LMFX Review 2024: Complete Guide of This Online Broker!

Despite the high risk of losing capital involved in forex trading, where retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs and other assets, institutional investors are still looking for a reliable forex trading platform that is capable of high trade volumes at lower fees and offers a wide variety of assets. LMFX is a platform that offers a safe platform and negative balance protection to traders for a variety of assets that include stocks, shares, forex pairs, commodities, and indices. However, the fact that LMFX is not regulated does not affect the traders much, and it is very clear from the various LMFX reviews available.

In this LMFX broker review, all the important points about the forex broker are discussed that can help the traders make the right choice in the future. We’ll review LMFX for its products and services after thorough research. Read the facts and research you must know in this LMFX review before you sign up for a broker account since there is always a high risk of losing money when trading CFDs. We’ll also review LMFX for its features, app, and mobile trading.

LMFX Overview

Official Website https://www.lmfx.com/
Headquarters Macedonia
Founded Year 2008
Regulated No
Product Offered Forex, Indices, CFDs, Stocks
Minimum Initial Deposit Varies
Maximum Leverage 1:1000
Islamic Accounts No
Demo Account Yes
MetaTrader 4 (MT4) Yes
MetaTrader 5 (MT5) No
Trading fees Depends on the Account Type
Inactivity fee No
Withdrawal fee No
Supported currencies USD & EUR
Customer Support 24/5 Support, Email, Phone, and Live Chat

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What Is LMFX?

LMFX is innovative online forex (foreign exchange) broker established in 2008 that offers advanced retail and institutional online trading conditions as well as a variety of trading instruments and trading competitions to a global audience. It ensures a smooth and hassle-free forex trading experience for its users, irrespective of the online trading style practiced by them.

What Is LMFX?

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Features of LMFX

This LMFX review offers the following core features for its users:-

Wide Range of Assets

At LMFX, traders can trade a wide range of assets like forex, indices, commodities, Share CFDs, gold and silver, and oil at a very low online trading cost. Contracts for Difference or CFDs are complex financial products traded on margin. Therefore, trading CFDs carries a very high level of risk warning due to the leverage that can work both to the trader’s advantage and disadvantage.

This is also the reason why CFDs are not suitable for all account types as investors might lose all their invested capital while trading CFDs with this provider. Forex traders are thus advised not to risk more than they are prepared to lose.

In-Depth Daily Market Analysis

LMFX offers its customers an in-depth market analysis on a daily basis pertaining to the prices of assets and the movements of the global financial markets. Both retail and institutional clients can benefit from the advanced trading service offered by the broker. Clients also have full access to exceptional educational resources via the LMFX Education Centre and advanced trading tools that have been designed to improve trading performance.

Industry-Leading Trading Platforms

LMFX offers its users some of the industry-leading web and mobile trading platforms overall, it has 7 trading platforms, like the LMFX mt4 trading (MetaTrader 4) platform, iPhone trading platform, iPad trading platform, Android Trading platform, and Web Trader.

Comprehensive Education Materials

The LMFX offer, various cutting-edge trading tools and a powerful economic calendar along with a comprehensive set of forex trading kits featured on the LMFX education center that provides powerful insight into the financial markets, price trends, customer behavior, etc. These materials help users formulate their own trading strategies knowing that their capital is at risk as is quite obvious in fx trading.

Bonus Offers

Two types of unique offers are offered by the LMFX broker, namely the Deposit Match Bonus and the Phoenix Recovery bonus. In comparison, many forex brokers don’t offer such bonuses. The Deposit Match Bonus is a 100% credit offer intended to increase clients’ trading volume. While the next one, Phoenix Recovery Bonus, as the name implies, is intended to pay back the clients any funds pending on their LMFX account. Apart from this, LMFX offer, Phone Validation for clients who validate their LMFX account with their mobile number. This also helps the company reach out to its clients through another communication channel besides the email address.

Multilingual Support

The team of LMFX offers 24/5 support in multiple languages that they need to choose as they register on the platform.


LMFX also has the latest client area, which uses all the latest technologies, in order to provide users with the easiest and most efficient way to handle their accounts.

LMFX Features

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Products & Services Offered by LMFX

The following products are available to trade at the LMFX trading platform:-


At LMFX, you get the opportunity to trade forex at the best possible tight spreads (both fixed and variable spreads) so that they can earn profits even when their capital is at risk. Each account type (Premium account, Fixed account, or Zero Account) has different tight spreads (fixed and variable spreads) to offer and users get the option to choose the pricing themselves; for Premium accounts, the pricing ( variable spreads) can be variable, for Fix account, it is fixed with no commission and for the Zero account users get the tightest spreads possible along with fixed commissions on both Minors and Majors.

