Fujitsu’s new platform in support of Web3 developers

The biggest technological giant in Japan undoubtedly happens to be Fujitsu. It has just taken it upon itself to deliver its latest platform, which has been built with the aim and intention of being able to effectively support all of the Web3 developers globally. This will be instrumental in allowing all connected individual users and companies to be able to link up in order to collectively address the issues related to transformational and value-addition in terms of the benefit of society as a whole. 

This happens to be a Fujitsu Web3 acceleration platform which will be providing overall development, blockchain-oriented service API, as well as computing technologies with relation to, and for the entire benefit of startups, associate companies, and also the universities that are engaged in the creation of Web3 based applications, as well as services.

The aim and intention of the company lie in the building of a robust ecosystem, which in turn, will provide the opportunity to users to be able to develop Web3 applications in connection with a large number of use cases. All of this will happen to include digital content rights, management contracts and also business-related transactions, as well as processes. In terms of its global partner program, it will resist applying any charges where having access to the platform is concerned, and this will indeed go in favour of all those taking part. 

Users will also be able to have access to the company’s absolute new-age technologies, along with the applications which are responsible for the overall development and the carrying out of simulations. There will also be the aspect of AI, as well as combinatorial maximization applications. Through this, all of the connected users will be able to conveniently analyze and carry out correct evaluations of various scenarios related to the formulation of adequate solutions. 

The three absolute prime issues for the company, where Web3 is concerned, happen to be the creation of a co-creation group with the help of decentralized autonomous organizations (DAO). This happens to be followed by the fact of rights management, along with the usage of digital content. The third factor happens to be the creation of a digital trust. With regard to all of this, the company intends to organize a global planning and development contest. 

According to the Vice President of the Kwansei Gakuin University of Japan, Hirovoshi Miwa, Web3 still happens to be in a nascent stage, and yet, it is capable of opening the doors to a whole new world, in matters of education and research, besides solving other important issues. For him, it is to be utilized effectively as far as it is possible. Where the Founder and CEO of TC3 K.K, Yoshito Sudo, is concerned, the deliverance of Fujitsu’s Web3 acceleration platform will assist immensely in making prototypes of Web3 application services, along with DAO community services. In his opinion, Web3 is now prepared to enter the next phase. 

Roxanne Williams

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