Fundamentals About Bitparax- the Complete Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform

Bitparax is a blockchain technology platform which has been recently launched on July 31, 2019. Despite being new in the field of cryptocurrency, it has managed to be on the top of the list of crypto platforms. It operates as a medium to provide exchange services for various cryptocurrencies. Bitparax uses the complete cryptocurrency exchange platform to reach global users, and expand the horizon of cryptocurrency users across the world.

Various benefits that the users get for participating in Bitparax are mentioned below:

Maintaining confidentiality

Bitparax has pledged to maintain the confidentiality of the users so that they feel safe while using Bitparax. It will only share the user information for those financial institutions that process transactions for making various payments. In case the user is found violating the rules or engaging in any kind of criminal activity, Bitparax will provide the relevant information about the user to legal authorities or government officials whomsoever it is concerned.

Option to log out

If, after registering with Bitparax, any user feels uncomfortable for whatever reasons may be, he may instantly log out from Bitparax. Also, when a particular user registers his account with Bitparax, he is given the option to reject any information related to any new product and/or service.

Low transaction costs

This is perhaps the main advantage of why the users are more attracted to the Bitparax which is one of the best crypto exchanges platform. The transaction cost is as low as 1%, which is just meager as compared to other platforms. In addition to this, users are entitled to a prize for conducting transactions through Bitparax. The prize to be given out is the Parax tokens, which are launched by Bitparax itself, and this token will shortly be used as the sole legal token of Bitparax. Moreover, the Parax token users will be provided an additional 30% lower fees, which is an added advantage to them. This is very easy and can be done by pressing the toggle tab found on the setting page of the Bitparax website, For availing this offer, one must register himself with Bitparax first and create an account by filling in the details on the official Bitparax website. Once the registration is complete, it takes a minimum of 7 days to activate the account.

Amidst thousands of costly cryptocurrency exchange platforms, Bitparax has made its way to the crypto world at the minimum cost possible, which is why it is reigning the crypto market all across the world. Crypto users now do not need to worry about the slow, costly, and time-consuming system just for the sake of cryptocurrency exchange.

Roxanne Williams

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