support system.
Passive investment products, including PAMM accounts and a copy trading service.
Strong analytical support unit, educational programs, and contests.
Brokers feel secure due to low commissions, often recommending InstaForex to others for this specific reason.
Low accrued interest on account balances and free indicators on InstaForex withdrawal.

Types of InstaForex Trading Platforms

MetaTrader 4 Platform

MetaTrader 4 supports trading on indices, insta forex market, metals, and energies. It is offered for all desktops. You can use a web browser to start trading using the MT4 platform. It provides you with a wide arena of servers that helps in increasing the communication speed within the mobile platform. Besides this, the standard lot is equal to 10,000 units, which is quite less when compared to other trading platforms that have 100,000 units. It also offers one-click trading.

MT4 Platform by InstaForex

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MetaTrader 5 Platform

The MetaTraders5 has 21 time-frames. It provides an in-depth knowledge of the market with the Level II pricing specifications within the platform itself. Besides this, it also provides contract specifications that are considered to be above par excellence as per the InstaForex reviews.

It uses a new programming language named MQL5 that helps experts and indictors in designing. It archives the quotes and provides advanced technical tools to the developers. You can fill policies in the order window and check the expiry dates of the pending orders easily. It is a ready-made platform for all the advisors and has an in-built online platform store.


The HotForex MultiTerminal platform allows you to handle numerous accounts simultaneously from a single interface. Users of the HotForex MT4 Terminal will discover a very familiar trading experience with all of the power of the MT4 and even more capabilities.

InstaForex Multiterminal Platform


The WebTrader is a cutting-edge online trading platform built specifically for traders seeking a clean and uncluttered interface. Online trading has never been easier because of its user-friendly interface and current design.

InstaTick Trader

Unlike MT4, which provides 4 or 5-digit quotations, InstaTick Trader provides 6-digit quotes, which boost your profit potential by accounting for even the slightest bid price fluctuations. InstaTick Trader allows you to make trades using large-scale clear charts and online great technical solutions designed exclusively for tick transactions. You do not need to download and install the platform on your computer so that you may access the market from anywhere.

InstaTick Trader Platform by InstaForex

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Market Instruments by InstaForex

As the name implies, InstaForex is primarily a Forex broker, which is evident in the excellent basic currency asset range. Over 100 currency pairings are highly accessible, allowing pure Forex beginning traders to diversify their portfolios adequately. Most non-forex assets are CFDs on US equities, with gold, silver, crude oil, and natural gas commodities. The asset selection at InstaForex is completed by seven indices, CFDs, and five cryptocurrencies.

When it comes to the Forex market, InstaForex may have the complete list for retail traders and deserves to be considered for this service. During our InstaForex assessment, we noticed a small cryptocurrency selection that ought to be expanded to include additional assets, complementing the large variety of currency-related assets.

Unfortunately, the commodity variety is limited, and most Forex traders utilize commodities for hedging. We expect that the other broker will include additional hard and soft commodities in the future to assist traders in diversifying.

  • Currencies
  • Cryptocurrencies
  • Stocks
  • Indices
  • Metals
  • Oil and Gas
  • Commodity Futures
  • InstaFutures

Market Instruments by InstaForex

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Range of Trading Instruments

According to our experience and InstaForex review, opening short positions or two accounts with InstaForex is relatively straightforward. In the next part, we’ll guide you through it step by step. You can use direct market execution or orders on the platform. The trading risk appetite may also be managed via stop-loss and take-profit orders.

If you have any more questions, you may watch our videos or contact the InstaForex education center. This also leaves a good impression of the forex trading platform on the brokers. You can also check for the low spreads that the website offers and the other instruments they have before you start investing.

  • Analyze and choose the market you wish to trade on complex instruments within the trading platform. You can open an account once you’ve identified a decent trading CFDs idea.
  • The volume represents the location size. For example, in forex, 1 lot is 100.000 units. To determine the appropriate position size for your transaction, utilize the positions calculator.
  • Use stop-loss and take-profit orders to manage risk. Price restrictions will automatically close your trade to profit or loss.
  • Direct trading CFDs is possible via market execution or pending orders. The pending order means that you open your trade position automatically when the markets trigger your entry price.
  • Purchase or sell. It is feasible to make investments in both rising and sinking markets.

