Trading 212 Review 2024

Welcome to the ultimate Trading 212 review 2024 . You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for information about this well-known trading platform. Here we have examine the benefits, drawbacks, and features of Trading 212 in this post to assist you in making wise choices on your financial path. Let’s examine what Trading 212 has to offer in the dynamic finance industry.

Trading 212 Overview

Official Website
Headquarters England and Wales
Founded Year 2004
Regulated Yes
Product Offered Stocks, ETFs, Forex, Commodities
Minimum Initial Deposit $1
Maximum Leverage 1:500 For Pro Account
Islamic Accounts No
Demo Account Yes
MetaTrader 4 (MT4) No
MetaTrader 5 (MT5) No
Trading fees No
Inactivity fee No
Withdrawal fee No
Supported currencies GBP, USD, EUR, PLN, RON, NOK, CHF, & More
Customer Support 24/7 Support, Email, Phone, & FAQ Section

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Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
People can easily trade stocks, forex pairs, ETFs, commodities and other assets with a 0% commission rate and all at competitive leverage spread betting. The Trading 212 customer service is not effective. No mutual funds are available.
Trading 212 offers three trading accounts. These include the CFD trading account, the Invest account, and the Individual Savings Account (ISA). The leverage on Trading 212 spreads is above the industry average.
Trading 212 client funds are safely held in segregated bank accounts across the UK and protected for £85,000 cover under the FSCS. There is a severe lack of fundamental analysis data on the platform.
Users can trade over 2,500 CFD instruments, in addition to forex pairs and indices.
It has a top-rated mobile trading app, which runs trades of over 15 million active mobile users. The app is also compatible with both Apple and Android mobile operating systems.
Trading 212 investment strategy and operations are duly regulated by the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), which also provides negative balance protection.
To place different order types, Trading 212 invest features allow the execution of stop orders, stop-loss orders, and take profit orders. All these orders are available at the click of a button. These orders can be mastered with the help of a high range of educational videos on the Trading 212 YouTube channel.
Automated trading is also available with the AutoInvest tools.
On Trading 212, invest from just $1 and the user gets to profit from fractional share trading.
It also provides trades on over 10,000 real stocks. ETF trading is more profitable with the Trading 212 Invest account.
The platform also supports multiple payment options for deposits and withdrawals.

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What Is Trading 212?

Trading 212 is a digital trading platform that serves as an online broker for CFD and forex trading. With this platform, CFD trades can be executed to garner maximum profits and minimize the high risk of losing money. This web trading platform is designed for retail investors to lower the high risk of losing money rapidly due to leverage placed on the CFD trades. Trading 212 is recognized as a global CFD and forex broker, providing over 10,000 global Stocks and ETFs. It also enables the trade of stocks and ETFs. While trading in financial markets, finding a global online broker that meets your needs is very difficult. So this is the best trading platform that will fulfill all your needs.

Trading 212 brokers provide offers to several trading services free of charge. As a service provider, It is a registered and well-regulated company based in London. It has been in operation since 2004. Today, the platform “Trading 212” is helping clients from Europe, North America, and other regions as well. The corporate entity of Trading 212 is licensed under the Bulgarian Financial Supervision Commission (FSC). and regulated by the UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), in Cyprus by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySec).

This broker is widely considered a safe platform for FCA-regulated tradable instruments and markets. It is also considered a top-tier FCA-regulated service provider in the world and is quite famous among traders.

Trading 212 Platform - Interface

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Features of Trading 212

Most advanced features on the platform are designed to make trading CFDs with this provider easy. Today, most retail investor accounts lose money when trading the CFDs. But, with them, CFD trades become efficient and are properly optimized with many features. Trading 212 provided commission-free trading across a broad range of asset types. Unlike most other brokers, trading CFDs with this provider is improved with benefits such as:-

  • Charting tools.
  • Low-cost trading fees.
  • $1 min. deposit for opening an account.
  • Financial safety of being an FCA-regulated broker.
  • Extended support to e-wallets and several integrated payment gateways.
  • No inactivity fees.
  • No minimum limits on withdrawals.
  • £3 billion in client assets and cash

The brokers accept bank cards, credit cards, and electronic wallets to make deposits and take withdrawals. The Trading 212 economic calendar displays scheduled economic events & data related to the financial market around the world. Similarly, users can deposit funds in more than 9 base currencies from across the world. Due to these features, Trading 212 is a sought-after platform for retail traders. Video tutorials are also available in the market. Also educational content which is provided by them for the traders.

