Future Blockchain Summit 2021

The world is gearing up for the Blockchain summit of 2021, and this time, the event will be held in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The future Blockchain summit shall be conducted at Dubai World Trade Centefromon from 17th to 20th October 2021. Eminent blockchain leaders of the world shall grace the Future Blockchain Summit. This event mostly attracts corporates, government agencies, and blockchain startups. The events of the Blockchain Summit of 2021 are Conference and  Investors Programmes and Blockchain 101 Workshops. 

The Conference Programme is scheduled to be held in the initial phase of the event. The audience will attend inspirational sessions, focussed case study discussions, regulatory updates, and practical implementation of Blockchain technology during this session. The Investors Programme follows next. In the Investors Programme, there will be a series of conferences. This Blockchain event will be attended by governments, global investors, top-tier Blockchain startups and companies, as well as smart, targeted matchmaking platform-connected VCs. 

The most exciting part of the Blockchain Summit of 2021 is the Blockchain 101 Workshops event. The innovative and amazing workshops shall provide a deep insight into a wide range of Blockchain-related topics that include the adoption of advanced Blockchain technology by companies, cryptocurrencies, DeFi, CBDCs, use cases of Blockchain applications, and more. 


To book tickets to the Blockchain-related summit of 2021 in Dubai, one needs to visit the official website of the summit at https://tresconglobal.com/. There are delegate passes available for representatives of corporate organizations from investment firms and industry verticals. Individuals can grab the Early Bird tickets before 31st August 2021 to get a discount on the total price. If one seeks to join the desert safari and afterparty then they need to buy the VIP tickets without applying the discount rate. One can also purchase the Exhibition Package ticket for $4000 to make the best of the pre-summit and post-summit events at Dubai.

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