Apart from the major currency pairs, traders can also trade other trading variables like Swaps and Margin. All Foreign exchange (Forex)contracts are subject to Overnight Swap rates; Triple SWAPS are applied on the positions that are held over any Wednesday. Forex-related Swaps are calculated (factored) on the basis of pips/lot.


LMFX offer commodity contracts, which allow its users to access the various commodities markets across the world. All the associated issues related to physical delivery of the commodities, storage or logistical costs, etc are taken care of by the broker itself, so users can concentrate on effective commodities trading even when their capital is at risk. The commodity products offered by LMFX include soft agricultural products like wheat, coffee, sugar, and corn and also precious metals like platinum, palladium, and copper.

Traders need to just decide the pricing, whether it goes up or down, take their positions, and simply wait for the price actions. Like in any CFDs (Contract for difference) where the profit is determined by the entry and the exit prices, LMFX commodity CFDs also enable traders to use fractional positions and low margin requirements to access the financial markets.

The trading hours vary for each commodity traded on the exchange and the traders should comply with the specific rules regarding the different trading hours. If the exchange is ‘closed for trading’ for a particular commodity, it means that trading in that chosen commodity is frozen until the market opens for the next session. Thus, traders cannot close their trades until the next session opens. Apart from the specific trading sessions, commodities also have their specific expiry dates.


LMFX indices trading offers its traders a diversified point of access to the individual stock exchanges of various countries. Thus, instead of trading in just one single stock, LMFX users can either trade in the German DAX or the UK’s FTSE and spread their exposure across the multiple constituents of each index. All index CFDs are covered under Overnight financing with no extra charges incurred on Intraday positions. Triple SWAPS are applied to all Index CFDs on Fridays.

Metals and Oil

The LMFX metals contracts (gold and silver) allow traders to access the precious metals market 24 hours, 5 days a week. The prices for both these metals are quoted in the EUR USD base currencies and therefore, traders can eliminate the impact of any currency on their account thus, making huge profits from the market movement. LMFX provides competitive Oil spreads to traders who can in turn use those spreads to invest in oil-based markets.

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All oil and metal contracts are charged an Overnight SWAP and triple SWAPS are charged on the positions held on any Wednesday. All contracts on the LMFX trading platform are factored in USD, whereas the metal SWAPS (Gold and Silver Swaps) are factored on the basis of pips/lot.


LMFX Single Stock CFDs allow traders to access the stock markets in the United States (US) and the United Kingdom (UK). Traders can choose their trading accounts according to their preferences and can seamlessly buy and sell stocks with maximum leverage, apart from forex and commodity transactions.

The Stock trading hours for the U.S. Equity Markets are 16:31 to 22:55 (GMT+2), from Monday to Friday. While the stock trading hours for the London Stock Exchange are from 10:01 to 18:25 (GMT+2) from Monday to Friday. All the UK/LSE stocks are quoted in Pence.

For any order types remaining at the time of the stock market closure, the limit orders will be automatically deleted according to the exchange rules. Overnight financing charges will apply to all Single Stock CFDs transactions and forex, without any charges incurred for holding Intraday positions.

LMFX Products and Services

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Is LMFX Regulated?

According to our research and various LMFX reviews, the broker is not directly regulated by any apex (or government agencies), but its parent company Global Trade partners Ltd under which LMFX operates is registered in the Republic of Macedonia, where LMFX has its headquarters.

However, the broker also claims that they (along with the Global trade Partners Ltd) follow the general trading laws and regulations of The Republic of Macedonia, where it is located.

LMFX Reviews: Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
Wide selection of tradable assets. Does not support hedging.
Relatively new company and thus follows modern trade principles. LMFX is not regulated.
Low minimum deposits. Customer service could be better.
Multiple payment methods Islamic accounts are not available.
Free VPS.
It Doesn’t charge deposit fees or withdrawal fees.

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LMFX Account Opening Process

The LMFX login process is relatively easy. Users simply need to visit the official website and click on the green tab on the right-hand corner of the page, “Open Live Account”. Similarly, there is also another white tab, “Open Demo Account” for users who wish to try the demo account version first before trading with real money.