Trading 212 Features

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Products & Services Offered by Trading 212

As a brokerage service provider, Trading 212 also offers a wide range of products and services. These services lower the high risk of losing funds during CFD trades. In fact, retail investor accounts lose money when trading the CFDs on several platforms. But, with Trading 212 services, this comes with a high risk of losing money rapidly due to leverage placed on CFD prices.

Trading 212 offers top products and financial instruments like trading stocks, forex currency pairs, ETFs and CFDs. This platform also protects new traders who lose money when trading CFDs. In this review, Trading 212 offers its CFD account holders several services to take profits from stock indices, stock CFDs, forex, and commodity CFDs.

With the help of the trading services of this broker, CFD trades become more accessible and profitable for everyone. Buying and selling these CFDs and profiting from the difference in the exchange prices of the specific underlying assets is practically easier on this platform. CFD trading services offered by them also allow users to push their purchasing power and increase the investment capital with lucrative leverage. When an investor fails to understand how CFDs work, these services provide the needful assistance. They guide them to learn complex instruments and come to terms with their risks.

Forex Trading

As a brokerage Trading Forex CFDs is all about being at the right time to buy and/or sell currencies. There are more than 150 major currencies supported on their platform. Unlike other forex broker, as mentioned here, this platform offers a wide variety of forex currency pairs, including minor currencies as well as exotic currencies. However, the platform is not open for trading cryptocurrencies. Even so, users get insights into the changes in the markets of cryptocurrencies (Availability subject to regulation). Such insights can impact the profits of forex trades and forex CFDs.

The standard currency conversion fees charge on this platform is 3.33% of the transactional amount. For major currency pairs, this margin requirement is fixed at 3.33%. However, the platform charges the trades of non-major currency pairs with a 5% conversion charge.

The forex trading services of this trading platform do not compel the users with any minimum traded quantity limits. This quantity varies for every currency pair. For example, the EUR/USD currency trading pair can be traded at the minimum quantity of 500 currencies. This trade will get charged at a margin rate of 3.33%. Similarly, a non-major currency pair such as the EUR/PLN pair has 5,000 as its minimum traded quantity on Trading 212, which charges a margin rate of 5% on these trades.

Commodities Trading 

With the Trading 212 brokers account, it is easy to capture the open positions of popular commodities and precious metals such as gold. Trading 212 CFD account holders can access these services at low margin requirements. These requirements are based on the type of commodity (trading instrument) selected. For example, the margin requirement for spot trade on gold commodities is 5%. However, the same for other commodities go up to 10%.

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Trading 212 CFD account holders can also explore more services on commodities and how to trade energies, agricultural products, and precious metals. Additionally, users can also invest in commodity futures such as Chicago SRW Wheat-14Jul21 or Crude Oil-19Nov21. These futures trading options for commodities require a minimum order size from 0.001 and 1.


Trading 212 brokers investors get the best services when it comes to stocks trading. They can trade thousands of stocks listed on major stock markets around the world. The platform supports stocks listed on the London Stock Exchange and the NYSE. It also provides access to stocks on NASDAQ and SIX Swiss Exchange. Hence, selling and buying stocks of almost all companies is possible on Trading 212. Buying and selling stocks from the FTSE 100 and S&P 500 index is also easy here. In addition to this, the platform helps in the segregation of best stocks from the heaps, especially from mainland Europe and Hong Kong.

People can also trade CFDs for their stock indices. This is useful for indices such as EURO STOXX 50 or Germany 30. Such trades translate into diversified profit generation streams for a stockbroker. Trading 212 also offers commission-free trading stocks and ETF trading services. These services are available on the Trading 212 Invest account and Trading 212 ISA account.

Trading 212 ISA and Invest accounts, collectively, provide access to more than 10,000 stocks and ETFs. For Invest account holders, these services help in improving their investment portfolios. Trading tools such as AutoInvest are further used to build better and effective investment plans for the traders. These trading services understand the trading needs of users and align their objectives with data-powered tools.

Automated trading services are also available for stock traders on Trading 212. With these services, the users can instantly deposit funds and invest in the trades to make profits in no time. These quick and automated investment trading tools are available for each stock and ETF trade.


AutoInvest is a trading tool that serves as an integrated product of the Trading 212 platform. This product helps in investing funds into fractional shares. The product accepts investments from just $1. With this, Trading 212 helps small-time traders and newcomers purchase a fraction of costly and high-value shares of companies such as Amazon, Apple, and Google. These top-tier stocks help them make 100x more money against their dollar investment.

