Frank DeGods announces ending points across y00ts and DeGods

Frank DeGods has made a number of announcements, with more on the way, and the community has even summarized them pretty well. However, the one aspect of the long announcement that has gained attention is the ending of points across y00ts and DeGods. Frank has said that while the intentions were good, the idea turned out to be unsustainable for the future.

Frank said that it was tough to call quits, but the decision had to be made.

The community immediately terminated the points for DeGods and y00ts due to their failure to meet expectations. Known as Points Parlor, the initiative’s objective was to provide value to community members via sponsorships. It turned out to be fundamentally flawed, as the system required an RNG-based rewards system. That has not been received well by the community.

The points system was challenging because both reached their peaks with 5000 y00ts and 3000 DeGods.

It is important to note that Frank has not completely shunned Points Parlor. He has said that he is still open to alternatives that prove to be sustainable. Meanwhile, ending points across both ecosystems, according to DeGods, will help them simplify the onboarding process, prevent complications, and explore other viable mechanisms.

One of the parts of the long announcement has committed to creating a strong ecosystem around $DUST. Later, It will help build higher activities in Web 2 and Web 3. This has not precisely helped $DUST gain any momentum on the trading board, with the token exchanging hands at $0.7226 at the time of writing this article. Nonetheless, the community is optimistic that the token will eventually advance toward the bullish sentiment.

Frank has further informed that they have scrapped DeGoddesses as a collection. Instead, women are now eligible to receive 1/1 DeGoddess in a unique fashion.

y00ts will soon get a new art without any usual downgrade or upgrade. The focus of y00ts is to come up with a design that offers a clear set of constraints. Frank DeGods will share more details about it in the days to come.

Frank DeGods is hosting an event titled The Last Dance. It will fetch at least a single y00t every 10 minutes. The total prize pool is 100 y00ts. There will be a hundred winners throughout the event, tasked with earning the maximum number of points possible. The higher the points in The Last Dance, the higher the chances of winning the contest.


Users will soon be able to deposit DUST in de[id] regardless of the blockchain they are using. The release of the deToX application has also piqued the interest of many people, particularly content creators. It is developed on top of X, formerly Twitter, and allows users to respond to a post on two distinct networks simultaneously.

Points on y00ts and DeGods have been ended, effective immediately. The community can still expect to have benefits in the long run.

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