FreeFaucet Offers Crypto Rewards For Viewing Online Content on Its Website

According to the official press release, Online Blockchain plc’s has unveiled ‘impression faucets’ that is a pioneering kind of digital currency faucet. It lets anyone tap into the huge crypto-centric userbase of FreeFaucet and offer them Bitcoin rewards for their content views.

What that means is, all the users of the FreeFaucet website are able to claim free digital currency simply through their 10-second engagement with the projects featured on the site. The users then need to confirm their interaction, post which they receive Bitcoin directly in their online wallet with a single click.

Divulging further details, the announcement said that all the registered users stand a chance to earn up to a hundred Satoshi every twelve hours per impression faucet. In fact, it also lets users make a claim numerous times in a single day from various innovative best crypto faucet available through the site such as External Webfaucets and Geofaucets.

While in conventional online advertising, there are intermediary channels that take away considerable cuts, impression faucets enable the creators of the content to directly pay the persons who are viewing their content. The concept seems to be getting popular as the site has registered more than half a million faucet claims ever since the beta launch that took place in the month of May 2019.

At the same time, the advertisers are certain that they are rewarding the human audience, thanks to FreeFaucet’s powerful anti-bot mechanism. The anti-bot system needs the users to get their accounts verified through gesture verification.

Clem Chambers, Online Blockchain plc’s CEO, expressed that impression faucet is the next major thing in the advertising space. Continuing further, he said that their company is the United Kingdom’s prominent listed blockchain firm already with cryptocurrency applications while is their 1st product to have attained an extensive audience. He was also quoted saying,

We’re very excited by the growth and potential growth of the FreeFaucet website; impression faucets will be a disruptor in advertising, one of the biggest industries there is.


The official press release also revealed that they would add more currencies in the future for the users to claim through impression faucets.

Trevor Holman

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