For those who are already involved in the online trading markets, the demo account lets them test their strategies and experience the LMFX trading platform with zero cost.

New Clients must register with LMFX first in order to open a demo account whilst existing clients may log in to their Wallet and open the trading account directly from there.

A demo account is a wonderful way to get an introduction into the online trading markets and allow you to experience – as closely as possible – the actual market conditions you will be exposed to. Users can simply fill up the short online registration form followed by verifying their email address.

After verification of the email address is done, Users need to upload some identification proof and address proof like passport and utility bill respectively. However, the documents should not be more than 3 months old. As soon as the trader’s account is verified with all these documents, users can add funds to their respective accounts and start trading.

LMFX Account Opening Process

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Types of LMFX Accounts

Users can create the following LMFX account types based on their preferences:-

Premium Account

Minimum deposit of 50 USD, variable spreads from 1, no commission fee, 1:1000 leverage.

Fixed Account

Minimum deposit $250, fixed spreads from 1.8, no commission fee, 1:400 leverage.

Zero Accounts

Minimum deposit $100, variable spreads from 0, $4 commission fee per side ($8 per round trip), 1:250 leverage.

The broker’s 50 currency pairs are all available for trading in all three account types.

Premium Account

The LMFX Premium account is particularly tailored to meet the needs of retail FX traders. The minimum trade size to create a Premium account on the LMFX platform is set at 0.01 lots but it can be extended up to a maximum of 60 lots in a single trade. The LMFX Premium account offers the following advanced features:-

  • Advanced platforms like MetaTrader 4, Mobile Trading, and mt4 Webtrader.
  • Flexible Bonus Offerings.
  • Competitive Spreads.
  • A dedicated Personal Account Manager who can guide one throughout the entire FX trading process.
  • The maximum leverage provided on Premium account type is 1:1000, to open a Premium account, there is a required minimum deposit of 50 USD and the reload minimum deposit is 25 USD.
  • The maximum number of open trades allowed on the web platform is 100. Premium account holders can trade Share CFDs, commodities, indices, Forex pairs, Oil, and precious metals like gold and silver with EUR USD effectively on LMFX.

Fixed Account

LMFX fixed account is tailored to meet the trading needs of those users who prefer fixed spreads; Expert advisors EAS who operate with fixed spread find this LMFX fixed account type very effective. This account also offers a dedicated Personal Account Manager to registered traders along with numerous flexible offerings and competitive fixed spreads on FX trading.

The minimum deposit for opening a Fixed account is 250 USD, whereas the reload minimum deposit is 50 USD. The maximum total trade size should not be more than 75 and the maximum number of open trades is set at 150. The leverage offered is 1:400.

Zero Account

The Zero Spread Account is a low-cost trading account that boasts NO markups and super-tight spreads starting from 0.0 pips! LMFX zero spread account offers its users the tightest spreads and competitive commissions that start at 1k per lot or 4 USD per lot.

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There are no markups charged, and the traders can enjoy a low-cost trading account that is unavailable elsewhere.

The spreads start from as low as 0.0 pips. The Zero account is ideal for high volumes and scalping. It requires a low minimum deposit of 100 USD, along with raw spreads and no markups.

The leverage offered on Zero LMFX account types is 1:250 with a maximum total trade size of 100. The maximum number of open trades allowed for the Zero account types is 200. It is ideal for scalping and high-volume trading.

LMFX Trading Platforms

The following innovative platforms are available on the LMFX platform:-

LMFX MT4 (MetaTrader4) Terminal

The LMFX MT4 (MetaTrader 4) Platform gives traders easy access to deep liquidity pools, fast execution, and a highly intuitive and powerful trading interface to choose from. The LMFX broker mobile platform helps traders in the following ways:-

  • Help traders access over 50 advanced indicators and charting tools.
  • Help traders to analyze the various price dynamics of varied financial trading instruments across 9-time frames per instrument.
  • Help traders to identify the latest price trends, access the latest market news, and calculate the entry and exit points.

The LMFX broker trading platform also enables traders to create and use Expert advisors EAS and trailing stop loss functionalities. Thus, it allows traders to trade from anywhere, either from the comfort of their homes or while on the go. The LMFX iPad trading platform gives you access to the LMFX broker trading terminal from your iPad with the same MT4 functionality.

The first time that you download the LMFX MT4 Platform, you will see a list of available servers. To connect, simply select the appropriate server from the list.

