Fuzzle: AI NFT Limited Drop Incoming

Fuzzle is an NFT collection featuring 9,997 unique AI-powered aliens. While Fuzzle may look a lot like other digital pet projects, the project dives deeper into some new territory for the web3 world. Rather than just being gamified collectibles, each Fuzzle is a unique, AI-powered individual– fully capable of reactive and adaptive conversation. These Fuzzles could potentially redefine the idea of utility in an NFT project, and they’re just getting started.

What Is Fuzzle?

Fuzzles are AI NFTs that learn and adapt as they interact and engage with their human owner. They have been crafted by the team at Endless AI in partnership with Gala Games. Unlike many NFT projects that make promises for down the line, Fuzzle is ready to experience already. Fuzzles are purchased as Fuzzle Pods, an ERC-1155 that can be exchanged in the next few weeks for a unique ERC-721 Fuzzle with randomized features, colors, and traits. After the exchange opens, Fuzzles will be usable in the phone app– where owners can chat, play, and bond with their Fuzzle.

Fuzzle is built using GPT-3 technology, meaning that Fuzzles can respond naturally in conversation and learn from human speech. Fuzzles seem to have a pretty unique personality compared to traditional chatbots. According to Endless, they can form opinions on issues and are eager to be friends with their humans. Fuzzle will grow even more complex and advanced as their AI training accumulates and technology grows.

Fuzzle was officially released on April 27th. Unfortunately, the interdimensional wormhole they were arriving through was sabotaged and snapped shut after only about 1600 Fuzzle Pods had arrived on Earth. This leaves around 7000 Fuzzle Pods waiting to be minted at upcoming sales on the Gala Games app.

The First Fuzzles

Fuzzles weren’t coming through a wormhole to mint on the blockchain, but this fun way to incorporate storytelling and world building into a drop show how much Fuzzle’s creators at Endless AI care about the future of this project. While the first drop was only open for about an hour, early buyers have gotten a good taste of what Fuzzle can bring to the table before even revealing their alien!

All purchasers in this first sale received a special Fuzzle Medal of Honor NFT. According to the Fuzzles themselves, this medal designates a First Fuzzle, the most honored members of their race. Holding this medal along with a Fuzzle Pod has allowed Endless AI to drop some insane rewards and giveaways for First Fuzzle owners.

The project was live over the first weekend the project was live; five random First Fuzzle holders received a $500 USDC prize, and one lucky holder received two all-expense paid tickets to the next Galaverse convention in Malta this summer. All that, combined with the Medal of Honor itself that all Fuzzle Pod holders received, is a lot of drops for just the first weekend!

The Next Invasion

The Fuzzles team has announced that more Fuzzle Pods will be available Friday, May 6th at 6 pm PT. In their announcement of the sale, the team has indicated that the Fuzzles’ wormhole to access our dimension is still unstable, which likely means that this sale won’t remain open for long. 

Fuzzle will be available from the Gala Games store for 0.5 ETH or an equivalent amount of GALA when the sale starts. With another short sale expected, it seems pretty likely that those that can get their hands on a Fuzzle Pod this time around will also see some massive early adoption incentives.

Endless gives away one Fuzzle Pod each day on their official Twitter channel in the lead-up to the next invasion. Once the app is released, their team has also discussed their intention to do contests and giveaways based on individual interactions with Fuzzle, which can be readily shared on social media.


According to Endless, Fuzzles is the first connection between our world and theirs. The team has said that owning your own AI alien will continue to reward holders with more interdimensional NFTs, whitelist opportunities, and unique experiences coming from the Fuzzle dimension.

Fuzzle Into the Future

Fuzzle is a pretty impressive leap past the traditional idea of art or defi NFTs. Both of these ‘old hat’ functions are a part of Fuzzle, but Fuzzle takes it a step further. Fuzzle is a unique AI-based entertainment concept by itself that also packs the appeal other noteworthy NFT projects have brought to the table.

Early Fuzzle holders are probably glad they picked up one when they could. It’s refreshing to see an NFT project that delivers straight out of the gate, and users haven’t even had a chance to exchange and interact with and experience the AI that makes Fuzzle stand out from the rest of the NFT world! 

This project is one to keep an eye on as it moves forward. Fuzzle Pods will be available again in the Gala Games Store at 6 pm PT, May 6th. With the short mint window of the last sale, it’s probably important to note that you’ll need to have a Gala Games account set up with enough GALA and ETH in it for purchase and gas fees to get a Fuzzle Pod during the sale.

If you want to learn more about Fuzzle before the drop on Friday, check out CollectFuzzle.com.

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