Forging Event by Nike Air Force 1 and RTFKT goes live

Nike Air Force 1 Forging Event, in collaboration with RTFKT, a Web3 company, is now live. Users can access a total of 10 collections from April 24, 2023, to May 8, 2023, 9:30 p.m. GMT+5:30. What makes this collection interesting is a set of two editions by Takashi Murakami.

Murakami is a renowned Japanese artist, and we are now seeing Murakami Drip and Murakami DNA get listed in the Forging Event. The collection has a limited number of units available for the holders of the NFTs. Murakami Drip comprises 4182 units, while Murakami DNA offers 167 units to the community.

The design of Murakami’s sneakers makes them distinct from other works of art. They sport an all-white base with a splash of vibrant graphics that ideally mark his signature style. His collection will have RTFKT’s logo instead of the Swoosh that other collections feature.

Other styles range from 1776 to 60 in terms of the number of units. The eight variants use materials and textures in a unique combination to offer a fun factor to buyers. The GEISAI event in Tokyo will also feature the collection on April 30, 2023.

The only requirement for having the physical version of the sneaker is that the user must have it in digital form as an NFT.

Forging events are not something new but a well-deserved extension for the NFT community. Members see their holdings come to life via limited, made-to-order products. A Forging event runs for a limited time, giving the community a window to discover the designs in their physical forms.

During the time frame, editions remain limited. For the Nike Air Force 1 Forging Event, users may participate in the pre-forging event on OpenSea and other secondary NFT marketplaces. Purchasing the digital collectible entitles them to the physical copy of the item. Throughout the Forging event, only holders can redeem their digital objects.

Gas fees are a minimal cost associated with redemption. Holders who participate in the Forging event are required to pay only the gas fees associated with the transaction. RTFKT’s website hosts the Nike Air Force 1 Forging Event. Only through RTFKT’s official social media handles can the link be accessed, and doing so is encouraged.

This is important to avoid becoming a victim of any kind of fraud or scam.

Users should refrain from minting directly from the smart contract. RTFKT will not collect their shipping address, and token holders will be unable to redeem tokens for physical sneakers. Users will only be left with the NFT and will be unable to obtain the physical product after the smart contract has been minted.


Holders who have claimed the units of sneakers can expect the product to be delivered during the fourth quarter of 2023. Nike Air Force 1 sneakers are made to order, and hence, they take time to complete and reach the customer.

It must be noted that, per the current announcement, there is not going to be another Forging event for the same collection.

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