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‘Freedom Force International’ To Host Its 4th Annual Congress

The ‘Freedom Force International’ is conducting its 4th Annual Congress with an exciting theme that is ‘Money and Cryptocurrency – the Good the Bad & the Ugly’. The two-day event is scheduled at Paso Robles, California, on December 8 & 9. Freedom Force International is a network of people from all parts of the world and all walks of life.

Now when it seems that crypto assets are here to stay, it will be involved in our lives to a certain extent in the future. In this scenario, it will be beneficial for us to know about the crypto-space.

About the Event :

Here at the 4th Annual Congress, Some speakers will address the speculative nature of the market, including how they think insane profits still can be made, but the main thrust of this event is far beyond profit vs. loss. It’s about what our future will hold if the trend is not reversed – and how to have a monetary system that is better than either fiat or crypto.

Additionally, world-class experts will elaborate on how to survive the coming cashless age of cryptocurrencies, while clarifying some of hypes and naivete that hovers around crypto assets.

No Need to Attend Physically :


Almost everyone wants to meet the speakers – there is a lift of energy and morale that comes from that – but physical attendance is not possible for most. That’s why we have made considerable effort to deliver a high-quality live stream of the main event. It will be broadcast on the Internet and can be viewed on demand for seven days. The cost is incredibly low, especially if you share your viewing time with friends.

Speakers :

  • Edward Griffin who is the Chairman of the Conference will be one of the engaging speakers at the event. Apart from that, the speakers include Jeff Berwick, Publisher of Dollar Vigilante, Larry Hilton, Co-founder United Precious Metals Assoc., Alan Myers, Forensic accountant, tax consultant CPA, and many more.

List of Sponsors :

  • Cardio Miracle
  • UPMA – United Precious Metals Association
  • Reality Zone
  • 1776 TOKEN

If you want to be a sponsor for the event, please visit: https://freedomforceinternational.org/4th-congress

For tickets and any other queries, also visit: https://freedomforceinternational.org/4th-congress

Vishal Parmar

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