Forward Protocol Joins Reef Chain via Reef Finance

On August 11, Reef Finance welcomed Forward Protocol on the Reef blockchain network’s ecosystem. Forward Protocol is renowned for its unorthodox methods, which seek to augment the quality of learning. Their USP is a decentralized and self-reliant network. They will grant the international blockchain community access and aim to make the network interoperable while exposing it to a wider public reception. This will be made possible by linking the entire community of Reef Chain’s clients with the English Forward project of Forward Protocol, the initiative that has already gained 310 million English learners as subscribers on the internet. 

Now that Reef Finance and Forward Protocol have joined hands, one can expect that the new learning network will be completely free from centralization. 

Furthermore, the infrastructure will be completely affordable without compromising on clarity of operations, speed, and ease of access. The Reef Chain, which is extremely budget-friendly and scalable, will combine with the highly efficient and adaptable infrastructure of Forward Protocol. They aim to eradicate the inequitable distribution of digital resources that have caused the digital divide, especially in underdeveloped regions of the world where pupils are hindered by the lack of access to educational resources. 

The Forward Protocol specializes in providing a learning platform for people, which operates without the intervention of any central authority or any intermediary resource person, for that matter. Neither does the protocol encounter any single failure node. This has been made possible by allowing the teaching experts to access the top-notch learning resources that will help them educate thousands of pupils. The entire transaction between experts and subscribers is monitored within the network by offering prizes and employment offers within their market. Furthermore, the course materials are kept highly tamper-proof by linking their unique ids with non-fungible tokens.

Scott Cook

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