Trading 212 Products & Services

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Is Trading 212 Regulated?

Yes, it is a fully-regulated trading services provider. As a platform, all operations on Trading 212 are closely monitored by regulators in Bulgaria and the United Kingdom. The company is registered as Trading 212 UK Ltd. It is considered one of the few trusted brokers registered in England and Wales. Currently, the company is fully authorized to provide its services under the United Kingdom regulations set by the Financial Conduct Authority. Similarly, the corporate entity is also registered in Bulgaria, wherein it is deeply regulated by the Bulgarian Financial Supervision Commission. Trading 212 is fully compliant with latest EU regulations.

Trading 212 company meets these regulations without adversely impacting the clients’ funds. It stores and manages the funds of its clients and customers separately from its company funds. All funds of the customers are protected under the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS). Under this scheme, Trading 212 offers a funds security for every user, protecting their £85,000 worth of funds. In Bulgaria, 90% of the deposits made by the users under an upper limit of €20,000 are secured under the Investors Compensation Fund of Bulgaria.

Is Trading 212 Regulated in Canada?

No, Trading 212 is not regulated in Canada at this time. Despite being governed by laws in the UK, Cyprus, and Bulgaria, among other places, they make it clear on their website that people in Canada are not the target market for their services.

Trading 212 Account Opening Process

Accounts on Trading 212 invest can be opened from any part of the world except, the US and Canada. These notable exceptions are a major challenge for US or Canadian traders. The account opening process is fully digital and easy to follow. A new trading account holder needs to be verified, which is done in one business day. The platform also runs tests when the necessary documents are uploaded. These data tests take 3 business days for opening the account.

To register and open an account at Trading 212 invest, follow the steps below:-

Step1: Go to the Trading 212 official website and click on “Open Account”.

Step 2: In the dialog box, enter the country of residence.

Step 3: Add personal details such as name, e-mail address, phone number, and date of birth.

Step 4: Also add tax information in the next step, particularly specifying the country where the user pays taxes. Providing a tax ID is also important.

Step 5: Next, select the account type and also choose the account base currency for deposits and withdrawals.

Step 6: Answer a few questions on the financial situation and provide employment status along with trading experience.

Step 7: Click on the tick to “Accept the Terms and Conditions” and click on submit to activate the account, which will be done after verifying identity documents and residency documents.

KYC Documents

To activate the trading account, a Know Your Customer (KYC) process takes place. This digital verification process is done for identifying the users’ documents submitted to Trading 212.

  • Proof of identity – Any national ID or Passport or valid Driver’s license.
  • Proof of address – A regulated bank statement or residency utility bills of the last three months.

Trading 212 Account Opening Process

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Types of Trading 212 Accounts

The minimum deposit with Trading 212 is just $1, but the platform still offers three types of accounts. Every account holder can choose these accounts based on their trading needs. These types of accounts are great for customers who are interested in starting trading on a small scale and then investing large amounts as pro traders. If you are a high trader and long term investors, Trading 212 offers a professional account. It offers three different account types.

1. CFD Account

Among the account types, CFD Account is available to users from all supported countries. It is mainly used for trading CFDs exclusively. The minimum deposit requirement is $1.

2. Invest Account

This account type is accessible in all countries and provides trading of real stocks and ETFs at a minimum deposit of $10. Trading 212 accounts allow traders to monitor share prices on global markets.

3. ISA Account

This account is for forex broker UK residents only and offers real stocks and ETFs trades at a minimum deposit of $10. As with ISA investments of up to £20,000 are tax free in the UK.

Trading 212 Trading Platforms

The web trading platform that can be used by novices and professionals. As a platform fee, they do not charge any additional costs to the users. Trading 212 will help more experienced traders for trading. Here are some key platforms available on the Trading 212 web app. Trading 212 does not offer educational articles.

AutoInvest Trading Tool

Auto Invest is an automated trading investment tool. It is used for helping users automatically invest in available funds. The tool helps in selecting parameters for the automated trades. There are no fees charged for using this web platform. These tools also have no minimum account requirements.

Trading 212 Forex App

The trading 212 forex app is an additional tool on the web platform. It has lots of benefits for forex traders. Trading 212 offers its traders the broadest range of asset types, all for free. Zero commission trading is charged for using the app. This app also helps new traders make a significant profit in their trades after entering forex marketplaces. People new to the social trading platform can use this app to make forex trades simple and user-friendly. Their mobile platform is easy to navigate and offer intense levels of trading. Only people from the United States and Canada are not allowed to access this app.

