FTX plan promises 118% cash payout to nearly all creditors

FTX, the collapsed virtual currency exchange platform, promises to repay 98% of its creditors, with the amount owed improved by 118% within two months after getting the nod from the court. During the meeting on Tuesday, a revised plan was presented, which raises the prospects of financial recovery and includes comprehensive repayment for all non-governmental creditors with a maximum interest rate of 9%.

The latest plan, which has yet to be approved by a bankruptcy court of Delaware, has already enjoyed a significant improvement over the estimates made by the FTX estate in October, making it a step in the right direction. To begin with, there was a prognosis that just 90% of customers’ funds could be recovered. In January, the current CEO of FTX, John Jay Ray III, modified his initial estimates and was optimistic that all harmed customers could be made whole.

Despite the rise in the price of most cryptocurrencies since the FTX failed in mid-November 2022, the estate has stated clearly that its cash reserve of $145-163 billion is not the only factor contributing to such development. The story is the fruit of much global work to assemble the company’s assets and hold an auction sale. Their latest press release indicated that when they had to file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection, there was a severe crisis in the crypto market as vital digital assets like Bitcoin and Ethereum were in short supply. This lack caused the value to pass by because the added profit from the increasing worth of these cryptocurrencies was not sold.

The remuneration strategy covers customers and investors, while the restructuring plan identifies settlements for some regulator and government claims. With the claims of $24 billion, the IRS was one of the biggest concerns. However, it settled for a $200 million cash payment and a $685 million subordinated claim, which will be paid later if other creditors and governmental entities do not get their money. The Commodity Futures Trading Commission of the United States (CFTC) and some government agencies have promised to waive their claims, arranging for FTX users and investors to be prioritized.

Also, a significant component of the proposed idea is establishing a separate fund designed explicitly to help customers and creditors receive compensation. But their exact particularities have just been clarified.

A court hearing is scheduled for June to examine and approve the assumed plan. The trial during this hearing will likely touch on the role Sam Bankman-Fried, the former CEO of FTX, played. Before that, he maintained that his exchange of validating customers was to ensure that they did not suffer any harm. On the other hand, he was found guilty of fraud in the spring and sentenced to 25 years of imprisonment. Bankman-Fried is planning to appeal both his conviction and sentence.

The FTX Bankruptcy planning process shows the complex nature of digital coin insolvency and the drastic procedures to help a company meet its financial obligations after a crisis. These demonstrate the minute process of apprehending assets and returning them to parties from a volatile scenario of cryptocurrency trade.

Roxanne Williams

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