The following are the trading instruments offered by the platform:-

  • 108 CFD Major Minor Currency Pairs: EUR/USD, GBP/USD, USD/JPY, USD/CHF, and many more.
  • 202 Stocks: Apple Inc.,, Bank of America Corporation, Cisco System, Inc., and many more.
  • 15 Indices: US Dollar Index, Dow Jones Industrial Average, FTSE 100, and many more.
  • 4 Metals: Silver Spot, Gold Spot (500 oz), Palladium Spot, and Gold Spot
  • 17 Oil and Gas instruments: Crude Oil Light Sweet, Natural Gas, miNY Crude Oil, and many more.
  • 48 Commodity Futures: Futures Gold, Futures Silver, Futures Copper, Platinum, and many more.
  • 12 Cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Cardano, Dogecoin, Filecoin, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, and many more.
  • 2 InstaFutures: EUR/USD week and EUR/USD month.

InstaForex’s Range of Trading Instruments

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The MetaTrader 4 platform is the only one available to traders, including the multi-terminal, suitable for skrill account managers who handle numerous scalping accounts simultaneously. The MT4 platform is available on all devices.

It does include its Superior Forex Desk plugin, which improves the trading forex experience, but more is necessary to provide an exceptional solution. Given the success of this brokerage, it would be welcomed if InstaForex went the extra mile and provided its traders with crucial third-party tools.

Hundreds of millions of dollars have been invested in the MT4 infrastructure to build automated trading solutions, which is the main characteristic of this trading platform and its popularity. A back-testing capability aids traders in developing market-beating trading methods, but to get the full potential of the MT4 trading account, the broker must make an additional expenditure. WebIFX, a web trader, is listed, but no information is supplied.

It is unclear whether this is a version of the MT4 online trader or an in-house trading platform. The investment objectives are quite simple when you are using mobile apps or trading with InstaForex. If you are a popular broker, you can also trade directly with multiple floating spreads on your segregated account. Make sure that all the trades triggers stop loss should be checked if you wish to become an expert.

Risk Disclosure: All investments involve a degree of risk of some kind. Trading financial derivative products come with a high risk of losing money rapidly due to leverage. You should not engage in trading these instruments unless you fully understand the nature of the transactions you are entering into and the true extent of your exposure. These types of investments may be suitable for some investors, but they are not for everyone.

InstaForex Account Opening Process

As per our research and InstaForex review, we can say that opening an account with InstaForex is simple for every trader. To create an account, simply enter your personal information in the form below. Following that, you will have access to the trading site, where you will be able to set up your trading account and complete the registration.

Opening an account is as simple as filling out an online form that provides new traders access to their client cabinet. A copy of the client’s ID and proof of residence is necessary to fulfill its regulator’s AML/KYC criteria. This is a typical operating practice in the brokerage sector today. New clients should feel comfortable presenting their papers to InstaForex; this reliable broker is well-regulated and open about its operations, as evidenced by the documentation and updates on their website.

InstaForex Account Opening Process

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Make sure to avoid losing money by going through the research tools and guides available. You can also watch the account opening process real-time on InstaForex tv. It also takes about the advanced features and helps you in making the best use of them, especially when dealing with raw spreads. It also provides comparison tables of zero spreads for min deposit charges imposed by the website and the charges other sites offer.

Types of InstaForex Accounts

Trading Account

With InstaForex, you can also open a new trading account to trade on the following trading instruments:-

  • 110 Currency Pairs
  • Gold and Silver Commodities
  • US Equity Derivations
  • 26 CFDs
  • Indices
  • Cryptocurrencies

The platforms help you execute all the trading operations seamlessly and allow you to benefit from trading InstaForex by analyzing all the crucial factors. All you have to do is open a live trading account, get your trading account number and password to login, add all your money into your deposit account, and start your trading activities.

You can also go through the InstaForex facts to understand if several jurisdictions are approving the platform to allow trading activities or not. The process of deposit and withdrawal is also simple when you are using a trading account in the desktop version or mobile app.

Demo Account

You can now open free demo accounts with InstaForex without taking up any risks at all in the first place. You can deposit virtual money into the account and learn how to trade forex using the MT4 and MT5 platforms. It will hardly take a couple of minutes to create a free demo account. Once your demo account is active, you can start trading in over 300+ financial forex instruments available for you to trade-in. The process to open a free demo account is quite simple.

Demo Account by InstaForex

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All you have to do is complete the signup procedure, receive your account number and password, and then download the MT4 and MT5 platforms. You can then start trading and view your earnings in the demo account cabinet section. By using the demo account, you can also get to know how deposits and withdrawals work on this platform. Simultaneously, you can also go through the video tutorials to understand how to make the best use of the demo account that you have created.

