Fundamentals of Cryptohopper and the Various Tools That It Offers to the Traders

Cryptohopper is a robust automated crypto training bot that has helped over 160,000 traders all over the world to trade in the most desired way. It was launched by two brothers of Netherlands in 2017, one of them was a day trader and the other was a brilliant web developer. They were absolutely mesmerized when they came to know about the manifold opportunities that cryptocurrencies can provide and hence, brought forward the idea of creating Cryptohopper, and the rest is history. The duo merged their ideas and skills and blended their experience and knowledge to co-create Cryptohopper.

Cryptohopper is packed with exceptional tools that have helped the traders in and out of the trade and thus are crucial to discuss. The various tools are discussed in detail below.

Strategy Designer

With this powerful tool, the traders can create their own strategic design by using the drag and drop options available with the bot. All you need to do is, click on the specific indicator that you need to implement, choose the options that direct you to whether buy or sell crypto and then configure a few of the fundamentals and you are done, crypto trading is as simple as that with Cryptohopper. There are approximately 130+ indicators available in the Cryptohopper bot that allow the traders to choose from as per their trading strategy.

Copy Trading

This tool is inundated with some of the best strategies’ templates that traders can count upon. There are three main categories: signals, strategies, and templates. Third-party crypto analysts send signals, and as soon as the signals are sent, the automated processes of Cryptohopper pick up the signals instantly and initiate the buy or sell processes. On the other hand, strategies are purely market-based. It has a set of parameters to dictate the traders’ buying and selling decisions. Templates are custom-selected coins and configuration settings offered by the sellers to complement the selected strategies.

Simulated Trading

This tool allows traders to trade in a risk-free way. The traders who like to take daring steps in trading can count on this tool blindfolded. The users can trade even when they do not have any account in any of the crypto exchanges.


This tool enables the traders to reap the opportunities of short selling by taking the buyback opportunities to beat the depressions prevailing in the market. Short selling the coins helps in mitigating the sudden depressions in the market. Traders should only buy their coins back (buyback) when they can see real signs of recovery.

Automatic Trading

With Cryptohopper, traders can enjoy the freedom of trading 24/7 without any emotions affecting their trading decisions. Cryptohopper keeps a close track of the available prices of the favorite coins of the traders and applies real-time technical analysis to multiple open positions almost instantly. Therefore, with the help of the Cryptohopper bot, traders can trade all day long, 365 days a year.

Trailing Stop-loss

With these trailing tools, the markets’ prices can be trailed upwards and downwards. For example, with the Trailing Stop Buy tool, the bot actively tracks prices. When the indicators signal it is time to buy, the hopper starts looking for the appropriate opportunity. As soon as there is an uptrend, the order is placed. Using the Trailing Stop Short, the hopper actively tracks the short positions prevailing in the market, if any. Once the prices show signs of reversal, it gets closed.


This brand-new crypto trading bot helps establish the differences between various exchanges and pairs. Prices may vary due to the difference in demand and supply. For this, the traders don’t need to send funds from one exchange to another. They need to connect the exchanges with funds and enable the Exchange Arbitrator bot to search for Arbitrage opportunities.

With Cryptohopper, the best crypto trading bot, you can set up an arbitrage bot that will do both markets (triangular) arbitrage and exchange arbitrage. This bot will look for market inefficiencies between exchanges and within the same exchange, practices that have proved to be extremely efficient in the crypto market.

Market Maker

This is yet another important tool for keeping track of market trends. As the trends change, this tool helps adjust the traders’ buying and selling decisions accordingly. The Market Maker bot will continuously trade the spread of any market. Just choose the market and the minimum spread you would like to trade, and the market maker bot will do the rest.

With Cryptohopper, there are packages to suit the needs of every trader, however different and varied they may look. So, there is no looking back once traders use Cryptohopper as their cryptocurrency trading bot. It simplifies the trading processes and assists the traders irrespective of their trading experiences. This makes matters relatively easy and reliable; profits can be maximized, and losses can be reduced. With Cryptohopper, traders can trade 24*7 without any limitations, which is the best part of using a bot in trading

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