From Dogecoin to Bitcoin Spark: The evolution of cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrencies emerged in the financial technology ecosphere in 2009 with the inception of Bitcoin. However, the ecosystem’s vision of developing a peer-to-peer transaction method was deemed impossible until 2013, when the first digital asset, Bitcoin, gained massive traction, attracting many individuals to join the ledger community. 

Since then, digital currencies have evolved from Ethereum, Dogecoin, and Bitcoin Spark. Crypto enthusiasts and lovers always join projects at their initial stages to accumulate massive capital gains as the project develops. Well, Bitcoin Spark is the new platform to focus on. 

What is Dogecoin, and is it mined?

Dogecoin is regarded as a project that has enormously surged the crypto ecosystem. The platform was named after a Japanese dog breed called Shiba Inu. The native token is referred to as DOGE, which acts as a governing currency of the community. Dogecoin’s success comes after prominent global individuals hyped it on social media pages. For instance, Elon Musk made several tweets promoting the cryptocurrency to millions of users on X. This generated massive influence, causing the digital network users to escalate. To mine Dogecoin, participants enter the network with rigs to validate transactions and receive rewards. 

Bitcoin Spark new evolution of digital currencies

The crypto ecosystem has had immense transformation since the inauguration of Bitcoin. Dogecoin is another decentralized platform that amazed cryptocurrency natives to the point that it increased the overall crypto market cap. On the other hand, institutions and retail investors are now praising the new imminent digital startup, Bitcoin Spark. 

The platform has vast key features that take the distributed ledger to another level. Security endurance and transparency should always be a priority in maintaining the development of a virtual platform. In this case, Bitcoin Spark’s smart contract has been audited by Vital Block and Cognitos. 

Bitcoin Spark App


The blockchain platform has a vital marketing strategy that will promote an exponential surge and adaptability in the cryptocurrency industry. The promotional system is thus referred to as interruptive disruption. Interruptive disruption involves pertinent disruption of the traditional marketing strategies that generate attraction to institutional and retail entrepreneurs. 

In addition, community engagements, social media marketing, and influencers will be utilized. The platform will use storytelling techniques, modern internet promotions, and strategic positioning to increase the traction rate further and adopt new members. 

Bitcoin Spark has a top-notch revenue generation system that differs from other virtual platforms. The digital platform has two ways of generating income: primary and secondary methods. The primary means involve rendering system processing power miners generate to community members. 

The processing power will be utilized to perform complex computational tasks such as rendering films, conducting stiff equations, and running-resource lacking simulations. Users will use BTCS tokens to purchase this processing power. The team will take 3% of this amount for maintenance and upkeep, while the remaining 97% will be allocated to community members and participants. 

The secondary method involves advertising as a small portion of Bitcoin Spark’s website and application will be issued for promoting other brands. Community members have a say in the project, as there is a governance model in the advertisement. If an advert fails to reach the required standards and eligibility of the network, it can be flagged after a checkup from the team. BTCS tokens are currently on sale at a discounted price of $2 in the project’s third ICO phase.

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