Insta.Standard Account

The Insta.Standard trading account is relevant for basic forex trading and functions that do not charge fees. Once the traders access the trading instruments, they need to pay a fixed spread for their trades. These accounts are suitable for all types of users, allowing them to place trades with classical spreads—the key advantage of Insta.Standard account lies in its universality since traders can change their trading leverages and functions with any deposit amount conveniently.

With this account type, traders can trade with Micro Forex with a minimum deposit of $1 to $10, Mini Forex with a minimum deposit of $100, and Standard Forex with a minimum deposit of $1000.


Insta.Eurica is another account type at InstaForex that does not require any spreads for opening trades. For the majority of the currency instruments available under Insta.Eurica account type, the exchange charges zero spreads; hence, Bid and Ask prices are always equal. It is important to note that the Ask price is usually higher than the Bid price for a particular trading instrument because of certain technical peculiarities of MetaTrader4. This account type is suitable for beginners since there is no need to consider spreads. They can also be used by professionals, since the trade characteristics of Insta.Eurica are similar to that of Insta.Standard accounts.


The Cent.Standard InstaForex trading account is suitable for beginners and those who just want to learn to trade. For this reason, Cent.Standard has provided access to minimum trade volumes. Cent.Standard owners can enjoy the same terms and conditions of trading as Insta.Standard with only one constraint – the maximum allowed size of deposits for Cent.Standard group accounts are related to the directivity of the beginners.


Cent.Eurica is similar to Cent.Standard but with a slight difference. This type of account is more suitable for those who wish to test out trading strategies with minimum risks using a 0.0001 trade advantage. InstaForex recommends opening Insta.Standard and Insta.Eurica accounts for experienced traders as these do not have size constraints for maximum deal and deposit sizes.

Comparison between the above 4 accounts:-

Insta.Standard Insta.Eurica Cent.Standard Cent.Eurica
Deposit Currency USD, EUR USD, EUR USD cents, EUR cents USD cents, EUR cents
Minimum Deposit 1 USD 1 USD 1 USD 1 USD
Maximum Deposit No Limit No Limit 1000 USD 1000 USD
Spreads 3 to 7 0 3 to 7 0
Fee 0 0.03% to 0.07% 0 0.03% to 0.07%
Minimum Trade 10,000 lots 10,000 lots 10,000 lots 10,000 lots
Leverage 1:1 to 1:1000 1:1 to 1:1000 1:1 to 1:1000 1:1 to 1:1000
Margin for Locks 25% 25% 25% 25%
Margin Call 30% 30% 30% 30%
Stop Out 10% 10% 10% 10%
Order Execution Instant Instant Instant Instant

InstaForex Leverage & Margin Requirements

When trading with InstaForex, you can use fixed or floating leverage from 1:1 to 1:1000. This powerful tool can raise your potential gains quickly, owing to its ability to multiply your original account value a certain number of times. Remember that proper leverage should be used for various products, as it may also enhance your potential losses. By choosing this company, you can now invest and increase your portfolio rapidly.

InstaForex leverage is decided by a variety of factors, the first of which is established by regional regulatory requirements standards.

  • So, suppose you want to trade with larger leverage ratios like 1:400, 1:500, or even 1:1000. In that case, you may register an InstaForex account through one of their worldwide companies that support such high leverage levels.

InstaForex Fees

The majority of InstaForex’s revenue comes from spreads, which continue to be high by all benchmarks as per our InstaForex review. For example, the average spread of the ECN Pro account is 0.8 pips, whereas the Insta. The standard account has fixed spreads ranging from 3.0 to 7.0 pips, and other accounts have 1.2 pips. A 0.1 percent fee is charged on both stock CFDs and cryptocurrency.

InstaForex uses fixed spreads on all trading instruments except of Major currency pairs, during the period of low liquidity (from 23:30 to 03:00 terminal time), the spread on some Forex Majors can be increased up to 10 pips; EUR/CZK, and EUR/SEK a spread could be increased twofold amid low volatility at night (from 23:00 to 03:00 InstaTrader terminal time); GBP/CHF, a spread could be increased to 13 pips in a period of low liquidity at night trade (from 23:30 to 01:00 of trading platform time); USD/ZAR, a spread may be raised up to 200 pips in a period of low liquidity from 23:00 to 08:00 by the terminal time.

