Fractal Announces EV.IO Wagmi Wednesdays With Weekly Rewards

Players of EV.IO stand a likelihood to win rewards every week provided they have connected their Fractal wallet to the platform. Fractal is hosting the event for 24 hours every Wednesday. Players are only required to hold special Fractal NFTs and Fractal skins. Fractal Wallet must be connected to the official platform of the organizer.

Fractal has one of the finest Web3 games in-store; currently, EV.IO and Foxtopia are currently trending in the community. Players can connect their Fractal Wallet to the platform by clicking Connect Wallet at the top right of the website. The pop-up will display Fractal Wallet as the advised option.

While any wallet from the list can be connected, participants are required to connect Fractal Wallet for the current tournament specifically. Select Fractal and proceed to play the EV.IO game.

EV.IO is the First Person Shooting game and one of the top crypto games played on Solana. NFT holders on EV.IO earn on every kill. The set of NFTs can be explored on the official website with an opportunity to earn an average bonus of 15%.

A game can be played on EV.IO by registering an account and connecting the wallet in the profile section. Players earn by equipping their virtual avatars with skins. SOL tokens are awarded to the players who can power up their respective NFTs to earn the earning potential. NFTs of EV.IO can be used to earn SOL and increase the power level based on which they can earn the token.

The higher the power level, the more SOL a player earns. NFTs can also be powered up by participating in special events, clan wars, daily quests, and ranking up in PVP.

While other platforms focus on only the NFT part, EV.IO goes the other way, with gameplay at its center of focus. The objective is to create more fun and engaging content for the players. The venture aims to carry this mentality forward after transitioning to the Web3 space.

NFTs for the gaming space can be acquired from any secondary NFT marketplace, Fractal being one such instance in the category. Players will only require a wallet and Solana. Out of all the available options, EV.IO chose Solana for its lower fees, superior user experience, and focus on the web.

The in-game currency acquired by a player is converted into SOL. Developed by Addicting Games, EV.IO takes a lot of inspiration from its counterparts like Halo or Destiny. Players are not required to download and install any software or plugin to play the game. It can be directly played on a web browser, provided the device is connected to a reliable internet connection.


The platform does not stick point & shoot. It instead goes beyond that with abilities like an impulse, triple jump, teleportation, sticky grenades, and smoke.

Apart from EV.IO, players can also engage with BattleTabs and Panzerdogs on Fractal. Other games that are trending on Fractal are Million on Mars, Neoland, MetaOps, Tiny Colony, and The Harvest, in the same order following EV.IO. Wednesdays are now fun for Fractal users and EV.IO players. A time window of 24 hours is sufficient to grab the award.

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