Trading 212 Options Trading

No, options are not available on the this trading platform. Trading 212 offers no features related to the trades of options. It is advised that traders should seek an alternative broker if they are aiming to get the best brokers for options trading.

Trading 212 Leverage

In this Trading 212 review, the users can surely find good news in terms of leverage. There are a variety of investors using the three account types of this platform to experience the benefits of their respective leverage spread betting.

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The CFD allows good leverage on trades from all major markets. It provides industry-level leverage on 2,500 instruments, which include stocks, ETFs, forex, and indices. Leverages on these trading instruments are charged with zero commission. The users have to pay for the competitive spread only.

A typical trade on trading app involves buying an instrument at a leveraged position. The user will be holding this instrument for one week and then selling it. In such a scenario, a $2,000 position of a stock index and a stock CFDs can be leveraged to $20,000 during the sale transactions.

  • 20:1 is the leverage for stock index CFDs.
  • 5:1 is the leverage for stock CFDs.
  • 30:1 is the leverage for forex trades.

Trading 212 Fees

In this Trading 212 review, we understood that the platform is known for charging zero fees. Based on several Trading 212 reviews, their fees on forex trades, however, are high. When its fees are compared with other brokers, there is an objective difference in their products offered. The client profile and fee structure on Trading 212 are simple. With a simple rundown, Trading 212 users can get a clear overview of the trading fees. There is a 0.15% currency conversion charge and traders can pay stamp duty for share and ETF purchases.

The Trading 212 trading fees on given instruments are set at an industry average. Trading 212 displays its fees transparently. It clearly publishes these details on the website. Daily swap rates can also be easily accessed through this trading platform. Also, no monthly charges or annual maintenance fees are applicable for Trading 212 clients. Get more detail of its fee structure by visiting its fee page.

Trading 212 Deposit & Withdrawal Options

With Trading 212, free share purchases can be possible as the accounts operate on a $1 minimum deposit. Trading 212 minimum deposit is kept so low to create an entry for new people in the markets. Trading 212 also charges low non-trading fees and does not charge any inactivity fees or withdrawal fees, which makes deposits and withdrawals cost-free. In Trading 212 can be possible in different currency.

Deposit Methods

According to this Trading 212 review, depositing to the CFD trading account is easy from bank transfer. Invest accounts, on other hand, help in making deposits free of charge. 0.7% deposit fees are charged if the deposit exceeds €2,000 in total. Invest account holders can use Credit cards, Debit cards, and electronic wallets to make these deposits.

A 0.5% currency conversion fee is levied on CFD trades and forex trades. This currency conversion goes up to 0.15% for ETFs and real stocks. Currency conversion charges also vary on assets of the denominated currencies besides the account currency.

Their deposits are mostly free and super fast. They can be done instantly without any negative side. However, only a few base currencies are available in each country. The accepted account currencies on this broker platform for deposits include GBP, USD, EUR, PLN, RON, NOK, CHF, CZK, and SEK. USD is the primary base currency used for deposits. The platform also supports these deposits via e-wallets, namely:-

  • PayPal
  • Google Pay
  • Skrill
  • Dotpay
  • Carte Bleue
  • Giropay
  • Direct eBanking
  • Apple Pay
  • iDEAL

Some of these electronic wallets are not available in every country. However, one of these e-wallets is available in most countries. Hence, a bank transfer is a good way to make deposits on Trading 212. It takes a few business days but deposits with credit cards and debit cards are also instant alternatives.

Please note the users can only deposit money from accounts with their own exact name.

Withdrawal Options

Their withdrawal fees are zero. With the same options used for depositing funds, the users can withdraw their profits from Trading 212. The withdrawal fees on any debit card withdrawals are not changed by the company.

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How to Withdraw Money from Trading 212?

  • Log in to the Trading 212 account.
  • Select ‘Manage funds’ under the menu options.
  • Enter the password for access.
  • Select the withdrawal amount and the currency.
  • Click on Confirm to place the withdrawal request.

Resources Offered by Trading 212

As per this review, Trading 212 provides some of the most comprehensive web-based trading resources. They are quite useful for CFD and stock trading strategies. A great feature of this easy-to-use trading platform is managing these resources in the form of intuitive charts and windows on a single screen. The watch list on the sidebar is also a good resource to monitor all these charts and quickly place trades in the same tab.