While the fee structure is reasonable, the spreads in all account types, except the Insta. The Eurica account is not particularly competitive. There is fewer fees charged on the high-risk account type that you are selecting to open the eurica accounts. You can get in touch with the expert advisors to get more details at the same time. Make sure that you follow today’s InstaForex section to stay updated on the fees on ask price and other elements.

Fees InstaForex Fees
Deposit Fee No
Inactivity Fee No
Withdrawal Fees No
Fee Ranking Low

Note – However, it must be borne in mind that the commission of the payment system itself or the bank’s commission will be charged from the transfer amount.

Why Does InstaForex Suggest a Lot Size of 10,000 Instead of a Standard Lot Size of 100,000 Units of a Base Currency?

InstaForex provides its clients with an excellent opportunity to forex trading through three lot sizes operating parallelly within the same account. They are designated as Standard Forex, Micro Forex, and Mini Forex. InstaForex has provided an unconventional trade lot size of 10,000 units to allow this technology to work for the traders. To understand this, we have presented an example.

A trade size of 0.01 lot will have a pip value as low as $0.01. This is the absolute minimum that InstaForex can allow its account holders with $5,000 to $10,000 to manage risk with complete efficiency. The 10,000 units lot size also simplifies the pip value calculations while opening a trade position. For instance:-

0.01 lot size = $0.01 pip value
0.1 lot size = $0.1 pip value
1 lot size = $1 pip value
10 lot size = $10 pip value
100 lot size = $100 pip value
1,000 lot size = $1,000 pip value

InstaForex Deposit & Withdrawal Options

Bank Card, BTC, LTC, USDT, ETH, Skrill, Neteller, PayCo, AstroPay, WebMoney, Southeast Asia Bank Transfers, Africa Online Transfers, Bank Transfer in PHP via Asia United Bank, Banco de Oro, Bank of the Philippine Islands, Chinabank,, ePSBank Online, Landbank, Maybank, EastWest, EON by Unionbank, RCBC, Robinsons Bank, Security Bank, UCPB, Metrobank, Philippine National Bank, Unionbank, Local transfer in China, India, Malaysia, Singapore, Korea, Thailand, Africa, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Kuwait, Bangladesh, UAE, Pakistan, Bahrain, Qatar, Ukraine, Iran, are among the commercial payment options available to InstaForex clients.

There are no deposit fees for bank wire, which is common in the brokerage industry; processing timeframes are listed as the next business day. Withdrawal trading costs apply generally but vary based on the method used, and the processing times are again specified as the next working day.

InstaForex Payment Methods

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  • You can use a traditional bank transfer or electronic payment options. A bank transfer takes 1–2 days, but electronic payments credit the money straight to your account. Another significant advantage is that InstaForex does not charge any deposit fees.
  • The forex broker should execute withdrawals quickly and accurately. Withdrawals are not an issue because InstaForex is a licensed broker. Payments are handled within a maximum of one to three business days. There is no scam in the user’s experience, and the company pays out profit to traders. Sometimes, you might get notifications of a scam; ensure that you check the authenticity of the information contained within the article. The platform provides access to all the regulations and is fully compliant with the BVI FSC (under SIBA) to take action if any funds are mismanaged.
  • The payment system as well as the currency of depositing and withdrawal must be the same.
  • All withdrawals and deposits are processed by the Finance Department during working hours from Monday to Friday, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. (UTC+00).
  • You may withdraw funds using other deposit methods you used to deposit. Depending on your payment option, you may be charged a small fee of 2%. InstaForex only accepts traders to use the regulated payment methods and handles money transactions appropriately. To avoid your InstaForex accounts losing money, make sure that you go through the instructions carefully, especially when payment methods and other brokers’ regulations are concerned. Similarly, depending on the withdrawal methods you are choosing, there are no fees imposed, neither on minimum deposits nor on average spreads withdrawals.
  • You may make your first deposit with InstaForex once you have created your actual account and made your first profits in the demo account. For every nation, then a good broker provides over 20 different payment ways. The payment method varies based on your country.

InstaForex Bonuses & Promotions

InstaForex provides a variety of benefits to its consumers as per many online InstaForex reviews and our research. They vary in size, reception circumstances, and trading application. Surprisingly, gains generated with deposit bonuses can be withdrawn. The information on this page can assist you in selecting the best bonus for your trading strategy and investment.

InstaForex offers a one-of-a-kind opportunity to receive a 100 percent bonus on your first investment. You only need to establish and fund a trading account and complete the application form. Bonus monies are not withdrawable and are credited to deposits up to $2000; you can withdraw profit from these clients’ funds without limitation.

