Freedom Coin Of McAfee To Be Launched In Coming Fall

It was announced through a tweet on 29th May John McAfee will be launching Freedom coin bearing his name. The coin is anticipated to be presented in the autumn of the current year. According to some insider, the coin will have some exciting features that other coins don’t have.

Although the company has not yet published any white paper about the aforementioned coin but claims it will give total economic freedom. In his tweet, John McAfee has told the Freedom coin cannot be mined or will not be listed in any exchange. They will not be doing any ICO, and there will be no Airdrops as well.

The Freedom Coin is getting developed to resolve the problem of exchange head-on as they have used different paradigm and fundamental concepts. As per John McAfee, the worth of the coin will constantly be zero in relation to other coins as it is not connected to any worth or behavior of any outside item. But its natural market value will be free and is ready to develop.

The man after whom the popular antivirus is named, John McAfee has joined the cryptocurrency community to campaign for currency revolution. He is trying to encourage the government for its wide adoption without any fear of threat. He is working hard to convince banks and financial institutions for the crypto lovers who have got restricted from buying their favorite crypto using a credit card.

While explaining about the Freedom coin, he said it would be a coin that will not have any connection with fiat money and other cryptocurrencies as well. It will be a coin that will have zero cash value yet will be accepted globally.

One of his followers questioned him through a tweet, how they can make a profit from the coin on this he said the coin would never have zero value, but in exchange of another coin, it will have zero value. To all other questions on his tweet, he said everything would be revealed in the whitepaper.

One thing that is clear from the tweet is McAfee freedom coin can be bought. It can be stored in wallets but cannot be traded like other cryptocurrencies as it lacks any value compared to them.  We can say the coin will be unique in real sense.

Scott Cook

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