FXPesa Academy is now in Kampala, Uganda

FXPesa Academy, a part of Equiti Group, has announced setting up a financial institution in Uganda’s Kampala. Making it the first-ever financial education center in the country, the Academy is specifically located on Rumme Building’s 7th floor in Kampala.

The focus will be on bringing quality financial education to the people of Uganda, empowering them to make better financial decisions. Pedagogy at FXPesa Academy will cover free seminars and training on money management. This will be in addition to educational tools for higher financial literacy.

FXPesa, in the announcement, has also stated its plans for the future. It has been cited that this will be a foundational ground for the venture to further expand in the country. Specifically speaking, the Commercial Director of Equiti Group, Moonika Jurgenfeldt, has said that they want to use the Academy as a starting point in Uganda. Meaning people can expect more such institutes to be set up in the times to come.

Moonika has further expressed its pride in launching the Academy in Uganda, expressing commitment to support the financial initiatives of the country. The ultimate goal will be to enhance the living standard of the people by uplifting their income levels.FXPesa is a financial institution & one of the best forex brokers in Kenya. Furthermore, it has, in recent months, educated over 500,000 people in East Africa alone.

Other locations where Equiti Global has marked its presence are across Europe, the UK, Africa, the Middle East, and the Asia Pacific. It is regulated by relevant authorities at all locations. The Group delivers educational content with respect to trading in shares, ETFs, forex, commodities, indices, and futures. Its aim is now to deliver education all over the world, especially in markets that are progressive and emerging.

The expansion of FXPesa is in sync with the global plans of Equiti, wherein the company wants to accelerate its investment and growth not just in Uganda but also in the rest of Africa. Moonika has assured that FXPesa remains committed to offering financial knowledge to all the communities across the continent.

Norbert Kiiza Barigye, the Education Lead in Uganda for FXPesa Academy, has said that they are thrilled with Equiti choosing Uganda to launch their financial institution. Norbert has expressed excitement on behalf of all the people in Uganda, emphasizing that learning for people will include knowing about risk control, methods of generating income from online trading, and using the potential of mobile money to safely deposit & withdraw their funds.

Norbert has acknowledged that FXPesa will offer a lot of programs that will empower people to use the right tools plus knowledge to make decisions that are sustainable in the prevailing financial market.

The team working in Uganda will be backed by the global team of experts at FXPesa. The support will be majorly in terms of expertise and knowledge.

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