InstaForex Bonuses

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You also have to go through the startup bonus agreement to ensure that you understand all the norms clearly. You will also get an agreement bonus once you choose the payment system and deposit funds into your real account. The money transfers might take some time to add money into your account. The InstaForex bonus systems are also a bit confusing when compared to others.

InstaForex offers a one-of-a-kind opportunity to receive a 100% bonus on your first investment. All you have to do is establish and fund a trading live account and complete the application form. Bonus money is not available for withdrawal and is credited to deposits up to $2000. You can take profit from these funds without limitation.

InstaForex Customers may take advantage of an enticing offer, the 55 percent Bonus on every deposit. The bonus may only be placed into retail investor accounts created after June 15, 2013. You can raise your deposit by more than 1.5 times each time you top up your trading account. The InstaForex, 55 percent Bonus, has no maximum or minimum deposit amount and is paid to every deposit regardless of whether the transaction was profitable.

InstaForex Bonuses & Promotions Offers

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The bonus can be up to 100%. There are certain restrictions. The bonus is free, but you must meet certain requirements to withdraw your whole winnings. There is a benefit to withdrawing money from any incentive. Unfortunately, there aren’t many Forex brokers who will provide you with that opportunity.

InstaForex discusses clearly and honestly which requirements must be met to get the exclusive bonus. There is always the requirement to make a particular trading volume based on the amount of incentive. You must trade between 3 and 6 InstaForex lots to receive the exclusive bonus.

These bonuses are offered (exclusive to foreign traders):-

  • No deposit bonus (Get $500 to a live trading account)
  • First deposit bonus of up to 100%.
  • A deposit bonus of up to 55% is available.
  • Deposit bonus of up to 30% paired with club bonus.
  • Up to 30% InstaForex club bonus.
  • Monthly promotions.

InstaForex Partnership Programs

Introducing Brokers

InstaForex offers different types of partnerships, and Introducing Brokers is one of them, where all registered affiliate partners can earn up to 67% of the company‘s profit. All they need to do is join a team to generate revenue from every trade. They can earn up to 1.5-5.3 pips on currency pairs and 20-26 pips on Gold. Moreover, a partner who referred a sub-IB earns extra income of 0.2 pip from clients of that sub-IB. The program’s advantage is that a commission of a Sub-IB is not divided between that sub-IB and a partner who referred them. Commissions for the referred sub-IBs are additional and paid by the company (Pips – not USD). They also get a personal manager who provides an individual approach to developing a thriving affiliate business.

To join as an Introducing Broker, promote the affiliate link from the official page by clicking on it and open a trade account to start trading. Generate profits from every closed trade to earn commissions.


The second type of partnership model includes a CPA or click-per-action affiliate program where partners can get commissions of up to $2000 from the very first deposit made by every new trader introduced by them. This program is ideal for Webmasters, marketing specialists, SEO specialists, bloggers, arbitrageurs, and other online marketing specialists. The rate of commission depends on the amount of the first deposit.

For instance, with a minimum deposit of 200 USD to 499 USD, affiliates can earn commissions of 200 USD, and it can go up to 2000 USD with a minimum deposit of 20,000 USD or higher. To register for the CPA affiliate program on InstaForex, invite clients and encourage them to top up their trading accounts to receive affiliate commissions.


The last type of partnership available at InstaForex is a CPL or cost-per-lead affiliate program that refers to payments received for leads. Under this campaign, InstaForex works exclusively with affiliate networks, arbitration teams, and media buying agencies. The rate of commission depends on the country of residence of the traders.

For instance, for Russia, the rate is $10, $22 for South Africa, $50 for Australia, the UAE, New Zealand, and Qatar, and $18 for the Dominican Republic. After initiating the CPL program on InstaForex, partners can access API-based leads that track templates and assign a personal manager to ensure prompt resolutions for emerging issues.

InstaForex Affiliate Program

This platform’s affiliate program helps all the social media and content creators earn money by promoting the links of products and services. They can refer customers to the portal and attract a huge set of audience to make a lump sum amount. This program will help them earn more money by receiving hefty commissions in the deals being executed by the customers’ clients.

These fixed commissions start from 1.5 to 5.3 pips if the customers are trading InstaForex in currency pairs and about 20 to 26 pips when they are trading in Gold. They can make an additional income of more than 0.2 pip from the client’s end that they are referring to.

