Fuse Network Is Now Supported by Multifarm Yield Farming Aggregator

Fuse Network has now been introduced to Multifarm’s list of chains to monitor. Users can use Multifarm to make comparisons of yields on over 1000 DeFi protocols all over 25 chains in order to select the optimal opportunities.

Thousands of decentralized finance applications compete for attention and vital liquidity across multiple blockchains. In a fast-paced world, it can be difficult for yield farmers to keep up with all of the possibilities.

Multifarm is a popular yield farming panel that largely serves as a one-stop solution for visitors to hunt through over 1000 farms across 25 blockchains, with more being introduced on a daily basis. The framework collates information, facilitates investment, and finally assists users in maximizing yields. The core team is composed of expert DeFi players and yield hunters who have come together to fix the widespread issue of effectively locating the ideal platforms and yields in a progressively busy market.

Yield hunters can properly investigate farms and assets using vital data such as historical APR and TVL. Innovative search criteria include yield type (single, LP, staking, lending, etc.), harvest lockup or transfer tax, APR greater than X percentage, or liquidity greater than X amount.

Multifarm makes it easier for all types of investors to find an appropriate yield. In addition, Multifarm provides data-driven understanding as well as reporting on the state of DeFi to help users move forward.

Multifarm also collects data on the various bridges that connect multiple chains. The Bridges’ functionality of the Multifarm app can be used by a user who wants to learn about the bridges that can transport their assets from one chain to another and the fees associated with them.

How Does Fuse Fit Into Multifarm?

Fuse token holders now have a quicker and much more simple way of tracking all yield farming opportunities available on-chain and making a decision where to get the finest return on the investment, thanks to the integration of Fuse DeFi decentralized applications into Multifarm. On the Fuse Network, four platforms currently offer yield farming possibilities. Voltage Finance brings up a list of 7 farms on that platform, which users can sort by APR, for example. The daily APR percentage is useful for calculating earnings over longer time periods. Fuse owners and the broader community can then use Multi Farm to search through all of Fuse’s yield farming and static income opportunities in one spot.

Furthermore, it brings Fuse Network decentralized applications and earning opportunities to the attention of Multifarm’s user base.

As more DeFi and exchange decentralized applications start arriving on Fuse, giving consumers additional earning opportunities, it is critical to have a centralized data hub and streamline operations for preoccupied investors. The assimilation of Fuse into Multifarm enables users to generate passive income from their digital assets while also taking action whenever an opportunity comes up.

Trevor Holman

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