You may be prompted to enter the IP address manually on your first login to the LMFX Broker Platform. This IP should be automatically saved after the first login and you should not be required to enter it again. The available servers will be shown in the drop-down list. For example, LMFX-Demo Server and LMFX-Live Server 1.

LMFX MetaTrader Platform

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Web Trader

As per the LMFX review, it has recently launched a popular web (desktop) trading platform worldwide called the Web Trader that can be accessed using any pre-installed web browser; so trading with this broker, will give users the same experience levels as they would in any other leading desktop application.

The LMFX Web Trader application is a multilingual, user-friendly, and award-winning platform that serves its users in the best way possible.

LMFX Web Trader Platform

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iPad Trader

Using the LMFX iPad trader, users can place trades from anywhere. However, as per the LMFX review to use the LMFX iPad application, traders need to install iOS version 5.1.1 or later.

The best part of the LMFX iPad application is that it is IPad Retina supported that helps traders to effectively place trades. Traders can also view 4 charts in one window using the iPad trader using its new Multi-panel user interface that has dockable panels.

The LMFX iPad application provides the following benefits to the traders:

  • Access to more than 30 popular technical indicators.
  • Access to the toolbox window to view full trading history, customizable price charts, recent news, etc.
  • Access to 3 types of charts – Candlestick, Bar, and Line.

iPhone Trader

Innovative LMFX iPhone trader helps its users to trade on the go and experience the functionality of the in-built MetaTrader 4 (Mt4 mobile) platform in combination with the cutting-edge iPad (Apple iOS) technology.

The Apple iOS technology helps traders in the following ways:-

Traders can place both instants as well as pending orders.

  • Access real-time quotes.
  • View full trading history.
  •  Monitor open trades and modify open positions.
  •  Analyze intraday and real-time tick charts.
  • Set ‘take profit’ and ‘stop-loss levels.

LMFX iPhone Trader

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Android Trader

The LMFX Android Trader allows its users to access the financial markets on the go from any of their Android devices. It has an advanced and highly intuitive app installed in it that has all the functionalities of the MT4 trading terminal and is user-friendly.

However, traders need to install the Android OS version 2.1 or higher to access the LMFX Android Application. Moreover, the application offers the following features to its users:-

  • Access to 30 popular trade indicators, 7-time frames per instrument traded, 3 chart types- bar, line, and the candlestick, and real-time quotes.
  • Traders can place a full range of trade orders, and close or modify existing ones.
  • Stop-loss features are available.
  • Messaging services like LMFX messages, MT4 desktop messages, and MQL5 notifications are available.

LMFX Android Trader

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LMFX Leverage

AS per the reviews, the leverage offered by the LMFX broker is up to 1:1000.

LMFX Review: Fees

LMFX has accounts with and without a commission fee. As per the LMFX review, the trading fees and commissions vary depending on the account type the traders choose. LMFX doesn’t charge any inactivity fees.

Though the LMFX broker offers both fixed and variable spreads, they are all subject to change; sometimes it could be as low as 0 pips, and sometimes it could also exceed 25 pips. The fixed spread is generally higher but that too depends on the market volatility. Click here for more details about its fee structure.

Deposit & Withdrawal Options

According to the LMFX review, it allows traders to make deposits and withdrawals using any payment method from a variety of payment options. This includes Neteller, FasaPay, Skrill, and VLoad. The deposit method ( also the withdrawal options) also includes bank wires and credit/debit cards (both Mastercard and Visa).

However, there are no inactivity fees, internal deposit fees, or withdrawal fees charged from the customers, but third-party charges sometimes apply. The minimum deposit is set at $50, and the minimum withdrawal is set at $10, except for bank wires, where the minimum deposit and withdrawal are $250 and $100 respectively thus complying with the industry standards. Keep in mind that your bank/card processor or e-Wallet provider may charge you a fee. If you are making a deposit in a currency different from that of your account base currency, there may be a conversion fee involved.

All the LMFX withdrawal requests at LMFX are processed on the same day if they are received before 10 a.m on that same day, which is the server time.

The processing time depends largely on the payment methods and providers; most LMFX withdrawal requests are processed instantly or take a maximum of 15 business days. LMFX doesn’t charge any withdrawal fees. However, the forex broker will not cover any charges associated with the bank or payment method you are using.

LMFX Promotions

The Phoenix and Deposit Match are two of the bonus offerings available.

Phoenix Recovery Bonus

As the name implies, this bonus offer caters to those traders who have money pending in their accounts after they make their first deposits on LMFX.