InstaForex Affiliate Program

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Resources Offered by InstaForex

InstaForex provides the best web resources for financial brokers and makers who want to learn more about online trading. In addition, you will know more about the projects running in the financial world, including Forex.

Among other resources, you will also find areas related to the forex industry and financial world that include currency trading. You can find more information by visiting the official InstaForex website and learning more about trading futures in currency pairs and cryptocurrency. You will also learn about wave analysis and other products that the company is dealing with. It provides enough resources, starting from account management to monitoring, forex analysis, education, and a forum where you can ask questions to the experts.

Overall, the platform provides the best resources for you to become an expert if you are a beginner, and if you are an expert, it will help you polish your skills and expertise. For more details on the resources, and if you want to ensure great future results, you can join the social events and forum community to understand how you can earn more. Once you have joined InstaForex, you can review the past performance.

Resources Offered by InstaForex

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InstaForex Restricted Countries

InstaForex COM doesn’t accept clients from the USA, 2 states of Canada (Ontario and Alberta), Turkey, Northern Cyprus and Belgium.

InstaForex Customer Support

To begin with, provides 24/7 professional support service through phone, email, and chat in more than 20 languages. This is a significant benefit since you may contact your broker. Support, in our experience, responds quickly and professionally.

As per our InstaForex review and research, we can say that they know precisely what the consumer wants and are eager to answer your queries. If, in any case, your account shows a risk warning or your withdrawal request is not yet processed, you can also contact them. If you are getting a risk warning, make sure to describe if you are getting a high-risk or low-risk warning.

InstaForex Customer Support

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Another significant benefit of the program is the education offered. InstaForex is one of the greatest locations for new traders to get started. In addition, there are a variety of video lessons available that teach how to trade and professional tactics.

Forex brokers also provide webinars and one-on-one tutoring. For example, you may join up for a free trading course that includes more than 16 distinct lectures to enhance your trading skills. Finally, support and service are pretty dependable. InstaForex provides its clients with competent assistance. When you are rapidly losing money and expect something suspicious, you can also get in touch with customer support and resolve all queries as their teams are always eager to help you out.

They also hope to supply you with the following services:-

  • Support is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week at InstaForex
  • Phone, Email, FAQ, and Chat
  • Daily analysis
  • Daily webinars
  • Coaching and training at no cost
  • Professional and prompt assistance

InstaForex Review: Conclusion

Finally, we discovered that InstaForex operates at the greatest levels of quality, in conformity with international laws and South Africa local regulations. Throughout the history of operations, the rapid growth and technological development, trading tools, and overall offering to the client and InstaForex traders with varying trading experience can find their trading solution at InstaForex through PAMM or ForexCopy systems. InstaForex allows one to invest and copy trading environment without wasting time making a decision, or a trader with any applicable to his personally strategy.


Is InstaForex Legitimate?

InstaForex operates under many licenses in several countries, ensuring compliance with international protection rules and trader coverage. Instant Trading Ltd. is authorized and licensed by the Financial Services Commission (FSC) under the Securities and Investment Business Act (SIBA), the British Virgin Islands (BVI).

What Is the Minimum Deposit for InstaForex?

The minimum deposit is $1, enabling you to open a transaction on any instrument. There are no fees charged if you exceed deposits.

Is InstaForex Legal in Malaysia & South Africa?

Yes, InstaForex is a safe and the best broker InstaForex to trade with since it is regulated by several top-tier regulatory agencies, including the FCA under SIBA, BVI.

How Long Does It Take to Withdraw From InstaForex?

Withdrawals using MoneyBookers/Skrill and other payment methods for trading online take between 1 and 7 hours. Obtaining funds by bank transfer takes 2-4 days. Withdrawing funds from your Visa card takes 1-6 bank cards days.

Is InstaForex regulated in South Africa(SA)?

No, InstaForex is not regulated in South Africa but the Traders Union showed that InstaForex is indeed very reliable and legal in SA.

Does InstaForex Offer Islamic Accounts?

Yes. On all live trading accounts, InstaForex provides Muslim traders with the option of opening an Islamic Account.

Is InstaForex an ECN Broker?

Because of the high internal liquidity rate and dependable counteractors, InstaForex clients enjoy 24-hour access to the ECN trading environment. Currently, the InstaForex Company looks to be one of the most well-known businesses in the world, providing the best trading services and market analysis.

How Do I Change My Leverage on InstaForex?

You may modify the leverage in the Account Settings, Personal Information area of the Client Area.

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