Frankfurt onboards thousands to Web3 using Polygon PoS

Eintracht Frankfurt, a football club, has seamlessly onboarded over a thousand fans to Web3. It leverages the potential of the youba’s one-tap solution and the capabilities of Polygon PoS. The objective was, and is, to deepen the bond between fans and the football club, primarily by enticing tech-agnostic fans to own a piece of the stadium’s history.

With this, Eintracht Frankfurt has brought together some aspects of their stadium’s physical and digital worlds. A detailed explanation of the same has been shared by Polygon while highlighting that the German football club underwent seat refurbishment in recent days.

That enabled Eintracht Frankfurt to embed blockchain wallets into branded cards, where fans only had to tap their smartphones. Following that, a private key was generated, and fans were given a digital copy of the seat that they purchased. Polygon has hailed this initiative and the entire process by saying that it was so seamless that fans didn’t even feel the complexities of blockchain, which were happening in the background.

Per the announcement, more than 4,000 wallets have been created without friction to enhance fans’ experience. Polygon has called this an innovative approach, adding that blockchain-related functionalities happened as if someone had enabled incognito mode.

There were two challenges to be dealt with. First, allowing fans to own a digital representation of the physical object, which is the seat, as a piece of the stadium’s history. Second, enabling tech-agnostic fans to access the process without relying on the jargon of blockchain or contacting tech support at any point in time.

With the Eintracht Frankfurt x youba Wallet, a blockchain wallet built within a branded card can be accessed with a simple tap on a smartphone through the ubiquitous NFC interface, making onboarding a breeze.

Simply put, challenges were technical, and solutions entailed eliminating those technicalities for users. Polygon PoS and youba played an important role in registering more than 4,000 wallets at the time of the official announcement.

The publication of this report has raised the price of MATIC, the native token of the Polygon network. It is currently exchanging hands at $0.7838, with a jump of 1.37%. Moreover, it reflects a drop of 0.32% in the last 7 days and another drop of 2.97% in the last 30 days. The market cap and 24-hour volume are up by 1.38% and 7.24%, respectively.

The community is excited about the announcement. Many members have called it a game-changing moment, and some have expressed their confidence with a poster that says that Polygon is the future.


It follows the development of the Polygon Ecosystem going live on Mirror, empowering users to mint writing NFTs on Polygon PoS. Another recent development is that API3 is gearing up to launch a zk Layer 2 chain that is powered by Polygon CDK.

Moving forward, Eintracht Frankfurt is expecting to have more wallets on the board. Thereby, more fans own a piece of the stadium’s history.

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