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The funds reflect a fixed percentage (15%) of the trader’s first-time deposits (FTD) and in case he loses all his trading capital, the Phoenix Bonus will be added to his trading account the next time he makes any deposits. The Phoenix bonus is only available on first-time deposits and only one Phoenix Bonus Account per client can be created. The Phoenix Bonus is easily withdrawable and tradeable at the trader’s choice.

Deposit Match Bonus

The Deposit Match Bonus is a 100% Credit Bonus that focuses on increasing the trading volume of a trader’s account. The minimum deposit required to avail of the Deposit Match Bonus is 100 USD (first-time deposit).

After registration to this program (Deposit Match Bonus) and depositing the required money from the LMFXconnect account into the trader’s LMFX MT4 (MetaTrader 4) trading account, the same match amount as deposit will be placed into the customer’s Deposit Match Bonus trading account.

On meeting all the criteria of this Trading Bonus Program, the traders are eligible for a Deposit Match Bonus which is added to their trading account and can be withdrawn anytime without any restrictions.

Apart from this, there is also another Phone Validation Bonus offer that is applicable only for those traders who register on the LMFX platform with their verified mobile numbers.

Then there is an exciting promotional offering offered to LMFX traders called, ‘Learn and Earn Contest’. However, this contest is only available for LMFX demo account holders. There is no monetary risk warning involved in it; traders earn while they learn the various trading strategies. They have to master their trading skills while competing for cash prizes (in real) every month.

Benefits of LMFX Partners

LMFX offers its retail and institutional clients an amazing affiliate partnership program. Both offline and Online programs for affiliates are available for traders that pay top commissions for referred clients to the LMFX platform.

The LMGX partnership program does not require traders to have first-class knowledge in administration or programming; clients get all the updated and reliable information about the LMFX partnership program on the company’s web page. Becoming an LMFX partner is also relatively easy; traders just need to click on the ‘Become a Partner tab and fill out the online application which will be reviewed instantly by an LMFX IB specialist. The LMFX team will then contact the selected partners to discuss the overall partnership opportunities available. LMFX partners can enjoy the following benefits:-

Huge Earnings

LMFX offers its users profitable Affiliate programs that enable them to earn huge money and the best commission structure from their web traffic.

Fast Payments

LMFX affiliates can use reliable payment methods like Neteller, bank transfer (wire transfer), Moneybookers (Skrill) to make deposits into their affiliate accounts 2x a month.


LMFX affiliate programs are fully transparent that allows partners to access full statistics or trends reports, sub-affiliate sale stats, payouts, and raw top referrer URL unique clicks.

Free Marketing Tools

As an LMFX affiliate, partners can seamlessly access a wide range of marketing tools like banners or other creatives in different languages and sizes that best suit their requirements which is really helpful for traders.

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Resources Offered by LMFX

As per the LMFX review, the platform is fully transparent and provides useful education tools for traders to learn trade strategies, price charts that help them to effectively make price analyses and increase the chance of earning huge profits. Traders can find the following resources available on the forex brokers’ platform:-

LMFX Trading Tools

LMFX offers its traders a wide selection of trading tools like forex calculators that enable traders to have comprehensive statistics on their trades. Using these tools, traders can easily estimate the respective profit and losses on their trades, calculate the impact of positions with different trade sizes and volumes and evaluate margin requirements for effective and secure trading. Some of the essential fx calculators include:-

Fibonacci Calculator

Traders can enter the respective high and low trades to quickly calculate 4 basic Fibonacci support at specific resistance retracement values ranging between 23.8%, 38.2%, 50%, and 61.8%, and 100%.

Position Size Calculator

Position Size Calculator is another free Forex trading tool that lets traders calculate the position size in units or lots to effectively manage their risks. The calculator works across all major currency pairs. Though the tool requires the minimum input values, it allows traders to fine-tune their preferences with the broker’s criteria. All that the traders need to do is, fill up a form and press the Calculate button.

Pivot Points Calculator

The Pivot Points Calculator requires the traders to enter the High, Low, current Open, and Close Price to calculate Woodie’s, Camarilla, Floor, and DeMark’s pivot points and also to predict the various support and resistance levels.

Pip Value Calculator

To calculate the pip value, traders only need to enter their account currency, position size, and the currency pair being traded.

Risk Percentage Calculator

The Risk Percentage calculator helps traders to determine the lot size by simply entering the following details like account currency, account balance, currency pair and the percentage of risk that traders are willing to undertake, open price, and stop-loss price.

