Former FTX US President Says Relationship with SBF Deteriorated

Brett Harrison, the former president of the infamous FTX exchange, recently broke his silence about his time on FTX. Brett recently released a string of tweets that recalled his experience with a volatile Sam Bankman-Fried.

According to the tweets, Brett’s relationship with Sam and other deputies reached a status of total deterioration. After months of disagreements over management policies, the previous president chose to resign from the exchange.

Brett’s 49-part threat reached over 1,200 words and talked about how SBF (Sam Bankman-Fried) avoided conflicts. According to the tweets, the FTX founder even pushed back on the criticism, isolating Brett from key management decisions.

As this continued for months, Brett ultimately decided to back out of the “dream job.” The tweets continued to talk about Bankman-Fried’s personality and how the founder appeared to be a capable trader. In addition, SBF seemed to be intellectual and sensitive.

The founder played a key role in expanding the US branch and cementing professional relationships. A partnership with LedgerX, the popular crypto derivatives platform, is an example.

In Brett’s words, cracks started showing between the ex-president and Sam after six months in the company. Around this time, Brett started strongly advocating for independence and separation for the developer, legal, and executive teams of FTX US. Sam disagreed with the sentiment, which further led to division, said the former FTX US president.

However, despite the strong opposition, SBF rarely engaged in US business. This influenced decisions that impacted the US branch, leaving employees feeling insecure. Once the workplace hostility continued, Brett decided to take one last shot. The former president registered a formal complaint that detailed several obstacles hindering the company’s success.

Brett added that he’d resign from the position if the issues were not dealt with. In return, the president was threatened with being fired, and Sam threatened to destroy Brett’s professional reputation. The president was instructed to apologise, but Brett wanted to leave the company in a desirable position.

Brett made the decision to leave the company on September 27, and two months later, FTX filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection.

Roxanne Williams

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