Technical charting resources on this platform are excellent. When it comes to charting, this is surely the provider you should consider. More than 60 technical indicators such as Bollinger Bands and MCAD are analyzing complex instruments and come with dynamic parameters. An investor can also choose between multiple chart styles such as Heikin-Ashi, candlestick, or line charts. Based on processing time intervals, these charts display information from one minute to one month. Trading 212 charts are a great feature to work as pattern identification tools. By analyzing these charts, users can run pattern identification algorithms and identify the patterns of bullish and bearish trends. Technical analysis is based more on chart indicators. Trading 212 charting resources also outline the trades with drawing tools like Elliot wave and Fibonacci retracements. Moreover, one can save their custom charts with the desired modifications as templates for reuse.

Demo Trading

As a resource, new traders can explore the free practice account or demo account. This demo trading resource offers virtual funds worth £50,000. This practice account is mainly used to test trades in a simulated risk-free trading environment.

Trading 212 Mobile App Review

As per the Trading 212 review, the mobile application provides fair use to clients. The information on the app is easy to understand in its graphical formats. The swipe gestures help in switching between tabs and trading instruments. The app helps to set price alerts and gain access to exclusive trading forums. Trading reports and training videos are also available on the mobile apps. Trading 212 provides push notifications feature for both mobile trading and web trading platforms. A demo account is available for the Trading 212 which allows the users to test trades on all the supported instruments.

Trading 212 Mobile App

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Trading 212 Security Measures

Despite the low fees, it is still a safe platform. It is authorized and regulated under the UK Financial Conduct Authority to provide its services. Besides the fees, Trading 212 is responsible for its service modifications under the Financial Supervision Commission in Bulgaria. These CFD brokers are a safe option for trading across multi asset platforms. All funds of the clients are stored in segregated accounts. Client money is kept separate from the company’s capital funds. To liquidate its shares, Trading 212 offers segregation of client funds and guarantees client fund protection. If the broker goes kaput, the FSCS compensation plan covers its clients for up to £85,000. The ICF Bulgaria compensation also adds another cover of £20,000 and provides negative balance protection.

Trading 212 Security Measures

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Trading 212 Customer Support Review

Customer support by their is not up to the mark. It is an important feature for any trading platform, but the support team is not as responsive as the alternatives. Phone calls, emails (where support agents usual reply is within few minutes only), and contact pages on the site are not great in terms of response. The live chat is available with an average response time of 29 seconds. However, the FAQ section is quite resourceful. They also offer support in different languages apart from English, which includes German, Spanish, Dutch, Italian, French, Serbian, Polish, Swedish, Norwegian, Russian, Czech, Turkish, Romanian, Chinese, and Arabic.

Trading 212 Customer Support

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There is a high degree of risk involved in trading securities. As per this Trading 212 review, we can surely say that it is a very user-friendly platform for CFD traders. It is built for beginners but has in fact several tools designed for professional traders. This reliable forex broker is available on mobile platforms and web-based devices. Some of its reviews highlight the limitations such as no short-selling option, which may be a downside for some traders. All things considered, Trading 212 offers enough features to trade over 1,800 with a transparent pricing plan.


Here are the answers to some common queries on Trading 212.

Is Trading 212 Good for Beginners?

Yes, the platform is designed to make CFD trading easy for beginners. It maintains a secure and trustworthy trading environment for traders.

Can You Withdraw Money from Trading 212?

Yes, Trading 212 allows withdrawals via bank transfer, debit cards, and e-wallets. Traders would have money safe guaranteed at the time of transfer.

Is Trading 212 Really Free?

Trading 212 is essentially free due to its low trading fees and zero commission trading.

What Is the Minimum Deposit on Trading 212?

$1 is the minimum amount allowed for depositing on the platform.

How Long Does It Take to Put Money into Trading 212?

It takes from 1 business day to two or more, based on the deposit options. Regulated brokers will not manipulate market prices.

Why Can't I Withdraw Funds from Trading 212?

Users may fail to withdraw funds when the withdrawal requests exceed the available account balances.

Can Trading 212 be trusted or it is scam?

Trading 212 isn’t a scam. They’re regulated, have a long track record, and millions of users, backed by positive reviews. However, they offer high-risk instruments like CFDs, so proceed with caution. Do your research, understand the risks, and start small!

Disclaimer: This page does not solicit or recommend investments, nor does it provide trading or financial advice. Before investing in cryptocurrencies or engaging in securities trading, you should conduct thorough due diligence, including consultation with a certified financial advisor. We accept no liability for any financial losses incurred.

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