Risk Reward Calculator

The Risk-Reward calculator helps traders to calculate the best targets for different positions, and their respective reward-to-risk ratios calculated on the Fibonacci retracements starting from the local peak and ending at the bottom. It is a very powerful forex tool to determine the potential risks of traders before entering any position.

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Traders are recommended to enter positions only if C i.e., the current price is close to 0.382 Fibonacci level. On the other hand, if the reward-to-risk ratio is less than 2, it is better not to enter a trade. It is not recommended to enter a trade if the reward-to-risk ratio is less than 2.

Multi-Target Calculator

The multi-target calculator helps clients to get an idea of when to close a position at a certain target level so that they can gain the maximum Return to Risk Ratio.

Economic Calendar

There is a very useful economic calendar provided at the LMFX platform that has plenty of new automated trading applications featured that appear in the MQL5 Market regularly. Traders can choose the right app for automated trading from the list of 10,000 products and thus are relieved from following manual forex trading.

LMFX Review: Security Measures

As to the security concerns raised by traders owing to the broker (LMFX) being unregulated, LMFX ensures that it implements robust security mechanisms to ensure the safety of its client’s funds. Many LMFX reviews have a positive view of the broker since it implements a powerful Anti-Money Laundering Policy and keeps its clients’ money in Segregated Accounts. For added security, LMFX uses tier-1 banks. According to LMFX, the broker sends the traders’ funds to individual client accounts holding all the pooled funds separately to the company funds which ensures that all the funds are stored in segregated accounts.

The company also states that in the event of liquidation of LMFX (if it ever happens), when the company stops offering its services to clients, the company can easily return all the clients’ funds as they have been accounting the funds correctly from the very beginning before the trading activities are terminated.

LMFX Security Measures

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LMFX Customer Support

Traders can get in touch with the customer support team of the broker from the website under the “About” Tab on the top right-hand corner of the page. There they will find a list where they can click on the “Contact Us” which will direct the traders to the customer support page. LMFX broker clients have access to the multilingual customer support team 24/5. There is a dedicated email and UK phone number for the customer service department, Sales department, and the Affiliate department. In the event that they are unavailable, you can contact the 24-hour Support Team online and using the Live Chat option.

There is also a contact form or a web form where traders can drop in their details like full name, email address, phone number, country of residence, and preferred contact time in GMT. After filling in these details, users can type in their queries, fill in the Captcha code (security question), and click on the “Submit” button and the queries will be answered within 24 hours. There is also an effective live chat option, wherein the traders can have their queries solved immediately, in fact, the live chat option is the fastest mode of communication.

LMFX Customer Support

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LMFX Review: Conclusion

LMFX is an innovative online foreign currency brokers exchange that offers advanced institutional and retail trading conditions to a global audience. LMFX also offers great leverage rates and lucrative bonuses that attract customers from all over the world. Moreover, the fees LMFX offers are also quite competitive. The platform’s support for automated trading and scalping is an added advantage. The broker platform has been appreciated for providing quality service. However, LMFX is not regulated, which limits the legal protection increasing the overall risk of the traders. Therefore, before creating an account with LMFX, traders are advised to do their own research and analysis.


Is LMFX a Good Broker?

Yes, it is a reliable broker. LMFX is committed to providing quality services. Each account type enjoys negative balance protection so that the least number of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs. Many user reviews view LMFX as one of the most reliant Forex platforms out there.

How Long Does LMFX Withdrawal Take?

Generally, an LMFX broker withdrawal takes 2 to 15 business days to start processing. If it is received before 10 a.m., it will be processed instantly on the very same day, otherwise, it will be pushed to the following business day.

Is LMFX a Market Maker?

Yes, an LMFX broker is a market maker that profits directly from clients’ trading losses where it acts as the counter- third party. Traders pay swap rates on leveraged overnight positions where third-party transaction costs apply.

How Do I Fund My LMFX Account?

To deposit money to the LMFX broker trading account, traders need to first visit LMFX Official Website and log in to the client portal.

Can You Trade Stocks on LMFX?

Yes, traders can trade stocks at LMFX.

Disclaimer: This page does not solicit or recommend investments, nor does it provide trading or financial advice. Before investing in cryptocurrencies or engaging in securities trading, you should conduct thorough due diligence, including consultation with a certified financial advisor. We accept no liability for any financial losses incurred.

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