FTX Cryptocurrency Exchange Partners with Zelcore

FTX, one of the foremost cryptocurrency exchange forums in the industry, has entered into a partnership with Zelcore to enable users to engage in trading without the restriction of trade limits, according to FTX review reports. The partnership seeks to transform the way assets are moved from decentralized platforms to trading exchanges. The users of both platforms shall gain unparalleled powers of trading through the transformation paired with decentralized finance, unique capabilities of the wallet, innovation of the blockchain technology at Zelcore. 

The partnership with Zelcore will see the integration of both the FTX platforms, FTX US and FTX Global, with the self-custodial platform of digital assets at Zelcore. This integration will allow users access to over eight forums of centralized exchanges directly from their cryptocurrency wallet. The trading interface of FTX shall be fully incorporated into the Zelcore platform. Users will be provided with a self-custodial wallet that will be able to store hundreds of cryptocurrency assets and they can trade directly on FTX and other crypto exchanges. The platform of Zelcore also offers users Zelcore Fusion,  an application for direct cross-chain swapping of $Flux POW coin. Zelcore Fusion will also allow easy access to DeFi marketplaces like KADDEX, PancakeSwap, Uniswap, and more. 

Presently both platforms, Zelcore and FTX, are focusing on enhancing the security of the FTX account with in-app KYC. The users of Zelcore will be able to trade on the go on any exchange forum of the world. Additionally, Zelcore also seeks to upgrade the wallets by enabling trading in futures, derivatives, and other assets. Lastly, the collaboration is looking forward to the launch of the FTX Earn and Pay program to provide end-users with decentralized as well as centralized yield options. The program will vest the users with total control over their choices and select the right rates of interest for trading.

Roxanne Williams

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